URGENT America’s #1 Bear Market Trader Reveals:

How to Safeguard Your Money With This Special Crash-Proof Asset

It’s Programmed to Go Up as Much as 10X as the Market Goes Down

Bryan Bottarelli

Wait just one freakin’ minute.

You’re telling me...

The Dow has gone down over 18%.

The S&P has just gotten punched in the mouth.

And the average Nasdaq stock is down over 50%.

Some are down 80% or more!

Altogether, over $11 trillion has been wiped out from the market.

That’s over $3 trillion more than the 2008 crisis...

And all these b***sh*t talking heads in the media can say is...

“Well, this too shall pass.”


What I’ll reveal today will blow a 10-foot hole in that BS narrative...

That’s because I’m gonna show you something powerful...

Something they don’t want you to see.

Because for the first time ever, I’m going to reveal a simple strategy that can protect against crashes... while also raking in huge profits.

All you have to do is buy a special Crash-Proof Asset that’s programmed to GO UP every time the market goes down.

And not just a little bit, either.

Your returns can be exponential.

In fact, get this...

Even if the Dow drops 1,000 points tomorrow, you could 10X the market’s return with this.

Why should you believe me?

Well, because I would put my track record during bear markets up against any other trader on the planet.

During the COVID Crash, the Dow plummeted 23%.

dow jones

It was a bloodbath.

Yet during that period we made 73 trades...

And 71 of those were winners.

That’s a 97% win rate during a time when everyone else was losing their shirts.

In total, our positions rose 246% in just 35 days.

Look at this chart...

covid performance

How was that possible?

It was due in part to the Crash-Proof Asset I’m sharing with you today... the one that goes up even as stocks crash and burn.

In fact, Yahoo News said...


And Business Insider said...


Once you see how this works, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t using this asset to “make a killing,” like Business Insider said.

Take Thursday, February 27, for example...

On that day, the Dow fell by nearly 1,200 points.

I told everyone to buy this Crash-Proof Asset so they could profit from the crash...

I told them exactly which ticker symbol to buy...

When to buy it...

And precisely which price to pay.

And then, the very next morning, the Dow continued to fall.

The front page of The New York Times even said...


“Stocks Take Dive Not Seen Since 2011... The S&P plunged to its worst loss in almost nine years and investors worldwide grew increasingly fearful...”

It was horrific!

Nearly 4,000 Dow points went up in smoke that week.

Meanwhile, that same day, my members were getting ready to make a killing.

One hour before the market opened, I sent out an alert to my members. I said...

Bryan B 2/28/2020 at 8:29 a.m.

In the first 30 minutes of today’s trading, ring the register! Sell this [Crash-Proof Asset] for the best prices available, good for the day.

Shortly after that, members started writing me messages like this...

Anthony 2/28/2020 at 9:13 a.m.

139% winner on [the Crash-Proof Asset] today. Winning trade after winning trade.

Ron got 136% and 141% winners.

Ron 2/28/2020 at 8:53 a.m.

Good morning all, have a great day. I got a 136% and 141% winner.

Evelyn enjoyed a 164% gain.

Evelyn 2/28/2020 at 9:08 a.m.

In at $1.40 out at $3.70, a 164% gain!

John more than doubled his money on this trade.

John 2/28/2020 at 9:09 a.m.

In at $1.70 out at $3.75, I just doubled my money!

Sandra nailed a 300% gain!

Sandra 2/28/2020 at 9:14 a.m.

In at $1.15 out at $4.60, a 300% gain!

Lynn banked her first 300% winner.

Lynn 2/28/2020 at 9:49 a.m.

In at $1.20 out at $4.80. I just had my first 300% win!

I could go on, but you get the point.

Listen, while the Dow was crashing, these members were making a killing.

And I want to show you how we did that.

Because this is super important.

asset chart

So, here’s what you’re looking at.

That red line right there is the Dow that got hammered that week.

And that green line is the Crash-Proof Asset I’m telling you about.

See how it basically moves in the opposite direction of the market?

Do you see how important that is?

While everyone else is freaking out, I’m getting messages like this one from Adrien, who said...

Adrien 3/12/2020 at 9:44 a.m.

I have to admit, had it not been for this, I would be a in a state of panic and heart attack. I’m relaxed and enjoying this ride with its ups and downs.

Wait, what?!

The Dow dropped 2,352 points that day.

But Adrien was “relaxing and enjoying the ride”?


I mean, the front page of The New York Times that day said...

“...investors worldwide grew increasingly fearful.”

That’s because they want you to just suffer through it...

“Hold for the long term.”

“This too shall pass.”


Here’s the dirty little secret...

The media wants you to believe there’s nothing you can do to protect your money when the markets tank.

Because the media, big banks, financial advisors... aka Wall Street brokers... they all have ONE goal...

Get as much money from your account into their account.

Their biggest fear?


You taking your money back out of their account.

Less money in their account is less commission for them.

And when you ask questions like, “Hey the market’s down, shouldn’t we do something?”

They just say...

“Oh, that’s normal. Remember... you’re in it for the long haul.”

“Nothing beats buy and hold.”

Or my favorite...

“Don’t worry, the market always comes back.”

Yeah... okay, sure, the market might come back...

But it might not be in YOUR lifetime.

Remember the dot-com boom?

Stocks went up.

Stocks crashed.

And yes, they came back...

But that comeback took 10 freakin’ years.

lost decade

But that’s the fine print they just gloss over.

It’s just BS!

Because here’s the real truth:

You DO NOT have to lose money when the markets go down.

It’s so simple.

It’s like the most logical thing on earth.

Make money when the market goes up.

Own this Crash-Proof Asset when the market goes down.

And you can be “relaxed and enjoying the ride,” just like Adrien.

Listen, if you’ve lost money this year, I feel for you... I really do.

But look... it’s not your fault...

What you need is a simple, but effective, plan to protect your money...

A way to FIGHT BACK from the BS narrative that you’ve heard about your entire life.

And that’s what this Crash-Proof Asset helps you do.

And that’s why I’m glad you’re watching this right now...

Because, let’s be real... 2022 has been one freakin’ train wreck after another!


We’ve had the Ukraine war... supply chain issues... record-high inflation... a new bear market... the list goes on.

The Nasdaq is down nearly 20% and the S&P is down 14%...

I mean, in this market, depending on your account size, you could easily be down $10,000... $50,000... $100,000... $200,000... or more.

May’s issue of New York magazine says, “Money-Losing Season Is Here.”


And Fortune reported, “Prominent Wall Street voices are already writing off 2022 as a lost year.”


So that’s their answer? Just give up?!

Write it off??

Yeah, if you listen to them.

It’s such bad advice and that’s why the Crash-Proof Asset is so key.

Instead, you need to know...

How to turn market volatility on its head so you can profit from it in big ways.

I just gave you a glimpse of how we did that during COVID. And we’ve been doing the same thing this year.

For example...

On June 13 – the day the S&P officially entered a bear market – we exited a 21-day trade for a 56% gain on the same Crash-Proof Asset I recommended during the COVID Crash.

Okay, let’s pull up that chart again so you can see how that worked.

asset chart

So here’s the Dow from May 23 to June 13.

See how it took a dive here at the end?

It got crushed.

Now let’s see how our Crash-Proof Asset did during that same period.

asset chart

We initially entered the trade here on May 23 and then exited on June 13.

Look at that.

Clear as day...

It went in the exact opposite direction from the market!

Wouldn’t you love to own this asset on days like this?

Damn right, you would!

You’d be ecstatic, just like my members were that day.

Check this out.

J.P. made 125%!

JP 6/13/2022 at 8:37 a.m.

In at $1.33 out at $2.99 for a 125% return!

Jack said he made “326%... remarkable.”

Jack 6/13/2022 at 9:00 a.m.

In at $0.96 out at $3.13. I just made 326%, remarkable!

James made over $13,000 in profit.

James 6/13/2022 at 9:15 a.m.

On May 31st, I purchased calls at $0.80. I just sold them at $3.10 for a $13,000 profit!

Once you see how this works, you can defend your money... while also making massive profits... when the market takes a nose dive.

This was all thanks to this one Crash-Proof Asset that’s guaranteed to go up when the market goes down.

Not “maybe will go up”...

No “Well, I hope this works”...

No, this is an asset that is GUARANTEED to move up on those days the market quickly drops.

In fact, we’ve had many trades where we’ve 10X’ed the downside moves of the market.

Just like January 19.

On that day, the Nasdaq started to drop like a rock...

So I issued another Crash-Proof Asset trade.

The market lost almost 4% over that two-day period.

asset chart

However, we closed out a 45% winner during that fall.

asset chart

So the market drops 4%...

We’re up 45%.

That’s what I mean when I say you can 10X the downside move of the market.

Listen, this isn’t luck.

We did this again on April 26. The S&P fell 2.8%.

asset chart

On that day, we made a 24% gain in less than two hours on this Crash-Proof Asset.

asset chart

A similar story AGAIN on May 12.

The Nasdaq dropped over 2%.

asset chart

This Crash-Proof Asset made 36% in three hours.

asset chart

And by the way...

Every trade I’m showing you was a real trade.

This is not based on theory or backtesting or any crap like that...

This is what real people, just like you, are using to make huge gains when the market has big down days.

The point is...


Never again!

Now, of course, all investing carries risk.

But... this strategy is not complicated.

All you do is buy this Crash-Proof Asset that’s guaranteed to go up when the market goes down.

That’s it.

A New (and Better) Way to “Short” the Market

Now, most people think the only way to make money on falling stocks is with short selling...

Which can be super risky.

Because your downside is unlimited.

But that’s not what this is...

In fact, with this strategy you won’t be short selling anything.

However, you can still make money when the markets go down.

But your downside is limited.

And this isn’t about buying gold, annuities or even put options.

And it’s definitely not about crypto – the Beanie Babies of Wall Street.


bitcoin chart

None of that.

In fact, most investors don’t even know the Crash-Proof Asset class exists.

Of the $5.9 trillion universe of U.S. listed assets, this accounts for only like 1% of total volume.

That’s probably why you’ve never even heard of this...

Which is why this presentation is so critical.

asset chart

And listen, if you’re skeptical, good. You should be.

It’s the sign of any good investor.

But I want to prove to you how this works.

Then you can decide for yourself.

All I ask is that you have an open mind.

Sound good?

How We’re Making Out Like Bandits in 2022!

Okay, so the best way to prove to you that this is the most effective way to profit in bear markets is to, well... show you how we profit in bear markets!

And not bear markets from 2000 or 2008 – but the one we’re experiencing right now.

Because here’s the deal...

Some strategies have a shelf life.

Maybe they worked 15 years ago.

But who cares about what worked – or “could have worked” – back in the day?

Show me what’s working now in 2022.

And here’s another thing...

Don’t show me your fake trades from the past.

That’s meaningless.

If you want real proof, ask them to show you only trades they recommended in real time... not looking back.

45% Gain in 2022 Using Just 3 Ticker Symbols

For example, in January we had one of the worst weeks since the COVID Crash...

washington post

Which sucked for everyone else, but it was great for us...

Because every time the market has one of its worst weeks, it gives us some of our biggest profit opportunities.


So here’s what happened...

From January 19 to January 21, the Nasdaq fell by almost 4%.

asset chart

At the same time, we pulled in a 45% gain on this asset.

asset chart

So you choose.

You want to lose 4%?

Or make 45%?

If you want the 45%, it’s time to start trading this Crash-Proof Asset.

You want another crystal-clear example of how this works?

War in Ukraine

Alright, so a few weeks later, war officially broke out in Ukraine, which spooked the markets even more.

Nobody could’ve predicted this.

nyt tearsheet

On March 1, the markets started to get hammered even more...

yahoo finance

Everything was falling.

So once again, I decided to recommend my Crash-Proof Asset.

I issued the first buy alert at 11:04 a.m. and then added to our position two days later.

Bryan B 3/1/2022 at 11:04 a.m.

For protection overnight, let’s move back into a new [Crash-Proof Asset] play.

Then, on March 4, it was time to collect our profit. I issued the sell alert.

Bryan B 3/4/2022 at 8:51 a.m.

Sell your [Crash-Proof Asset] Calls for the best prices available, good for the day.

And right after that, the good news started pouring in again...

Paul reported a 117% gain.

Paul 3/4/2022 at 9:47 a.m.

I closed the 10 shares I opened at $0.60 for $1.30 with a 117% gain!

Chuck reeled in a nice 95% winner...

Chuck 3/4/2022 at 8:59 a.m.

I closed the five shares I opened at $0.62 for $1.21. A 95% winner, thanks Bryan!!

Dave had 38% and 98% winners.

Dave 3/4/2022 at 8:57 a.m.

Two contracts in at $0.65, and out at $1.25 for a 98% win. Thanks Bryan B!

Brian got a nice double.

Brian 3/4/2022 at 8:54 a.m.

I closed the 10 shares I opened at $0.62 for $1.22. That’s a nice DOUBLE!

So did Corky...

Corky 3/4/2022 at 9:07 a.m.

I closed the 12 shares I opened at $0.61 for $1.22. A DOUBLE win for me!

And many others...

Llama 3/4/2022 at 8:51 a.m.

In at $0.62 out at $1.25 for a DOUBLE win!

Deepak. Double.

Deepal 3/4/2022 at 9:04 a.m.

Thanks Bryan, what a way to start the week. A DOUBLE win!

Steve. Double.

Steve 3/4/2022 at 9:20 a.m.

In at $0.61 out at $1.31. Thanks for the DOUBLE Bryan!

Ira. Double.

Ira 3/4/2022 at 9:00 a.m.

Thank you Bryan, count me as one of your DOUBLES, consider it serendipity!

D.J. Another double.

DJ 3/4/2022 at 8:58 a.m.

In at $0.61 out at $1.22 for nice DOUBLE!!

I especially love what Barry said. It was only his seventh day using this strategy, and he said...

“I honestly never thought I could see gains like this. Thought they were always for someone else.”

Barry 3/4/2022 at 9:01 a.m.

In at $0.61 and out at $1.15% for an 89% gain!! I’ve only traded with you guys for seven days, so this is absolutely incredible. I honestly never thought I could see gains like this. Thought they were always for someone else. Please keep up the good work!

Nope. Barry, these downside profit opportunities are available to anyone who knows how to trade this way.

In total, during the first two weeks of the Ukraine invasion, we completed 18 trades and won on 17 for a remarkable 94% win rate.

Our total return, including the one losing trade, was 115%.

So while the rest of the world was worrying about World War III breaking out... you could have doubled your money.


Are you starting to see how important and effective this Crash-Proof Asset is?

Inflation Triggers New Bear Market

Okay, now, the one thing that can ruin any investor strategy is inflation.

It’s the #1 threat to Wall Street portfolios.

So you’re probably wondering how the Crash-Proof Asset performs when inflation spikes to a 40-year high like it did this year.

tearsheet wsj
tearsheet wsj tearsheet nyt

Let me show you.

On May 23, as inflation was creeping up...

I recommended another trade using the Crash-Proof Asset.

Bryan B 5/23/2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Load up on this [Crash-Proof Asset] for the best prices.

Things unraveled just as I thought they would.

Bad news was published about inflation.

People panicked.

Markets fell.

And what did we do?

We rang the register on another Crash-Proof winner.

asset chart

On the morning of June 13, I sent out this alert...

Bryan B 6/13/2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Lock in your downside profit now by selling your [Crash-Proof Asset] Calls for the best prices available!

And once again, the testimonials started rolling in, telling me about their profits.

By then, my members had gotten pretty good at this...

Many of them made their own trades and started sending me their top wins...

Like Jack, who pulled in a monster 326% win.

Jack 6/13/2022 at 9:00 a.m.

In at $0.96, out at $3.13 for a 326% win! Remakable!! Thanks Bryan B :)

Spaceman landed a 90% win...

Spaceman 6/13/2022 at 8:35 a.m.

In at an average price of $1.58, and out at $3.00 for a 90% win! Thank you Bryan.

Sharky bit off a nice 81% winner...

Sharky 6/13/2022 at 8:36 a.m.

In at an average price of $1.57, out at $2.85 for an 81% win! I needed that!!

Randall didn’t listen to me exactly and took profits early, but he still got a 65% win...

Randall 6/13/2022 at 8:47 a.m.

I took profits early and missed out on a huge pay day, but a win is a win at 64%!

J.P. 125%.

J.P. 6/13/2022 at 8:37 a.m.

In at $1.33 out at $2.99 for a 125% return!

Lance made over $3,300 on this trade.

Lance 6/13/2022 at 10:50 a.m.

In at $0.75 out at $3.18 for 14 contracts. Netted $3,388! Thanks, this was huge!

Ed pocketed over five grand.

Ed 6/13/2022 at 9:22 a.m.

I closed 40 shares for a nice $5,320 profit!!

Rodney had three contracts and made 13%, 42% and 265%. His first triple. Nice work, Rodney.

Rodney 6/13/2022 at 9:01 a.m.

Had three buys, first was a 13% win, the second was 42% and the third was 265%. My first triple digit return!!

OMG. 305%.

Dance 6/13/2022 at 9:01 a.m.

OMG, I just made 305%!!! Thanks Bryan.

Up 78% on the day and 127% over the past month.

Dance 6/13/2022 at 2:51 p.m.

Bryan, I’ve been following you and I’m up with 77% today, and 127% in the past month.

And James made a nice $13,287 profit.

James 6/13/2022 at 2:51 p.m.

On May 31st, I purchased the June 17 Calls at $0.80, and I sold them today at $3.10 for a $13,287 profit!!!

The Harder They Fall, the More We Make!

It’s crazy, right?

The harder the markets fall, the more money we make!

Are you beginning to see why your lazy portfolio manager’s “hold for the long run” narrative is such garbage?

I mean, the day the S&P officially entered into a bear market, these people were DOUBLING, TRIPLING and in some cases QUADRUPLING their money!

And making thousands of dollars.

All because they bought and sold a simple asset that’s guaranteed to go up when the market goes down.

Now do you see why I’m so passionate about this Crash-Proof Asset?

It helps us turn the worst market days into pure glory.

You can see why I get so pissed off when all these stupid talking heads say you can’t do anything to protect your money.

Such lies!

Just go talk to George or Dave or Sandra... or any of the hundreds of other members who sent me messages during these crashes...

Go ask them whether they think it’s possible to protect their money from downturns.

And here’s the thing...

They are still with me.

And the next time the market tanks, we’ll turn to this Crash-Proof Asset. Again and again and again.

Listen, there are a lot of things that could go wrong in this market.

Another war could break out...

Housing could collapse under the weight of soaring interest rates...

Energy costs could tank the airline and trucking industries.

On any given day, you could wake up and the Dow could be down 1,000... 2,000... or even 3,000 points.

So right here and now you have to decide.

You could sit back and take it on the chin...


You could do what Business Insider says and “make a killing with this Crash-Proof Asset.”

Okay, so you’re probably wondering...

What the Heck Is This Crash-Proof Asset You’re Talking About?

Here’s the deal...

Back in 1999, right out of college, I became a professional, full-time trader, working at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The CBOE.

skyline cboe

Going from trading in my dorm room to the live trading pit at the CBOE was like going from playing freakin’ pickup basketball at the park to playing for the Chicago Bulls.

tearsheet wsj tearsheet nyt

It was insane.

I went from being this part-time, unknown trader in college to suddenly playing in the big leagues.

Oh, and I worked in the Apple trading pit in 1999.

Remember what was happening with tech stocks back then?

Yeah, the dot-com bubble was growing like crazy... and was on the verge of popping.

I started about right here... and left around here.

dot-com bubble

I had a front-row seat to not just watch, but play in the biggest boom/bust cycles in history...

And yes, it was crazy and intense and cutthroat...

But it was also the most valuable experience of my life.

I was fortunate to have wise mentors who trained me to not just make money in bull markets – any idiot can do that – but to make big money in bear markets too...

Which is really the key to creating generational wealth.

Because I learned that if you don’t know how to protect your money when markets tank, you’ll end up like Rick...

Making $600,000 and Then Losing $1.2 Million!

Rick was another young trader who worked at the CBOE with me.

He was a good trader...

But he fell into the same trap your lazy portfolio manager falls into.

Great offense. But terrible defense.

I saw Rick make $600,000 in the Qualcomm pit in less than a month.

I remember him boasting about it after hours when we were at this bar in downtown Chicago. Everyone thought he was awesome.

But I knew he was leaving himself open to a big risk.

And then suddenly, a couple of days later, the dot-com crash started.

And Rick was caught with his pants down.

In the blink of an eye...

That $600K profit turned into a $1.2 million loss.

Shortly after that... he was fired!

He lost his money.

He lost the firm’s money.

Everybody lost.


Terrible defense.

He didn’t have a plan to protect his gains.

And the way Rick thinks is similar to the way most investors think, even today.

But seeing this was the best experience of my life.

Because it shaped my whole approach to trading.

That’s when I saw how years of gains that you’ve worked your ass off for can evaporate instantly if you don’t protect them.

I learned that you can’t just hope and pray the markets will always go up...

That’s like driving a car with just a gas pedal and no brake. Eventually you’ll crash and burn like Rick.

You just can’t expect bull markets to continue forever...

Which is the #1 mistake investors make with the stock market.

And I knew if I could avoid this mistake, I’d never struggle again financially.

Seeking and Finding the “Perfect” Crash-Proof Asset

I left the CBOE in 2001.

But I continued to trade full time after that. And I continued searching for the best Crash-Proof Asset so I could make money when markets were down.

And one day in 2006, I read about this new asset class called Inverse ETFs.

I’m like, “What the heck are those?”

They promised to be an easier, safer and cheaper way to profit from bearish moves.

In short, Inverse ETFs are designed to generate profit anytime the market sinks.

That sounded interesting to me.

But when I first discovered these, I did some research and read something that stopped me in my tracks...


MarketWatch reported that a company called ProFunds was about to release the first-ever Inverse ETF that...

marketwatch quote

Now, that sounded amazing...

“A way to profit from market declines”... but it was also highly unusual.

As a former insider, I know Wall Street doesn’t typically create assets to help people “profit from market declines.”

They’re usually creating products and laws that make the big banks and funds even richer during crashes.

You know, “too big to fail” and stuff like that.

But as I dug deeper, I realized these things were the real deal...

And today they’re my favorite way to make big money when markets go south.

Here’s why...

3 Reasons Inverse ETFs Are My Favorite Way to Profit From Market Declines

#1: They’re cheaper than traditional ways of shorting.

Before I discovered Inverse ETFs, my go-to way of making money in down markets was to buy puts. That’s what most traders do.

But puts were five to eight times as expensive as these Inverse ETFs. And they didn’t give you any more protection.

So, I was like, why would I keep buying puts if these new Inverse ETFs are five to eight times cheaper?

Especially if I can make just as big of gains with Inverse ETFs?

And so when you consider both those things, it’s sorta a no-brainer, right?

Oh, by the way, speaking of puts...

If you have a 401(k), you can’t buy puts in that account, but you can buy Inverse ETFs. So that’s another reason I love these.

#2: You can 2X to 10X the market’s downside moves.

Just like I showed you earlier... these assets give you plenty of opportunities to double or triple your money when the market goes down.

So instead of sitting there in a state of panic, you can smile and collect big paydays when everyone else is freaking out.

It really doesn’t get much better than this.

You’re not just protecting your money from all the market volatility; you can profit from it... in big ways!

Once you’re able to do that, it changes everything.

Plus, I love that the market doesn’t have to crash 2,000 or 3,000 points for you to make a profit.

You can walk away with some nice-sized wins even when the market dips down just 1%...

Which happens more often than most people think...

Here’s a calendar showing how many days the Nasdaq went down at least 1% just in the first half of this year.


In total, that’s 48 times already.

For normal investors, that’s 48 times they lost BIG.

For investors like me and my followers, that’s 48 chances to double our money.


One of the biggest risks you face with the traditional way of short selling is the risk of unlimited losses.

That’s because whatever you shorted could go to the moon, causing you to go deeper in debt... which can be terrifying when a stock turns on you.

This is why a lot of traders get into trouble when they short stocks.

Worse, your upside is capped. Because a stock can’t go any lower than zero.

But with Inverse ETFs, your downside is limited.

You can lose only the amount you paid for it. If it goes against you, you’re not on the hook for unlimited losses.

Best of all, just a small 1% move can deliver you huge profits.

So again, when I think of the perfect Crash-Proof Asset, I think of Inverse ETFs because...

#1 - They are five to eight times cheaper than puts.

#2 - They give you the opportunity to 2X to 10X the market’s downside move.

#3 - Your risk is limited, while your profits can be exponential.

That’s why this is my favorite way to make money when stocks go down.

And there are going to be some big down days coming up. I can guarantee you that.

Here’s why.

The world economy is facing three major crises:

  1. A sudden economic slowdown
  2. Record-high inflation
  3. Ongoing war in Ukraine.

But you know what scares me the most?

It’s that the people tasked with getting us out of this hellhole are the same ones who got us here!

And that’s not just my opinion...

A couple of months ago, a survey of 27 top chief U.S. economists revealed that 93% of them agree that the Fed waited too long to raise rates, which led to inflation.

sifma tearsheet

So now the same Fed that couldn’t stop inflation is somehow going to magically fix it?

Here’s the deal...

If they could have fixed it by now, they would have.

What they don’t want you to know is that their big monetary experiment went haywire...

It went terribly wrong... and now we have this, like, economic Frankenstein to deal with.


So now we have inflation and growth moving in opposite directions, which creates something even worse than a recession...


CNBC recently reported that 80% of economists see stagflation as the greater long-term risk to our economy.

cnbc headline

And this time, the Fed is in too much debt to print their way out of it.

As of July 27, the Fed’s balance sheet was $8.9 trillion.

fed chart

So as much as I hate to say it... we’re in for a bumpy road ahead.

I think we’ll see the market experience a lot of big down days.

And so, you have a choice...

You can accept that your account will take a hit on those days.


You can do what we do and set yourself up for a chance at a big upside move on days when the Dow, S&P or Nasdaq drops.

Because here’s another great thing about these Crash-Proof Assets.

You need to focus on only three of them: one for each major index.

How to Win With Any Hand the Market Deals You

One for the Dow.

Another for the S&P.

And another for the Nasdaq.

Some crashes affect the Dow more, some the S&P and some the Nasdaq.

And I want to be prepared to help you profit from each and every one.

If it’s a time when the Dow is getting hammered the worst, then we’ll trade the Crash-Proof Asset linked to the Dow.

Just like we did in June of this year.

We closed our play for 56% after just three weeks, but some of our readers did even better.

On that trade, Jack made 326%...

J.P. made 125%.

YDance was up 305%.

And James made a nice 150% gain.

We did the same thing when tech stocks took a beating in early January this year.

During that time, we closed out a nice 45.6% gain, 12X’ing the market’s move over our holding period.

asset chart

And we’re prepared when the S&P takes a nose dive, like it did in early March.

Here’s what the S&P did from March 1 to March 4...

asset chart

And here’s what our Crash-Proof Asset did.

asset chart

This allowed many of our members to double their money on part of that trade...

Brian got a nice double.

Brian 3/4/2022 at 8:54 a.m.

I closed the 10 shares I opened for a nice double.

So did Corky...

Corky 3/4/2022 at 9:07 a.m.

I closed the 12 shares I opened for a DOUBLE!

And Steve got a double too.

Steven 3/4/2022 at 9:20 a.m.

I closed the six shares I opened at $0.61 for $1.31. Thanks for the double Bryan!

Ira. Double.

Ira 3/4/2022 at 9:00 a.m.

Thanks Bryan for the trade, cound me as one of your doubles, consider it serendipity!

D.J. Another double.

D.J. 3/4/2022 at 8:58 a.m.

In at $0.61, out at $1.22 for a nice double!!

Listen, these Crash-Proof Assets are like playing poker with a royal flush...

You’ve got an edge to profit in down markets!

You just need to know which index is falling the worst – the Dow, the Nasdaq or the S&P – and then play the right card.

Remember, the whole point of these Inverse ETFs is that they go up when one of those indexes goes down.

And you can potentially 10X the downside move of the market with these quick plays.

I’ve put together a special report showing you how to use these three Crash-Proof Assets.

It’s called “The 10X Profit System: Guaranteed Profits When the Market Drops.”

report profits

The 10X Profit System: Guaranteed Profits When the Market Drops

In this report, I’ll reveal the ticker symbols for these three Inverse ETFs and how I like to trade them using options.

You’ll see exactly how I like to play the Dow, the S&P and the Nasdaq.

Plus, you’ll get a list of do’s and don’ts with Inverse ETFs.

One mistake novice traders make is holding these for too long.

Nothing is guaranteed when investing. There is always risk of losing money.

That’s why I walk you through how to use them effectively... and in a timely manner... for max profit potential.

I’d like to deliver you this report, “The 10X Profit System,” for FREE if you’re willing to join me for a special venture...

One that may be the most profitable, exciting experience of your life.

In short, I’d like to invite you to follow my live trading recommendations in The War Room, where you’ll get all of my daily research and stock analysis.

The War Room

war room logo

But before I say anything, I’ll be blunt: The War Room is not right for everyone.

It’s designed for people who are passionate about trading...

Who have open minds when it comes to finding unusual ways to profit...

Who want to learn how to trade...

Who want to take part in a like-minded community of traders...

Who have your back...

Who encourage you...

And who celebrate victories together.

So let me quickly go through and tell you what The War Room is, how it works, who it’s for... then you can decide whether it’s perfect for you.


Okay... so what is The War Room?

The idea for The War Room goes all the way back to when I was trading in the Apple Computer pit over 20 years ago...

Back then, I was totally immersed in trading. And I learned things there that I could never have learned in a million years watching YouTube videos, going through courses or reading textbooks...

I had two world-class mentors who taught me the old-fashioned way: actually having me do the thing I was trying to learn.

It was an apprenticeship model based on hands-on, experiential learning. Not just academic knowledge, theories or concepts.

And it wasn’t just my mentors who played a critical role in helping me become a multimillion-dollar trader.

It was also the community.

You see, when I’d have a big win, I’d turn around and high-five the guy standing next to me. I’d say, “Dude, I just freakin’ made 200% on this trade in like 15 minutes! Did you see that?!”

And he’d be like, “That’s awesome, man! Good job, you crushed it!”

And then we would share with each other how we made the trade.

So, I had people I could trust and learn from and grow with together, and we all had a common goal: to be successful traders.

And it worked.

Many of us went on to make more money from trading than we ever dreamed possible... and we can all trace our roots back to the CBOE pit.

So fast-forward 10 years...

Life After the CBOE

I left the CBOE, applied what I learned there and became a successful full-time trader.

I’ve made multimillions... which has allowed me to provide my family a beautiful life.

My daughters have enjoyed an incredible childhood... my wife and I have been able to take them on dream vacations all over the world.

And I decided I wanted to teach others how to achieve the same. So I started a financial newsletter.

And it was okay...

But I was frustrated because I wasn’t seeing my readers experience this amazing life transformation like I did from trading.

I mean, I’d get some good testimonials from people.

But the medium itself was just too slow.

The markets move FAST!

And as a trader, you must react quickly.

So sending a newsletter to people with trade alerts was just not cutting it.

It simply wasn’t fast enough.

And so in 2018, I began working on a big new project with my team.

The vision was to re-create the LIVE trading pit experience I had in the CBOE.

I wanted people to have access to the same type of mentorship, the live trades and especially the community.

It was no small feat.

It cost around $2 million and thousands of man-hours to build what’s now known as The War Room.

We officially launched in May 2019.

And everything we do is LIVE. Every market update. Every trade recommendation. Every profit alert we issue.

It happens in real time.

And since then, we’ve issued 1,851 trades, and 1,408 of those have been winners.

That’s a 76% win rate.

That’s winning on nearly 8 out of every 10 trades.

And our members are absolutely thrilled with the results.

And it’s no wonder.

Because we’ve delivered a total return of 197.90% since May 2019.

All War Room Trades:
Total Return of 197.90%

war room wins

Every $10,000 turned into $29,790.

Now... that’s on ALL the closed trades we’ve shown our members...

Today I’ve focused primarily on how we profit using this Crash-Proof Asset in bearish times... which is actually my favorite time to trade because of all the big, monster opportunities there are.

Every trade I’ve shown you so far has been an example of our downside profit-taking system.

And the power of Inverse ETFs.

But, of course, we also make money in up markets too. This is only one strategy of many.

That’s the whole point...

To never have a time period where you say, “Well, the market is too awful to make money right now.”

Nonsense. We like to make money all the time.

And we do this because we use winning strategies in The War Room that work in any market environment: bullish, bearish, choppy sideways markets... It doesn’t matter.

Yes, We Make Massive Gains in Bullish Times Too

Here are just a few more posts from our members about some of the other top trades we’ve recommended:

Robert D.

FedEx was good for me... Bought at $3.40... out of them this a.m. for $7.80... Made $11,520 [in one day].

Jock B.

It’s time to THANK Bryan again. Last month, I rolled back into NUGT at $5.17. At month’s end, I bought 50 more at $0.85 and just sold all 60 at $3.80 for a profit of $16,529 (264%). Nice belated Easter present! THX.

[We estimate about two weeks to a month holding time for Jock’s gain.]

James C.

Bought Clorox at $3.40, sold at $5.60 and netted $11,000 in two days.

Michael K.

Rolled the dice on this one last night... In at $3.19, out at $6.76! Made $5,700 eight minutes into the trading day. Might cut out at lunch for golf today.

And our members are not just making winning trades...

They’re winning at trading.

Because, look, here’s the deal... Anyone can get lucky and bag a monster winner every now and then... but real success is about account growth.

That’s why I love stories like David’s...

David Turns $20,000 Into $185,000 in 12 Months

David joined The War Room in January of 2020...

By the end of the year...

He’d turned his $20,000 trading portfolio into $185,000!

He said, “I have profited more than my day job paycheck... and that was only part time in The War Room.”

David 4/5/2021 at 10:40 a.m.

Hey... I started trading with real money in January 2020. My original stake of $20,000 ended up being $185,000. I have profited more than my day job paycheck... and that was only part time in The War Room.

He increased the value of his entire account by 9X... in about 12 months.

Tad’s another good example of what can happen if you focus on this...

He started in The War Room on May 25, 2020.

By February 2021, he reported turning $90,000 into $178,000.

He almost DOUBLED his entire account in less than a year!

Tad, War Room Member

I started on May 25, 2020, and by February 2021 I’d turned $90,000 into $178,000!!!

Then there’s Ken... He turned his $150,000 portfolio into more than $300,000... in just eight months!

Ken, War Room Member

I turned $150,000 into more than $300,000 in eight months!

And George’s account grew a massive 704% in just 14 trading days.

George, War Room Member

In the last 14 trading days, my account has risen 704%. The War Room works, folks.

Like George said: The War Room works.

Not just over the short term... but over the long term.

And do you want to know what’s even crazier?

These testimonials we are showing you are the best of the best – including the dozens upon dozens of testimonials you heard from War Room members who’ve profited from the Crash-Proof Asset – but they are just a small fraction, less than 1%, of all the testimonials we’ve received.

The other day I asked one of my team members to send me the document that showed the screenshots of all of them... and it was 1,136 pages long!

It would take the average person around 17 hours just to read them all.

So, I don’t know, but I think we might be onto something here...

How The War Room Works

When you join The War Room, you’ll instantly get access to our LIVE interactive trading room – aka “the Trading Pit” – which is open every day the market is open.

In the pit you’ll have two Pro Traders – me and Karim Rahemtulla – calling out our buy and sell recommendations in real time. We’re just like the two mentors I had at the CBOE.

Remember all the Crash-Proof Asset trade alerts I shared earlier?

Well, The War Room is where all of those trades happened.

In fact, you can search right here and see all our old trade alerts... See, here’s that one from June 13 of this year that I told you about earlier.

Bryan B 6/13/2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Sell your [Crash-Proof Asset] Calls for the best prices available, good for the day.

The cool thing about The War Room is that it can work regardless of your experience level... and the amount of time you have to trade.

For example, if you’re brand-new to trading, then you may have some questions along the way. That’s fine! In fact, it’s encouraged!

If you have questions, you can just ask them in The War Room, and our moderators will gladly assist you...

By the way, I want to talk about moderators, because it’s not just me and Karim in here making trade recommendations.

We also have a team of moderators with extensive trading experience and training.

Not only do they help answer any questions in real time – although they can’t give personalized investment advice – but they also make sure the conversations are focused on what we’re all here for: making winning trades every day.

That’s one of the things that sets The War Room apart from all those free trading chat rooms out there.

And we’re a no-nonsense group.

We’ve got policies in place to ensure our War Room doesn’t ever get overrun by trolls or any hateful people.

The rules include...

No politics. We are here to WIN AT TRADING.

No making claims without citing a source (Facebook is not a source).

No making fun of new traders who are learning.

These rules ensure nothing distracts us from our primary mission, which is...

✅ Make winning trades every day.

We’re hyper-focused on that.

And that’s why we’ve had over 1,400 winning trades since we launched.

1,408 Verified Winning Trades

Think about that for a second. That’s averaging over eight winning trades every single week!

And I want to emphasize as well...

That amount of winners might seem overwhelming...

But that’s the beauty of the War Room. You don’t have to spend all day sitting by your computer...

With our text alert system, we’ve made this simple for you.

If you want, we will send you a push notification every time a new trade – buy or sell – is issued...

With this feature, you can get the notice, make the trade and be done in five minutes... no problem.

Our busy members love getting these notifications right to their phones.

Speaking of our members, they’re some of the best people I’ve ever encountered in my trading career.

I’m constantly blown away by their support and generosity...

And these aren’t just random strangers who you’ll never meet.

Join Us for Our Annual Event in Greece

We get together in real life, so if you want to, you’ll get a chance to hang out with your fellow War Room members.

Remember, I said I’ve been able to take my wife and kids on dream vacation after dream vacation...

Well, I consider members of The War Room to be family too... and now we’re all bound for dream destinations together.

Our next trip is going to be in Greece and Croatia next summer.

greece invite

How exciting would it be to pay for your trip with some of your profits?

Imagine... less than a year from now, hanging out with me and a bunch of other War Room members, checking out awesome places like the Acropolis...


Then taking a boating trip through the famous Corinth Canal, which took centuries to build...


And then spending some time exploring the ancient city of Corinth...


It’s going to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime types of trips.

And if you join The War Room today, you have time to figure out how it all works and then start putting aside a portion of your monthly profits for this trip. Then, by the time June rolls around, you could already have a lot of it paid off.

Of course, if Greece isn’t your thing, you could use your profits to go anywhere you want.

Members Pay for Their Epic Vacations With War Room Profits

In fact, paying for epic trips with War Room profits seems to have become a new fun game with our members... which is hilarious. Traders are so competitive. I love it.

Kenneth said, “Paid for these 2 weeks on Maui with trading profits...”

Kenneth 3/19/2020 at 2:52 p.m.

Thanks Bryan and Karim! I took a 50% account surplus off yesterday, after some great wins! I’m on vacation in Maui, and returning to Colorado over the weekend. BTW! I paid for these two weeks in Maui with trading profits during the trip!


James used “some of his April and May earnings” to vacation in Anguilla...

James 6/17/2022 at 8:54 a.m.

Going to be out next week. Taking a vacation to Anguilla! Using some of my April and May earnings here in The War Room for some rest and relaxation! Toes in the sand, drink in the hand! :)


Adrian was enjoying his month-long vacation in Europe “using all house money.” Awesome, Adrian.

Adrian 6/13/2022 at 2:11 p.m.

If we fall below $30,000 I’m getting out until it gets back above $31,000. But meanwhile I’m planning my month-long vacation in Europe. I’ll enjoy the vacation using all house money!


And the cool thing about trading is that you can do it on your terms.

So, if you get bored sipping Mai Tais on the beach and want to log in to The War Room to make some quick profits, then you’re free to do that...

Like Rick, who said...

Rick 10/19/2021 at 10:50 a.m.

“I got out of the water for a quick drink. Looked at the app and sold AbbVie for a 73% gain... Now it’s back to the surf with a huge smile on my face.”

(Our recommended hold time for that play was 18 days.)


Or maybe you’re like James, who’d rather just completely unplug for a while. He said...

“I’ll be trading an empty beverage cup for a full one!”

Bruce 6/17/2022 at 8:57 a.m.

If you use a couple of VPNs you could trade from the beach!

James 6/17/2022 at 8:58 a.m.

I’ll be trading an empty beverage cup for a full one!

Our members are hilarious.

The point is life can be much different after you become a War Room member.

Let’s Make It EASY for You to Get Started Today

Now, I’d love to see you join us in Greece in June.

And I’d love to see you pay for it all with your trading profits.

So, to help you do that, I want to show you how to start making winning trades as quickly as possible...

Which is why I compiled a few simple reports to help you hit the ground running.

If you join today, I’ll throw all these in for free.

The first is the guide I told you about earlier called “The 10X Profit System.”

That’s where I show how to profit every time the market moves down.

Remember, our goal is to 2X to 10X the market’s downside move.

Getting Started as a War Room Trader

report started

I created the next dossier to help pave your path toward consistent profits. It’s called “Getting Started as a War Room Trader.” And it has everything you need to start making profitable trades with us in our live chat room...

Including our Scaled Selling Technique – which allows you to lock in huge returns without the risk of holding too long or second-guessing your exit points.

Those are two of the biggest mistakes most newer traders make.

This guide will show you how to set specific profit targets on each trade. This allows you to lock in your gains by selling part of your position while allowing the rest to climb even higher.

Once you see how this technique works, you’ll never wonder, “When should I sell?”

From now on, you’ll know exactly when to sell because you’ll have clearly defined rules.

I have another report you’ll get if you join today that’s designed to help you achieve exponential profits. It’s called “The War Room Options Primer.”

Exponential Profits:
The Ultimate War Room Options Primer

report primer

This is the ultimate one-stop guide to trading options.

After you read this, you’ll never be confused or intimidated by options again.

Remember, I got my start working at the CBOE – the Chicago Board OPTIONS Exchange – which is the largest options exchange in the U.S.

And for the last 22 years, I’ve lived, breathed and obsessed over options... which is why I trade with a multimillion-dollar account today.

So yes, I love options.

Because I know how profitable they can be.

However, I also know that 90% of traders don’t know how to trade them right.

Most treat options like gambling. Just roll the dice! Win big or go home.

That’s a good way to lose money.

Because, listen... if you don’t know what you’re doing, your option contract could expire worthless and you could lose all your money on that trade.

That’s why you need to know what you’re doing.

The smart way to approach options is to use very calculated and precise strategies that have proven to be profitable for decades.

And that’s what I’ll show you in this guide.

You’ll get insights into how I think about options and how we recommend you trade them in The War Room.

But you won’t get all the fluff that I’ve seen crammed into these huge, long, 300-page option textbooks.

Most of those books and online courses will just make you more confused.

Nor will I charge you the ridiculous $5,000 (or more) cost that many charge for options training.

I’d rather give you a FREE simple crash course so you can get up to speed quickly and start making winning trades with us as soon as possible.

The War Room Options Primer” is a complimentary gift with your War Room membership.

Okay, the next one is for anyone who wants to start thinking more like a professional trader.

It’s titled “Developing the Winning Mindset of a Pro Trader.”

Developing the Winning Mindset of a Pro Trader

report mindset

Having traded professionally for over 22 years, I’ve seen a lot of people succeed and a lot more fail.

And the biggest difference?

It’s not market conditions, account size, IQ or anything like that.

It all comes down to one thing...


If you don’t have the right mindset, the markets will chew you up and spit you out.

But with the right mindset, anything is possible.

A lot of people confuse mindset with intellect.

They’re not the same...

Which is why there are a lot of people with high IQs who are poor.

It’s also why so many smart people still believe that losing money in down markets is normal. That’s a mindset issue.

And in this report, I’ll walk you through the four most important mindset areas to develop: risk, loss, position sizing and greed.

Once you straighten out your thinking on those areas, you’ll never look at trading the same way again.

In addition to these four reports, you’ll also get access to our War Room VIP Trade Alert System, which gives you trade alerts directly on your phone.

VIP Trade Alerts if You Don’t Want to Sit in Front of a Computer All Day

war alerts

This is perfect for anyone who’s worried about having to sit in front of their computer all day.

It’s the question I get most often from people who would like to be traders...

“Do I have to be in front of my computer all day?”

Well, with War Room VIP trade alerts, the answer is a huge no.

You can choose to have us send trade alerts right to your phone, tablet or computer every time we make a recommendation.

That way, you’ll always know when a new trade goes out.

You can turn them on and off as you like. It’s totally up to you.

We have plenty of members just like you who are extremely busy.

Some have regular day jobs, some have other commitments, some simply want to enjoy their days and don’t want to be on the computer.

Bottom line: The War Room is designed to work around YOUR schedule.

You log in when you can and maybe catch an update and make a trade or two, and then you can go about your day.

Now, I must really emphasize this with new members.

You don’t have to get in every single trade.

So many new members are used to being told to get into every trade in any newsletter service.

That’s because they get maybe 25 trades all year long if they’re lucky.

Heck, sometimes it’s just 12 trades a year.

In The War Room, you could see two to three in a day... which comes out to more than 500 over the course of a year.

But you don’t need to make them all.

If you miss one or two of them, just wait for the next one.

The point is there are opportunities to profit every day. And I can assure you I’ll always be sending you my best ones.

What You Get When You Join The War Room Today

Alright, so just to recap... Here’s what you’ll get when you join The War Room today...

  • 12 Months of Research and Trade Recommendations in The War Room
  • Access to the Members-Only Live Chat Room
  • Special Report #1: “The 10X Profit System: Guaranteed Profits When the Market Drops
  • Special Report #2: “Getting Started as a War Room Trader
  • Special Report #3: “The War Room Options Primer
  • Special Report #4: “Developing the Winning Mindset of a Pro Trader
  • The War Room VIP Trade Alert System: Trade Alerts Directly on Your Phone.

This is a total value of more than $10,300.

Now, I know you’re going to love The War Room.

But since I live my life by the “prove it” theory, I’m going to do something unusual...

I’m also going to give you a two-part performance guarantee.

I Guarantee You Will See the Chance to Double Your Money With This System in the Next 12 Months

guarantee badge

I guarantee that if you join The War Room and make all the trades I recommend, you will see the chance to DOUBLE your money in a year, per our track record.

For example, if you start with $25K to trade, you’ll have at least $50K within a year.

Start with $100K, you’ll double it to $200K.

If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll comp you a free lifetime membership.

Yes, that’s a bold promise.

But the reality is we’ve already been doing that and more during the last two bear markets.

Who else is going to guarantee that?

The chance to DOUBLE your money... even if the market keeps going down and the economy heads into a recession?

I mean, simply not losing money and breaking even would be a major win for most people in this market.

So, for me to guarantee the chance to double your money with these trades is bold. But that’s how confident I am about this.

But I’m not done there...

You’ll See at Least One Win Every Day the Market Is Open Over the Next 12 Months

guarantee badge

A moment ago, I said you could expect to see a win a day.

Well, I’m guaranteeing we’ll average at least one win every single day the markets are open.

So, I’ll guarantee we’ll see 252 wins.

But I expect that number to be a lot closer to 400.

All you have to do is follow instructions.

If that doesn’t happen... if you don’t see the chance at 252 winners or more... then I’ll comp you a free lifetime membership.

But I want to be clear.

This is a bold promise – unlike anything you’ve likely ever seen before.

I’m giving you all the best secrets that took me 20 years of experience to discover.

I’m even revealing the proprietary methods I learned firsthand on the floor of the CBOE.

You’ll get them all immediately when you become a War Room member.

I simply cannot have non-War Room members armed with this type of insider knowledge...

Which means all sales will be final.

That’s the only way I can offer such a large discount, plus the performance guarantee.

So... take a second and ask yourself...

How Much Is Learning How to Build a Million-Dollar Portfolio Worth?

I mean, really consider this...

Ask yourself one simple question...

What is that worth?

I’ve seen other services with fewer trades and no performance guarantee charge $7,500 per year.

But listen...

I’ve made millions from the market thanks to the mentorship and education I received in the live pit decades ago...

For me, this is about empowering new War Room members.

I’m looking for a small, elite group of like-minded members...

Who want to gather together to make winning trades.

But like any good trader, time is money...

So it’s decision time.

Accept your invitation to The War Room right now... and the cost will be $2,500. That’s more than a 66% discount from the published rate on our website.

Or, ignore this invitation, and keep getting punched in the face every time the market turns lower.

Say “Yes” Now, and You’ll Get More Than 66% Off!

As you’ve seen over and over...

You can make that much with just one trade in The War Room.

Many of our members have done just that...

Like Robert, who paid for a lifetime membership on his first day in The War Room...

Robert 10/26/2021 at 8:17 a.m.

This is my first day as a full lifetime member. I was able to pay for my subscription from the one week trail.

Nick also paid for his membership on day one...

Nick 5/18/2022 at 8:45 a.m.

Over 300% in one day paid for my two-year subscription with the one trade!

It took Dean a week, but then he paid for it on his first trade... He even did it on the road from his phone.

Dean 7/30/2020 at 11:58 a.m.

Just wanted to say I was not home to trade today, but did it on my phone. I joined last week and that one trade paid for my lifetime membership!!

Ancil took a little longer, but he paid for his membership after just eight trading days...

Ancil 4/2/2020 at 1:28 p.m.

I joined The War Room eight trading days ago and just paid for my membership with the last couple of trades today. I like this place!

It took Mac 10 days to pay for his, plus his win rate went from 56% to over 67%.

Mac 4/22/2020 at 1:43 p.m.

My win-rate has gone from 56% to 67% since joining The War Room ten days ago. Plus, I’ve earned more than enough to pay for annual membership!

I expect you’ll be absolutely blown away by the profits you can make from the Crash-Proof Asset...

Winning big as the market falls.

Bottom line...

It’s time to get in.

So, click the button below...

The one that says “Enter The War Room.”

Years from now, you may look back on this day as THE day your wealth changed forever.

It’s up to you...

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August 2022