Former CBOE Trader Exposes...

Wednesday Market Trend That Has Returned 83% Winners

If you’re looking for a way to potentially extract income from the market by placing one carefully selected trade that I give out every Wednesday, then you need to hear me out. 

If you’re not interested in that, hop off!

Your time is valuable, and I’m not here to waste it.

So here we go!

In less than seven minutes, I’m going to show you three things.

First, I’m going to show you THE strategy that gave my readers the shot at an 83% win rate by placing just one simple trade every week.

Of our 23 closed trades, 19 were winners.

This is a strategy that I perfected after years as a trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange...

It takes advantage of a market trend that occurs every single Wednesday of every single week.

Second, I’m going to prove to you that it works.

I’ll show you my entire track record since inception. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything or try to hide my losses.

You will get it all.

I want you to see exactly how this single trade works week after week after week.

And lastly, I’m going to guarantee you’ll see AT LEAST an 83% win rate in the year ahead, per my model portfolio.

And you’ll see that this guarantee is no small thing.

If I don’t hit it, I’m going to give out free subscriptions next year to anyone who starts following me today.

That could cost me a bundle of money.

But I am happy to do it.

Because it’s one thing for a trader to showcase a wildly successful track record.

It’s another thing for them to continue to perform at that caliber.

And today, I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll continue to perform at that 83% caliber.



By the way, my name is Bryan Bottarelli. I started my trading career on the Chicago Board Options Exchange back in 1999.

From there, I went on to run my own trading research service, which I’ve done for the past 14 years, teaching others the strategies I’ve used day after day.

And what you’ll quickly learn is that I go above and beyond for my members. I’m invested in the success of my trade recommendations. Take a look at some of the feedback I’ve received from readers across my publications.

Like Jim, who made a total of 340% and more than $4,000 in one day. His best day ever!

Or Michael, who made $5,000 in the first eight minutes of his day on an amazing 111% gain.

Or Barbara, who made $7,900 overnight on a 169% gain!

Or how about James, who made 64% and $11,000 in just two days!

Point is, no matter what size of account you have, I know I can help you achieve your goals.

Because it’s not about just one winning trade, it’s about multiple.

You could end up like George, who took a $25,000 account and turned it into $101,000 in 2 1/2 months.

The key here is repetition, but it’s actually more than that!

Most people want something that is relatively active but doesn’t affect their daily routines.

And they also want some hand-holding.

They want to get my exact plan with buy, stop and profit ranges so they can essentially “set it and forget it.”

People want it to be easy. We all do!

An overwhelming amount of the people I’ve talked to wanted something super simple that fits all account sizes and all experience levels.

Whether they had a few hundred dollars to start trading or $100,000 to start trading...

Whether they were brand-new to the market or had some experience already...

Whether they wanted to learn how to trade or just wanted to get more market research...

They wanted something SIMPLE!

The strategy and research service I created were specifically designed to address those needs.

And I hope you’re excited, because I’m about to reveal how this works.

This strategy dials in on one carefully selected trade recommendation that I send out every Wednesday evening.

And remember, I’m so confident that I’m going to guarantee the performance of my track record for you. But first, you have to understand how this service works.

So first off, why Wednesday?

Well, it may sound strange to you, but after trading the market for more than 20 years, I picked up on something... really unorthodox.

Let me just walk you through it real quick.

Monday is arguably the most active trading day of the week.

We’ve got tons of news hitting us from over the weekend, and everything is going haywire.

Stocks are moving up, stocks are moving down...

It’s a free-for-all. It’s madness, and it’s almost impossible for most people to trade.

Unless you can sit at your computer all day, constantly evaluating trends and picking up on sub-five-minute moves in real time, it’s not going to work out for you.

So when it comes to dialing in on a single trade per week, Monday isn’t the day.

However, Monday is the day that I start to develop my watch list.

This is a list of roughly 10 to 20 stocks that I am looking at to potentially make my move on.

I’m targeting trades that have at least 25% upside potential in a relatively short period of time.

I build this list after I digest what happened over the weekend and see the trends that are taking shape on Monday.

Tuesday is what I call “weeding out day.”

This is when I weed out the stocks from my list that are no longer advantageous.

Some may have fallen, while others have gapped up too quickly, and I’m not interested in them at higher levels.

You may think, “Bryan, you missed out on an opportunity!”

So what?? I miss out on tons of opportunities in the market every day!

You can’t chase every single stock. That’s just dumb money.

And look, I didn’t get to an 83% win rate by not sticking to a strategy that works.

The moment I deviate from what has worked time and time again is the moment I let greed affect my decision-making process, and that’s when traders fail.

I don’t want that for myself, and I certainly don’t want that for you.

So on Tuesday, I like to trim that initial list down to about five stocks that have held up and are still trading at prices within my technical parameters.

And NOW we’re cooking!

By the end of the day on Wednesday, I trim my list down to ONE SPECIFIC TRADE.

And that’s the exact trade recommendation I send to my readers.

This isn’t just a flip of the coin or me blindly typing in a few letters of a ticker and saying, “THAT’S THE ONE!”

I do a hell of a lot of due diligence.

I spend three full days evaluating the markets and pinpointing one trade opportunity to take dead aim at.

Because without those three days of research and analysis, there is no frickin’ way I’d be able to have an 83% win rate.

And here’s the best part for you.

You simply hang out while I do all the work!

It’s the perfect setup if you have a full-time job, children or other obligations.

Remember when I said I go above and beyond??

I don’t just send you a boring email with the buy, stop and profit ranges.

I take it to the next level!

I record a video that details my analysis on the entire trade.

After watching this two- or three-minute video, you’ll have everything you need.

All you have to do is open your email, decide whether this opportunity is right for you and set up your buy if it is. And then you’re done!

You’re all set!

You don’t need to micromanage these trades, and the profit target is preset.

And every new video contains updates on current positions in our model portfolio. So far, my recommendations have an average hold time of 60 days.

My goal is to be active but not overwhelming. Consistency is key.

My friends, that’s all you need to be a winning trader.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Here’s the full track record since I launched this service. I’m going to leave it on the screen for you.

Tripadvisor, Biogen, Rocket Companies, Cryoport, Airbnb, Coty, Tattooed Chef!

Winner after winner after winner!


Oh, crap!

How did those losers get in there??

Normally, every other guru just sweeps their losers under the rug.

Well, that’s not me, and I can’t stand that.

No trading strategy is perfect, and all investing does carry risk.

Granted, with an 83% win rate per our model portfolio, this one is close to perfection.

The big takeaway here is consistency.

It’s why I spend three days evaluating the market and making an informed decision before sending it out to my members.

Here, let me show you how this looks with a couple of examples.

Let’s first take a look at Rocket Companies.

rocket chart

I recommended this trade on February 4 with a specific catalyst in mind...

The Super Bowl that took place that weekend on February 7.

This may sound extremely simple to you, and it SHOULD!

A couple of things made this look like a clear winning opportunity.

For one, we had been in the pandemic for almost a year at that point.

The housing market was poised to make a comeback, and Rocket Mortgage knew how it could take advantage of this.

It transformed the way that people could apply for a mortgage by allowing them to use their smartphones.

Gone are the days when you have to go into some office and sit face-to-face with some insurance guy.

Rocket Mortgage recognized this early on.

It’s like dealing with a used car salesman.

But here’s the BIG catalyst.

Rocket Mortgage was the premier sponsor for the Super Bowl Squares promotion.

This was the perfect moment for the company to get its message out.

Because at the same time it was doing this, Rocket Mortgage had a lot of short interest, just like what we saw with the Reddit community on GameStop and AMC Theatres.

See how this is all coming together?

It was a home run on every account!

And when I tell you that we nailed this trade AHEAD of the Reddit move, I mean it.

Because just a few weeks later, the stock caught fire on message boards.

After recommending the stock at $21.56 on February 4, we were out by March 3, locking in profits of 26% on the first half of our trade, 50% on the next quarter and 69% on the remaining quarter. The overall gain was 43%... in less than a month!

rocket chart

That brings up an important piece of all this... the exit strategy.

We set our first profit target at 25%. When we hit that, we sell half our position and move our profit target up to 50% for the next half. At that point, we typically look for 100% to close the remaining portion of the position.

In the case of Rocket, I recommended everyone lock in their remaining gains at a 69% win. Not bad, right??

See, anyone can buy a stock, but you NEED to know when to sell.

Luckily, this service is designed to make it easy for you, explaining exactly how to manage the trade so you don’t have to worry about selling too early OR too late and watching profits disappear.

That’s how my readers are able to protect their profits.

No guesswork. No emotions. No fear of missing out.

In less than a month, my readers had a shot at a 43% gain on Rocket, and some did even better!

Sidney made 57% on the entire trade!

Peter made 117% on the first half that he sold!

Jeff bought at $19.79 and sold at $38.25 for nearly a 100% gain a week later!

Dwayne made 170% on the trade!

Again, everything is set up ahead of time in a detailed plan.

I’m doing all the hard work!

To further understand how critically important your profit-taking strategy is, let me walk you through our trade on Tripadvisor.

tripadvisor chart

This trade recommendation was sent out on December 10, 2020.

The thought process here was that travel was expected to have a strong comeback.

The first step for many travelers is to look at Tripadvisor, which helps them plan out their vacations.

Sure enough, after I’d sent my recommendation, the stock methodically started to move up.

And that’s when our profit-taking strategy went to work.

We ended up trading this to perfection.

If you look at the chart, you’ll notice that I recommended closing out of the trade in several steps – we didn’t cut it all off at once and lose out on profits.

You can see we took a 25% gain here on the first half in two months...

A 44% gain here on half of the remaining position in 75 days...

And a 100% gain right here on the rest of the position in three months.

tripadvisor chart


After the last piece was sold, you’ll even notice that the stock retraced and fell.

The precision of this strategy is second to none. It’s what sets it apart from everything else.

And it’s why our readers do so well!

Like Tad. He decided to amplify my strategy with an options play instead of the stock and made 544% on the trade in less than three months.

Now, think about that. Catching a winner like that can be life-changing.

But even if you just stick to my stock strategy, you could see significant profits.

And remember, the plan stays consistent.

You won’t be left wondering when to buy or when to sell.

It’ll all be spelled out for you!

I’m sure you’ve been in a similar position to our Tripadvisor trade.

Most buy-and-hold investors would’ve watched profits disappear – but not my members!

We were in, we watched it move up, and, when our profit targets hit, we rang the register.

From there, on to the next Wednesday trade.

Since our inception in October 2020, our model portfolio has shown readers the chance to close 23 trades, and 19 of them have been winners.

Even factoring in those four losers, if just $1,000 was put into each of these trades, you could have been sitting on nearly $3,071 in profit.

tripadvisor chart

Trading with $5,000... well, that profit jumps to $15,357!

tripadvisor chart

It doesn’t matter whether you have $1,000 or $100,000. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the market for years.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand-new to the market.

And it doesn’t matter if you work a full-time job.

I’m confident that this could work for you!

Use me as your resource...

Let me do the leg work...

Let me find these trade opportunities for you.

Really, all you need for the chance at an 83% win rate is to open an email, watch a video and set up your trade based on my recommendation.

That takes about five to 10 minutes, MAX!

If that’s too much work for you to see the shot at making life-changing money, then what are you here for??

This strategy fires on all cylinders.

And you’re probably thinking, “Well, that’s great for everyone who got those trades, but what about me?”

Well, starting today, and today only, I’m going to guarantee my track record over the next year.

And while it is true that past performance cannot guarantee future success, I am so confident that I’m putting my money where my mouth is here.

Over the next year, if I don’t BEAT that 83% win rate that I’ve shown you in my model portfolio, call my team and I will give you a second year for FREE to make up for it.

Even if I win 80% of the time, you get a free year.

Even if I win 82.99% of the time, you still get a free year.

Why? Because a guarantee is a guarantee!

Maybe this will ruffle some feathers, but I don’t care.

At the end of the day, I stand by this strategy.

I stand by my commitment to my members.

To any other gurus out there: If you can’t guarantee the success of your strategy, you might as well not have a strategy at all.

Let me reiterate this...

Over the next year, I will beat that 83% win rate per our model portfolio.

In fact, I’ll do you one better.

Most people who run services that have this type of success would throw some huge price tag on them so the rich can get richer.

Well, that isn’t me, either!

After my career on the CBOE, I realized that the stock market is really anyone’s game.

So when you see the price for an entire year of this research service, be prepared to be shocked – and to act quickly.

You can get a one-year subscription, 52 trade recommendations and my 83% win rate guarantee...

All for JUST $49. It’s called Trade of the Day Plus. And a deal this good can’t last forever.


I mean, that’s less than $1 per trade!

Name something you spend $1 per week on that can deliver this type of profit potential. 


But I’m all about integrity, and this is my way of proving that.

I don’t need to price gouge you.

I want you to succeed.

And even at the normal retail price of $249 a year, this would still be a no-brainer.

See, I want to prove to you that the stock market isn’t just for the rich.

It isn’t just for people with a finance or economics degree.

It’s a free market that anyone can learn to reap the benefits from.

And for $49 a year, you’re about to learn firsthand what I mean by that.


And keep in mind, I’m also going to give you a full-year, money-back guarantee.

Let’s say you try the service out for a couple of weeks or a month and decide it’s not for you.

What do you do then?

Well, just contact my team and we’ll send you your money back.

Yeah, you heard that right. Anytime over the next year, for any reason, if you’re not satisfied, you can get a FULL refund.

Why would I do that?

Because I know you won’t want a refund!

With an 83% win rate, why would you leave? If anything, you’ll be begging for more!

“What’s the next pick, Bryan?!”

I hear members asking me that in my sleep, they’re so fired up.

That is exactly what I intend to have happen with you.

I’m giving you my research and my #1 trade recommendation for less than $1 per week.

I’m guaranteeing the win rate of those trades will be higher than 83%.

I’m giving you a full-year, money-back guarantee.

But let me sweeten the deal even further.

You’ll also get access to the two hottest reports that I’ve reserved for new Trade of the Day Plus members.

The first is my “IPO Buying Guide 2022: How to Get in on the Ground Floor of the Next Game-Changing Companies.”


IPOs are a hot topic right now, and this is my favorite way to capitalize on them.

It’s a $95 value that you get for free!

The second is “My Favorite Small Cap Play for 2022.”


In this report, I detail a company with the potential to double in value over the next six months. And you’ll get all this insight for free.

And I want to sweeten this deal even more, because I want you to see how to turbocharge your growth.

And the way you can do that is with options!

I’ve taken everything I learned from my time on the CBOE and my 20 years of trading and boiled it all down to an “Options for Dummies 101” cheat sheet.


This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to options trading.

Sticking with the above-and-beyond principle, I’ve paired this report with an eight-part video course, Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets... UNCOVERED!


This video report alone is valued at $499, but if you act right now, I’ll throw it in for FREE.

This clearly shows you how invested I am in your future wealth.

  • You’re getting my IPO report.
  • You’re getting my favorite small cap play of the year.
  • You’re getting my “Options 101” cheat sheet and my “Secrets of Wall Street” video course.
  • You’re also getting my #1 trade recommendation single week on Wednesday.
  • You’re getting a full-year, money-back guarantee.
  • And I’m guaranteeing I’ll beat an 83% win rate!

And of course, we never recommend you bet the farm on one single trade...

But you saw what just $1,000 on all of my trade recommendations could have turned into.

If you recall, it was nearly $3,071 in profit!

tripadvisor chart

Meaning the $49 subscription would have already paid for itself 62 TIMES OVER...

And that was with only 23 trades!

Imagine what you could do with this service over an entire year and with 52 trades!

But let’s just make this clear.

Of course, I can’t make this offer available for long.

We’re talking thousands of dollars’ worth of research WITH a performance guarantee.

If you don’t want this offer, I have to assume you aren’t interested in learning how to grow your wealth.

But, for the large majority of people who do want to learn, this research service is set up to perfection.

For $49, it’s not just a steal, it’s a no-brainer.

For you, this is all very simple.

You get my #1 trade of the week, delivered directly to you with an entire game plan and a video walk-through.

All it takes is a few minutes per week to be able to review the opportunity and set it up!

And as I’ve said all along, the track record is proof of what this service can do...

So my guarantee to beat an 83% win rate throughout the next year should alleviate any concerns.

Opportunity doesn’t wait for anyone.

Join me today, and I’ll send you all the free reports immediately.

Then you’ll get my next trade this Wednesday.

From there, you’ll be off and running.

From that point on, you’ll never want to trade again without this strategy.


Bryan Bottarelli
July 2021



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