How to Make Up to 3,000% in as Little as One Month From the WORST Stocks in the Market

The opportunity to profit from the demise of these stocks is easily predictable
(and so obvious it'll make you laugh!).


A 98.97% loss...


Imagine waking up to that number in your retirement account...

As your stomach drops. 

That’s a real loss on Voyager Digital’s stock in 2022.

voyager chart

And I hate to tell you, but...

I think we’re about to see hundreds more of these portfolio-killing land mines in the days ahead.

Look, my trading career started during the first dot-BOMB crash...

And I remember the days when every young hotshot on Wall Street thought getting rich was easy.

Everyone thought all you had to do was invest and load up on some buzzy new tech stock...

Even if it didn’t make any money! 

I mean... back then, due diligence was for grandpas!

But then those investors got humbled.

And the resulting carnage was amazing to watch.

I never thought I would see it again...

But you know the old saying... Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

And what I’m seeing today in the markets is what I’m calling the “Dot-BOMB, Part II.”

The fall of tech stocks is not over.

Far from it.

For reasons you’re about to see, it’s about to get much, much worse.

So if you own any tech stocks right now, stick with me through this message.

I’m going to help you identify the stocks you NEED to get far away from IMMEDIATELY...

And even better...

I’m going to show you how you’re going to have an opportunity to make a serious FORTUNE as these absolutely terrible stocks implode.

I’m talking about the RARE chance to turn $1,000 into as much as $30,000... within months or even weeks!

And why am I so convinced we’re only at the beginning of the next dot-com crash?

Well, there are dozens of reasons.

But I’ll start with this.

Check out this chart of the first dot-com crash.

tech chart

This blue line is where tech stocks were in the 2000s after five months of the first dot-BOMB.

Now take a look at this red one...

This is the SECOND dot-BOMB, which we are experiencing today... in 2022.

tech chart

As we zoom out, you can see for yourself that things can get a lot worse.

Starting in 2000, the Nasdaq went on a 2.5-year 78% drop before it finally started climbing again.

Today, we are down only a fraction of that.

So there is far more room for it to decline.

In fact, I predict that we could see certain tech stocks decline 50%... 60%... even up to 99% by the end of the year...

Which means there are going to be two groups of traders going forward.

The first will be the naive stockholders who will see massive losses of up to 99% in their accounts.

And then the second will be...

The prepared traders who can actually use this as an opportunity to make up to 1,000% or more on the very same crap stocks in the middle of the carnage.

I want you to be part of this second group...

And if you stick around for the next five minutes... I’ll show you exactly how!

You see, here’s what might surprise you.

I’m not upset about the coming disaster...

In fact... quite the opposite, really.

I couldn’t be more excited about these terrible, damned-to-hell stocks (just like the ones we saw during the first dot-BOMB crash in the 2000s)...

Because it’s hard to find great stocks in the environment we’re in right now.

But finding bad stocks?

That’s easy!

And each one of these stink bombs can represent big, BIG money if you know how to play it.

There is a simple way to 10X your money on dozens of them as they fall.

If we look back at the market, we see tons of examples of this...

For instance, you could’ve done it earlier this year on the 3D tech company Matterport.

Guys, this company is BAD.

It represents one of those dumb ideas you get from tech companies... that works only in fantasy bull market land.

The company provides 3D virtual tours of houses that are on the market.

Call me old-school, but I don’t want to buy a house I’ve never set foot in.

This company lost $14 million in 2020...

And if that wasn’t bad enough... they lost $338 million in 2021!

Yet the company went public in February 2021 and had nearly tripled in value by November!

On what planet should a company losing hundreds of millions of dollars triple in value?!

It’s just total garbage.

This is the type of company that is primed to completely crash and burn.

And sure enough, it did!

Between December 2021 and January of this year, Matterport collapsed 58%.

And to date, it’s collapsed by over 78%.

If you held on to $10,000 worth of shares of this overvalued stock, you’d be down big!

BUT... by using the system that I am going to share with you today... that same initial $10,000 could have turned into $276,400 (or a gain of 2,664%).

matterport chart

That’s $276K on a company any idiot could have predicted would fail once the free-money merry-go-round stopped.

The same goes for the online education company Chegg.

During the pandemic, the company boomed as kids stayed home from school. It launched from $40 to a peak of $113 in February 2021!

But that wasn’t sustainable.

Most of us weren’t going to stay hidden indoors forever.

And with kids going back to school, all the growth this company thought it had in the bag is long gone.

Sure enough...

The stock is back down to $20.

Between September and November of last year alone... the stock lost 66%...

And to date... investors have lost a whopping 83%...

However, while most investors lost their shirts, there was a way to pocket a 2,701% profit in just two months!

chegg chart

That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $280,100.

Just imagine making that kind of money as trash companies fail...

And then there’s the e-commerce website GrowGeneration, which became popular during the meme stock craze...

While everyone was stuck working from home...

Newbie investors placed wild bets on this unprofitable cannabis stock.

And boy, what a huge mistake that was...

Now that the hype has ended, GrowGeneration is projecting to LOSE $159 million this year...

And at least $20.7 million in 2023!

So it should come as no surprise that regular stock investors lost 88% on GrowGeneration in just under a year from February 2021 to January 2022...

But traders who were savvy enough had the opportunity to profit 1,241% over 4 1/2 months during its decline...

growgen chart

Which would have turned $10,000 into $134,100.

And all you needed to do was find a terrible stock destined to fail. 

Trust me, there are plenty of those.

They are easy to spot.

And the profits can be bigger than almost any other investment you make.

The companies I just talked about don’t even scratch the surface of the number of unprofitable, pathetically run disaster stocks that are doomed to fail right now.

That’s why I’ve created a system to help me target the worst of these poorly managed companies stinking up the market today...

All using one easy trade that gives investors the opportunity to make up to 10X returns during the companies’ demises.

This strategy is the perfect way to FIGHT BACK in a volatile market like this.

As most retirement accounts are hurting...

This special type of trade can actually HELP smart investors make big-time progress toward retirement!

In fact, I’m even going to reveal the details of a few of these ticking time bombs that my strategy is pinpointing today...

These garbage stocks...

  1. Are losing millions of dollars every quarter
  2. Don’t have sustainable business models

Seriously... if you were to drive by some 7-year-old kid’s lemonade stand in your neighborhood...

That little enterprise would be in much better shape than these horrifically awful stocks!

I don’t see how these companies have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving this second dot-BOMB...

It’s going off in the market as we speak. 

So in just a few moments...

I’m going to show you how to get the names and tickers of these garbage companies...

AND a set of instructions on how to make 1,000% profits as they fail!

My Entire Career Has Been Building Toward This Moment That We Are in Now...

Before we begin...

bryan bottarelli

My name is Bryan Bottarelli, and I’ve taught over 850,000 readers my strategies of finding ways to profit...

In all markets!

In fact, our best successes have often come in the very worst markets.

Like Beck, who nearly DOUBLED his money within one day!

Beck 5/11/2022 at 9:39 a.m.

In at $4.07, out at $8.03 for a 97% win. Bryan, you’re the best. Thanks!

Or Trish, who made 126% from one of my recommendations in one day this year when the S&P 500 was down...

Trish 4/20/2022 at 3:12 p.m.

I closed the three shares I opened at $1.15 for $2.60. A 126% gain! Thank you, Bryan!

Or Eduardo, who landed a 152% win overnight based on one of my recommendations... again, on a day when the rest of the market was in the red!

Eduardo 5/11/2022 at 9:49 a.m.

In at $4.05, out at $10.25! A 152% winner. Thanks, Bryan B.

These are everyday people just like you... who have been preparing themselves for the second dot-BOMB using the strategies that I teach.

It’s a way to profit that I learned on the front lines of one of the toughest trading environments you could imagine.

I Had a Front-Row Seat When the First Dot-BOMB Blew Up the Market

In 2001, I secured an entry-level job trading Apple options in a live trading pit at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (or, as many call it... the CBOE).

You know the chaotic-looking rooms you see in movies with hundreds of traders yelling at each other?

That’s where I worked!

bryan badge

I was fresh out of college and excited to become a big-time Wall Street trader...

I started my career smack-dab in the middle of the first dot-com bubble!

I’ll never forget what happened to another new trader who joined the firm at the same time I did.

He was assigned to the Qualcomm pit.

Now, let’s remember the context... At the time, Qualcomm was a dot-com darling.

Shares surged 2,619% in the dot-com bubble.

qualcomm chart

And within this new trader’s first month, he made the firm over $600,000... He was basically an overnight sensation.

The kid could do no wrong!

And he made sure everyone on the floor knew how much of a hotshot he was.

But everything changed when the first bubble burst in 2000 and Qualcomm shares plummeted...

The bomb went off!

The stock quickly fell 68% from its peak value within a year...

qualcomm chart

And of course... when the music stopped, the kid found himself without a chair to sit in.

Not only did his $600,000 profits quickly dwindle to $0...

He actually found himself in the red by $1.2 million!


After one month, he was a trading savant...

After two months, he’d cost the firm $1.2 million...

And after three months, he was fired!

It was a lesson I’ll never forget.

You can’t let market hype blind you from what’s really happening.

And you can’t trade on emotion.

The second you think you can do no wrong, the market will come in and humble you.

And I have to tell you, what I saw during the first dot-BOMB is the exact same thing I’ve seen over the past two years.

People started believing the market only went up.

They thought profits didn’t matter. They only cared about the story... not the business behind the stock.

I mean, just look at the recent meme stock craze, when companies like GameStop...


And Bed Bath & Beyond...

Which were all on the brink of bankruptcy...

Were pumped up and temporarily saved by a message board.

Sounds like a joke, but we are seeing the same type of shortsighted behavior with tech stocks RIGHT NOW.

No wonder top investor Dan Suzuki recently went on CNBC and warned everyone that the current tech bubble is far from over.

cnbc tearsheet

And then, Jeremy Grantham, who is legendary for his work analyzing bubbles, recently said the market could plunge another 25%...

And that the bubble we are seeing now is worse than what we saw with the first dot-BOMB crash in 2000.

fortune tearsheet

And Michael Burry... the investor played by Christian Bale in The Big Short...

If anyone knows how to pinpoint bubbles... it’s this guy!

He is the investor who predicted the 2008 housing bubble...

Recently, he sold his entire portfolio and bought one prison stock to prepare for the upcoming Dot-BOMB, Part II!

reuters tearsheet

After making these moves, he tweeted, “Can’t shake that silly pre-Enron, pre-9/11, pre-WorldCom feeling.”


That’s one hell of a message!

But despite what the experts are saying...

Wall Street WANTS You to Keep Believing in These Trash Companies... (and NOT Profiting off Their Demises)

You can fully expect the establishment to milk their holdings for as much as they can.

Remember when I mentioned the company Matterport at the beginning? And how it’s dropped over 78% from December to now?

Taking this historical example a bit further, between December 1 and February 24, it took a nose dive...

But during that same time period, the mainstream media was actually trying to paint a bullish picture of the company.

See for yourself...

On January 5, The Motley Fool wrote an article about “Why Matterport Stock Is Worth Watching”...

motley tearsheet

And on January 4, Yahoo Finance listed it as one of “3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks for the Metaverse Revolution”...

yahoo tearsheet


Note that they said... “STRONG BUY.”

In fact, on January 13... in the middle of a free fall... the Nasdaq itself published an article comparing Matterport with Meta Platforms (aka Facebook).

nasdaq tearsheet

They concluded:

“While analysts are bullish about both stocks, based on the upside potential over the next 12 months, Matterport certainly seems to be a better buy.”

Let’s look at that chart one more time.

matterport chart

Does that look like a strong “Buy” to you?

If you’d listened to these idiots and invested $10,000 in the stock, you would have lost $7,800 between December and February 24...

But as I mentioned earlier... using the same $10,000 and the strategy that I am about to show you... within less than a month, you could have made up to $276,400.

matterport chart

I’ll get to that strategy shortly... But first, let me remind you of something important. 

The Chatter About These Garbage Stocks Is Simply Louder Than Reality...

We saw this same behavior from the media and Wall Street before the first dot-BOMB went off.

Venture capital firms in Silicon Valley...

Large investment banks on Wall Street...

AND the mainstream media...

All teamed up to essentially create a 24/7 infomercial!

At first... everyone was a winner!

The media giants were able to fill airtime by giving viewers hot stock predictions...

Venture capital became more lucrative with more startups going public...

And Wall Street was able to pump up these crappy stocks they were buying!

If a company did anything even remotely related to the internet back then...

You could bet that investors would throw money at it...

Take it public...

And use the media to pump up the price.

And the more investors jumped in...

The more profits everyone made.



No more, which was valued at $400 million.

No more, which was trading for as much as $84 per share!

And even the popular site AskJeeves, which was once trading at $190 per share... crashed to just $0.86 within three years. A 99.5% drop.



And remember... we’re talking about companies that used to be advertised on television all the time...

During the Super Bowl...

The World Series...

And even during special holiday programming.

Now fast-forward to 2022... Not only is Wall Street using the media to pump up crappy stocks...

But the internet and social media have taken things to the next level!

We’ve already seen a dramatic example of this recently with the “electric vehicle maker” Nikola.

Nikola positioned itself as an innovative tech-focused truck manufacturer that was going to compete with Tesla.

Its entire business model was to use cool concept designs and savvy social media marketing to hype up the company...


The company lost $64 million in 2018...

Followed by $88 million in 2019...

Then $370 million in 2020...

And they lost a whopping $690 million last year!

This company might as well have just been an incinerator that they shoveled money into.

Yet it was a smashing success as a stock.

It started off as a blank-check company... and in June 2020, it went public via a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company)...

And shares shot all the way up from $30 to $79 per share...

nikola ipo chart

But it was pure hype!

Very quickly, people started asking questions about why the company was losing so much money...

And long story short...

The CEO, Trevor Milton, was forced to resign... and was eventually indicted on fraud charges.

And as for investors – guess what happened? They pulled their money. 

To date, the company has dropped all the way to under $6 a share!

A more than 90% drop!

And between July 1 and July 7 alone, it dropped an incredible 45%... in just one week.

nikola chart

That means... traders who were fooled by the hype and had $10,000 invested into the stock would have LOST $4,500 in one week.

That’s a family vacation scratched off the calendar!


Using my strategy instead... you could have MADE as much as 377% on Nikola’s demise. (Enough to turn $10,000 into $47,700... within a week!)

nikola chart

Here is another overhyped tech stock.

ContextLogic... which you may know only because of its unique ticker symbol, WISH.

That’s about all this company was... a wish.

It was one of those wild meme stocks back in 2021.

And its goal is to sell direct-to-consumer goods from China at discounted prices.

But the problem is... nobody uses it!

It’s less than 1% of the size of Amazon in terms of users and revenue.

Back during the meme stock craze, some anonymous yahoo pumped the stock up on Reddit’s message board...

And when it debuted in 2020 at $20...

It quickly shot up to $31.90 per share.

But considering the company was losing hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter... it certainly wasn’t worth it.

And as soon as the meme stock novelty wore off... all the hype disappeared... and the share price took a nose dive off a cliff.

Between February 11 and March 8, 2021, the stock fell 48%.

contextlogic chart

But if you had executed the special trade between February 11 and March 8...

You could have made up to 946% returns.

Yes, you heard me right...

While most investors lost 48%... using my strategy, you could have MADE as much as 946% on ContextLogic’sdemise. (Enough to turn $10,000 into $104,600... within a month!)

contextlogic chart

Now, look... 

These are some incredible historical examples that I’ve found. We did not execute these trades in real time.

I’m not going to blow smoke and promise that anyone is ever GUARANTEED to 5X or 10X their money... or make any money at all.

Every hedge fund on Wall Street plus Jim Cramer would each have a trillion dollars if they were right all the time!

You should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

That being said... you don’t have to be perfect to still make A LOT of money during these crashes.

But it takes work, preparation and a little risk tolerance.

That’s why I am warning you about something that the mainstream media doesn’t have the guts to talk about, which is... today’s Dot-BOMB, Part II.

All you need is the strategy I use for finding these collapsing stocks so you can have the best chance to profit off their inevitable demises.

In fact... I have already identified three stocks that are so poorly run...

And so obviously doomed...

I believe they could potentially make you 1,000% within months or even weeks.

I’ve put together a special report on them that I can deliver to you right after this presentation.

crash report

It’s called “Crash or Cash: 3 Tech Stocks That Could Either Destroy Your Portfolio or Make You 1,000%.”

Inside this report, I’ll show you how you can access this research for yourself...

And you’ll learn more about my strategy, which aims to find and profit from these doomed stocks...

These are the three trash tech stocks that I believe could produce 1,000% returns using my strategy.

But before I tell you more about these three stocks... let me show you why I’ve specifically targeted tech...

And why certain tech stocks are destined for further demise.

Today Is Our Opportunity to Profit off Unprofitable Tech Companies That Can’t Even Beat Out Little Timmy’s Lemonade Stand!

I truly believe that you’d be better off investing in some neighborhood kid’s lemonade stand than buying shares in many of these tech companies!

Why do I think a 10-year-old kid could run a better business than corporations valued at tens of billions of dollars?

lemonade stand

Because Wall Street, Silicon Valley and their lapdog media have normalized the idea that LOSING millions of dollars year after year is a sound business model...

But news flash...

It’s not!

The point of a business is to make money.

But over the last few years, with interest rates at zero... many businesses were built on the belief that losses don’t matter... and that you can always just borrow more.

Well, now that the free money parade is over, that’s all changing.

Smart analysts are finally seeing through the façade.

In fact... one analyst at Bernstein recently pointed out that 38% of all tech companies are not profitable...

Which actually exceeds the 36% we saw during the peak of the first dot-com crash!

barrons tearsheet

Let me repeat that.

More tech companies are unprofitable TODAY than during the first dot-com bust.

That should worry you...

And not just a little.

But it gets even worse for regular tech investors...

In 2000, back during the first dot-com crash, the average operating margin for tech companies valued under $5 billion was -217%.

That means these incompetent companies LOST $2.17 for every $1 in sales they brought in.

profit graphic

Pretty pathetic, right?

It’s no wonder that investors lost a total of around $5 trillion... and went bust.

But... that’s NOTHING compared with what we are seeing today...

Right now, the average operating margin for tech companies valued under $5 billion is -1,603%...

It’s almost EIGHT TIMES WORSE than it was during the first dot-com collapse!

These knucklehead companies are losing $16 for every $1 in sales they bring in!

profit graphic

Seriously... take a moment to let that sink in.

Can you imagine the look of horror on the faces of little Timmy’s parents if they found out that their 10-year-old son was losing $16 for every cup of lemonade that he sold for $1?

Except we’re not talking about a 10-year-old selling lemonade...

We’re talking about hyped-up, publicly traded companies that anyone can invest their money into.

Millions of people are trusting these stocks with their hard-earned retirement savings and their children’s college funds.

Even if the overall stock market continues to rebound from this bear market... like it did in July and August...

It doesn’t change the fact that the most poorly run tech stocks have no future.

They will collapse.

When you’re losing $16 for every $1 in sales you bring in... the only way to keep the doors open is to borrow more and more and more.

And sure... you can do that when interest rates are zero.

But unfortunately, we’re not going to see interest rates near zero again anytime soon.

In fact... the Federal Reserve’s leaders still expect to dramatically raise rates into at least 2023...

bloomberg tearsheet

Which means these trash tech companies can’t just keep losing money and racking up debt without consequence like they used to.

Eventually things will give, and that’s when we’ll see these companies implode.

But while some investors will be devastated by the losses...

Others will make extraordinary profits off these very same stocks.

That’s why I’m delivering you this urgent message today.

The fact is... companies that are poorly run are some of the easiest to make big money off of.


Because you’re not going to hear this anywhere else.

These poorly run tech companies are some of the easiest ones to make money off of...

And I’m going to show you exactly how to identify trash companies – and target huge 10X profits as they go to zero.

For example, there was a great opportunity this year with Aurora Innovation, a company that builds technology for self-driving cars.

This is another one of those blank-check companies that went public... and shot up from $10 to $17.11 within a few days...

But here is the problem...

Fully self-driving cars aren’t even mass-produced by any company yet...

Including Aurora Innovation.

And it’s going to be a long time before that changes.

So it probably wouldn’t surprise you that these guys have been losing money hand over fist!

In fact, their operating margin was -850%, which means the company was spending $8.50 just to bring in $1 in revenues!

That’s why they lost $94 million in 2019...

$214 million in 2020...

And a stunning $755 million in 2021!

But if losing over $1 billion over three years wasn’t bad enough... they are actually on track to lose over $1.5 billion in 2022 alone!

aurora bar chart

With losses that massive, the doomsday clock for any company strikes closer to midnight.

And Aurora couldn’t hold its value very long...

Between December 20 and January 21 alone... it lost 59% in just 32 days.

aurora chart

And within months, the stock saw an 81% decline.

But... using a special type of trade, you would have actually had an opportunity to PROFIT BIG-TIME during the initial 59% crash.

Using my strategy... you could have MADE as much as 1,420% on Aurora Innovation’s demise. (Enough to turn $10,000 into $152,000... in just over a month!)

aurora chart

And let’s look at the lithium battery company QuantumScape...

This is another one of these unvetted companies that came from a SPAC.

The stock surged to $131.67 per share in late 2020 when whispers started going around of Apple creating its own electric vehicle.

investorplace tearsheet

The problem is... these were only rumors!

There wasn’t any evidence that Apple was even having discussions with QuantumScape about iCloud subscriptions...

Let alone about producing batteries for cars...

Meanwhile, in the real world, the company has produced zero revenue.

Seriously, zero!

You can’t even calculate its operating margin... because there are no sales.

During the quarter where it surged to $131 per share, it lost an astronomical $1.2 billion... in three months!

And as you could imagine... investors couldn’t stomach this for very long.

There is only so long any company can survive... let alone maintain a $131 share price... while continually losing millions every three months.

And in late December, QuantumScape started to tank...

Dropping 61% in just one week!

quantum chart

And to date, the stock has dropped 93% from its peak value.

But if you’d placed a special trade...

You could have made up to 1,722% just on the initial seven-day crash alone, based on this top historical example.

Let me repeat that...

While most investors would have lost 61%... using my strategy, you could have MADE as much as 1,722% on QuantumScape’s demise.

(Enough to turn $10,000 into $182,200... in just seven days!)

quantum chart
crash report

Inside my new special report, “Crash or Cash: 3 Tech Stocks That Could Either Destroy Your Portfolio or Make You 1,000%,” my research team and I have found three stocks just like QuantumScape and Aurora Innovation.

These companies have terrible business models.

Their sales are a disaster...

Their profit margins are going from bad to worse.

And it’s not just that these companies are bad!

In an environment like this, where many tech stocks have already collapsed, you don’t just want to find bad companies...

In order to target the biggest profits, you want to find bad companies... that are also highly overvalued.

That’s how you can produce the types of 1,000% gains you just can’t get anywhere else in the market right now.


You Can Learn A LOT by Comparing These TRASH Companies With Their Competitors...

The next thing I look for is for companies to be valued two to three times higher than their peers...

Sometimes even more!

The mainstream media and Wall Street tell everyone that shiny stocks like these are gold... so people blindly invest in them at whatever prices the analysts set for them. 

But no company that’s losing millions... or even billions... every quarter can last.

The reckoning will come... and we’ll be there to profit.

For example, look at the online furniture store Wayfair...

On November 17, 2021, The New York Times reported, “Wayfair rose 150 percent as people nestled down and spruced up their homes.”

nyt tearsheet

That headline could make you think it was a great business.

Heck... you might even buy the stock after reading a headline like that!

But the numbers tell a different story.

Last year, Wayfair lost $131 million...

And this year, the company is on track to lose almost $1 billion!

No wonder the stock went on an astonishing drop.

How could this happen?

Well... it’s because many of these tech stocks have been pumped to the moon with outrageous valuations.

Before it started free-falling, Wayfair was trading at 288 times its earnings!

In comparison, Target was trading at 19 times its earnings...

Walmart – which has generated the most revenue of any company on the planet every year since 2014... was trading at 25 times its earnings...

Yet, for some unfathomable reason... some investors were willing to overpay 288X for Wayfair.

No wonder it lost 87% in a little more than a year! Sheesh.

wayfair chart

In fact, in August, it started laying off hundreds of employees... wasting millions just in the process of letting its employees go!

newswire tearsheet

But the beauty of this situation is... losses like this are obvious.

Anyone paying attention could see Wayfair was doomed.

So let’s just say you were able to use my strategy.

Between November 26 and December 16 alone, when the stock declined 38%...

wayfair chart

You could have made up to 3,269%.

Let me repeat that...

While most investors would have lost 38%... using my strategy, you could have MADE as much as 3,269% on Wayfair’s demise. (Enough to turn $10,000 into $336,970... in less than a month!)

wayfair chart

Which investor would you have rather been?

The one who lost 38%...

Or the one who MADE as much as 3,269%?

You tell me!

Here is another one...

Snapchat – you know, that app where millennials are snapping pictures of each other with dog ears...

The company’s valuation has made absolutely no sense... even if you are a believer in its potential.

At one point it was trading as high as $83...

In the fall of 2021, it had a valuation of 34 times its book value...

Which means it was being valued almost five times higher than some of its much larger competitors like Facebook and Twitter.

But once the hype train started to slow down on social media stocks... so did the hype around Snap.

Between October 15 and October 27, 2021, Snap dropped 34%.

snap chart

And from August 2021 to today, it’s dropped a remarkable 85%.

Not great for Snap investors. BUT, during the 34% crash, just by executing the special trade that I use...

You could have instead MADE as much as 1,094% on Snap’s demise.

(Enough to turn $10,000 into $119,444... within a couple of weeks!)

snap chart

Wayfair and Snap are just two out of the many overvalued trash stocks in the market right now.

crash report

The three stocks featured in my “Crash or Cash” warning report are just like those two... and, in my opinion, are equally doomed to fail.

They have all of the same warning signals:

  1. Ridiculously overhyped
  2. Dangerously unprofitable
  3. Substantially more overvalued than their competitors.

But the big question now is... what happens if all three of these stocks in my report collapse?

You need to be prepared because it’s likely coming soon.

And when profit opportunities like these present themselves, they’re often short-lived.

When I See All Three Warning Signals Converge... I Recommend Executing What I Call a “Bunker Trade”

Now, let’s be perfectly clear before we go any further...

With these special “Bunker Trades,” I’m not talking about short selling or doing any trades on margin.

That would be incredibly risky, and there will be none of that with this strategy!

Rather, these unique Bunker Trades live in the world of options and actually help you manage risk and protect yourself from crashing stocks.

In a rough market environment, a Bunker Trade can be one of the safest assets to use.

And oftentimes, you can take profits within a couple of weeks or even a few days... whenever it’s time to cash in.

These Bunker Trades are a way to cash in upward of 1,000% profits on trash tech stocks that are on their way to zero.

bunker report

Placing them is about as easy as placing an order for a stock... plus I’ll give you my step-by-step guide called “How to Execute Bunker Trades.”

But perhaps you’re wondering...

How do I know when these stocks are likely to collapse?

Well, it comes down to a signal I look for called the “Investor Bailout.”

This is a moment when buying activity flips to selling activity and the stock starts dropping immediately.

Let’s look at the Matterport example I showed you earlier.

On December 27, the Investor Bailout began. Buying activity gave way to selling activity.

And it’s this signal that tells you there is a good opportunity to make big money on a Bunker Trade.

matterport bailout chart

Savvy traders who executed a Bunker Trade could have made up to 2,664%...

During just a few weeks of the crash!

matterport chart

And all you had to do was watch for the Investor Bailout.

Same thing with Snap...

  1. This stock was overhyped and reached a market cap of $118 billion with only $1 billion in revenue.
  2. It lost $152 million per quarter with a negative profit margin.
  3. Its valuation was almost 5X that of its more established competitors.

And while it was on its decline on October 15... the Investor Bailout hit right here...


snap bailout chart

Following that... most investors holding the stock would have lost 34% in just 12 days!

But by using a Bunker Trade, you could have made up to 1,094% just during the initial 34% crash.

snap chart


This is what I do.

I look for terrible companies with awful profit margins... that are highly overvalued.

Then, when I see the Investor Bailout, I recommend Bunker Trades that I believe can turn into big profits.

This is the same strategy I used as a professional CBOE trader during the first dot-BOMB crash in the 2000s...

And I’m seeing this pattern over and over again with these trash stocks...


growgen chart


quantum chart


wayfair chart

All of these examples I’ve shown you today have happened recently and had Investor Bailouts right before their collapses...

And guys, there are SO MANY opportunities to make money right now.

 I’m Watching 122 Garbage Tech Stocks Primed to Evaporate Into Dust in the Near Future...

And These Three Stocks in Particular Have the Best Shot to Be the Next 1,000%-Plus Plays!

My research team and I have spent weeks digging into the tech sector to find the next stocks ready to collapse...

And out of the 122 trash stocks that we believe are prime candidates... I have identified three that could utterly and completely implode any day now.

The opportunity to make huge 10X profits during the crash is imminent!

I have put all of this research into my newest report...

crash report

“Crash or Cash: 3 Tech Stocks That Could Either Destroy Your Portfolio or Make You 1,000%.”

Target #1 is a food delivery company that charges lazy Americans $20 to deliver soggy french fries. It briefly benefited from people staying at home due to lockdown.

It was the overhyped talk of the lockdown!

But as a business, it’s a total disaster.

It lost $461 million in 2020... and $468 million last year... and it has already lost another $430 million in the first half of this year alone.

Yet, for some crazy reason, the company finds itself valued three times higher than its competitors.

In other words, this company might be toast very soon.

As soon as the Investor Bailout comes... this thing is completely doomed.

We’re looking at the chance to see upward of 1,000% gains as you play its demise.

Target #2 is a crypto-focused stock... so naturally, it’s overhyped in the crypto world.

Worse... its very existence is now threatened by the government.

The government is threatening to shut the whole business down... which honestly might be the best thing for them!

As it is, the company is losing hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter.

It’s a total dumpster fire.

If it’s anything like the comparable crypto stock Voyager Digital, look out for a 99% drop from its peak.

But with a Bunker Trade, I believe this could pay out upward of 1,000% in profit.


Target #3 is a work-from-home software company that benefited from everyone being locked down during the pandemic...

Basically, the company helps remote employees stay connected.

But the problem is... with COVID-19 restrictions gone... and as millions of companies move back into offices... this company is no longer useful.

Worse, this stock still lost hundreds of millions of dollars per year for the past five years.

wfh bar chart

The 2020 COVID year was its best year of the past four... and it still lost $351 million that year!

Look, if a work-at-home stock can’t make money when everyone is working at home... then how can you expect it to make money when everyone is back in the office?

Not to mention it is four to 36 times more overvalued than its competitors...

And will likely lose most of its customer base if we fall into a deeper recession.

This stock still has a long way to fall, and this could be a rare opportunity to see upward of 3,000% gains over the next few months.

This transportation stock... this crypto-focused stock... and this remote-work stock... have already met the three criteria.

My research shows the coveted Investor Bailout is about to hit.

This means that the same death signal that I just showed you on Matterport... Wayfair... Snap... and all of the other trash companies that recently crashed...

Could happen soon on all three of these stocks in my “Crash or Cash” report.

You CANNOT WAIT. These stocks are just a few feet away from falling off the cliff... so the time to move is now!

These three stocks could very easily destroy the portfolios of regular shareholders in the coming days...

But they could also be a rare opportunity to make upward of 10 times your money within a short period of time...

By executing one of these Bunker Trades.

That is why you NEED to read this report!

Inside, you’re not just going to get the names of these stocks...

You’re also going to get access to all of the research that my team and I have put together...

I want you to see for yourself just how screwed these companies are.

But if you’ve paid attention to anything I’ve said in this presentation...

That feeling of shock at just how terrible these stocks are will quickly turn to excitement...

Once you realize the opportunity that smart investors have in front of them.

One that may not happen again for another 20 years!

I Just Made My Intel on These Next Three Disaster Stocks Available to Members of My War Room for Free!

So how do you get this report today on these stocks?

Let me explain...

war room logo

My underground trading community, The War Room, is already in attack position.

I’m making my time-sensitive report “Crash or Cash: 3 Tech Stocks That Could Either Destroy Your Portfolio or Make You 1,000%” available at no charge to members of my War Room right now.

crash report

I’d like to invite you to get this report as well... by joining me in our exclusive trading community.

The War Room is quite simple, really.

It’s a live trading research platform where I can share all my trade recommendations and analysis with you directly and in real time.

So when I believe a profit opportunity is imminent on a company like Matterport...

matterport chart

Or ContextLogic...

contextlogic chart

Or Snap...

snap chart

I can send the trade to our platform... and within minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to get in and potentially profit.

As a former CBOE trader... I experienced firsthand the advantage of being a part of a team of profit-hungry traders.

We shared research and ideas...

We pushed each other to get better...

And most importantly... we learned from each other’s mistakes.

I know I sure learned from watching my former coworker blow $1.2 million of my firm’s money during the first dot-BOMB crash.

I learned the dangers of these overhyped tech stocks... without having to pay the price that my former coworker did.

That is the team experience I wanted to replicate firsthand when I created The War Room.

And the result?

Some of our War Room members have racked up A LOT of money...

Like Matthew... who wrote in and said his portfolio has grown from $65,000 to $100,000 in just two months since joining The War Room...

Matthew 3/29/2022 at 11:23 a.m.

My War Room portfolio has gone up over 50% in the last two months, from $65,000 to over $100,000. I love The War Room and can’t think of a better trading community.

Or Thom, who grew his account 53% during the first 10 days of May...

Thom 5/10/2022 at 10:57 a.m.

First 10 days of May and my account is up 53%.

Pretty impressive considering the S&P 500 was down 3.14% over those same 10 days. Great work, Thom.

Another member, Tad... almost doubled his account by making $88,000 in less than a year...

Tad 2/9/2021 at 10:28 a.m.

I started The War Room back on May 25, 2020. By February 2021, I turned $90,000 into $178,000. I almost DOUBLED my entire account!

Or how about David... who turned $20,000 into $185,000 in a little over a year?

David 4/5/2021 at 10:40 a.m.

My original stake of $20,000 ended up being $185,000. I have profited more than my day job paycheck... and that was only part time in The War Room. Here’s to future successes!

And Mo... whose son tried to convince him to buy a Lamborghini after he turned $25,000 into $250,000 in just four months.

Mo 10/13/2021 at 12:19 p.m.

I managed a profit of $250,000 with a starting stake of $25,000 in just four months. My son wants me to buy a Lambo, but that’s not gonna happen. Maybe a classic car!


We’re not perfect around here.

But our win rate since we launched The War Room is over 75%

And the results some of our members have achieved are what I am most proud of.

It took a lot of work to build The War Room, but it’s worth it to see people’s lives changed by the trades we recommend.

You don’t need to be the best trader to still be a very profitable one... especially when you have a group of pros helping you along the way.

The goal of trading is to win more than you lose...

And The War Room has done a hell of a lot of winning.

Since we started it back in 2019, 3 out of every 4 recommendations my partner Karim Rahemtulla and I have made have been winners.

And we’re averaging over 405 wins per year...

That’s well over one win per day the market is open!

Since The War Room’s inception, our recommendations to members have yielded a total return of 176%!

If you compare that with the returns from the S&P 500 and Nasdaq during that time period, we are beating those indexes threefold.

war room wins

And in times of market chaos...

Times like we are about to see when this second dot-BOMB goes off...

The War Room does EVEN BETTER!

In Fact, During the 2020 COVID-19 Crash, We Saw 13 Years’ Worth of Returns... in About a Month.

When Wall Street finally realized what was in store for the world with COVID-19... the S&P 500 lost almost one-third of its value in less than a month.

sp500 chart

While most traders lost money... we in The War Room FEASTED.

Between February 24 and March 30, the ETF that tracks the S&P 500 dropped 21%...

But our opened and closed recommendations in The War Room had a total return of 224%!

war wins chart

Over the 73 trades we opened and closed during the crash... 71 of them were winners.

That’s a 97% win rate... when most people were losing one-third of their portfolio!

Again, that’s why I love tough markets.

It’s actually easier to find bad stocks that are collapsing... than it is to find great stocks for the long run.

spacex fail

So we run circles around the market when times are at their worst.

And right now, The War Room is in attack position and ready to show you how to profit on this second dot-BOMB.


Of Course, When Stocks Go Up... WE STILL PROFIT!

Let’s be clear...

Even though this second dot-BOMB will likely be painful for millions of investors...

In The War Room, we give members ways to profit on both the downside and the upside.

It’s why our track record is so good.

We have strategies to make money in all markets.

Take a look at this trade alert I sent to War Room members inside the members-only chat room:

On Friday, August 14, 2020, I sent out an alert that the gold ETF “NUGT” had the chance to be a quick winner.

Bryan B 8/14/2020 at 10:04 a.m.

The gold ETF “NUGT” has the chance to be a quick winner. So BUY the NUGT August 95 Calls for the best prices available, and hold your position over the weekend.

I ended up telling readers to hold the position over the weekend, and sure enough, when the market reopened on Monday, August 17...


The ticker had skyrocketed over the weekend, and I was able to tell readers to ring the register for 179%.

Bryan B 8/17/2020 at 9:30 a.m.

Let’s use this early gold pop to lock in another great winner. Speculators, in the first 30 minutes of trading, SELL your NUGT August 95 Calls for the best prices available!

Not bad for three days over the weekend!

And our members made a killing as well...

Kirk replied that he made a 152% return...

Kirk 8/17/2020 at 9:32 a.m.

In at $2.90, out at $7.30 for a 152% return!

Mark said he was out with a 170% return...

Mark 8/17/2020 at 9:33 a.m.

170% return on NUGT. Thank you, Bryan B.!

Jack wrote that he sold some for a 164% win and the rest for 264%...

Jack 8/17/2020 at 9:35 a.m.

In at $2.83, out at $7.10 and $8.20 for 264% and 164%!

Rochelle racked up 227% for $6,600 in profit...

Rochelle 8/17/2020 at 1:34 p.m.

In at $2.90, out at $9.50 with 10 contracts for a $6,600 profit!

And M.D. even said his profits paid for his membership... in one trade!

M.D. 8/17/2020 at 10:39 a.m..

Thanks, Bryan, for your NUGT call. Made a nice profit. It paid for my year-long subscription.

This is what I love seeing in The War Room... huge wins from our members!

These trade alerts were sent directly in real time inside of our proprietary War Room chat room.

This is more than some Reddit message board... We built this entire platform from scratch...

To give people like you an “unfair” advantage in the market!

My partner Karim Rahemtulla... a bestselling author who was one of the youngest CFOs at a Wall Street firm in history... is in The War Room with me every day guiding members to the best investment opportunities.

We put our full energy every day into our research... and into alerting our War Room members when we find opportunities to profit.

In the days ahead... once you’ve joined The War Room... we’ll be working for you, giving members the best trades we find every day.

It doesn’t take long on your part.

You get the alerts with instructions... maybe once or twice per day.

It takes five to 10 minutes, but the results can be spectacular.

In fact...

We’ve seen a 291% win on Snap...

A 167% win on Abercrombie & Fitch...

(Each within a single day!)

And we even landed a 121% win on Walmart... within a few hours!

Overall, we win on about 3 out of 4 trades... and we’ve beaten the market by almost 300%.

That’s the type of result you can expect in The War Room.

Today Is Your Opportunity to Unlock Access to The War Room!

As I’ve already mentioned... this is an exclusive group...

And it’s the only way to get access to my team’s special report that I mentioned earlier.

  • URGENT War Room Report #1: “Crash or Cash: 3 Tech Stocks That Could Either Destroy Your Portfolio or Make You 1,000%”
report crash

I believe these three stocks that I featured in this report are the next stocks like...

Matterport, which would’ve given traders who executed a Bunker Trade the opportunity to make a 2,664% return during its free fall in less than a month...

Or Wayfair... which would’ve given some traders an opportunity to see as much as 3,269% in about three weeks...

Nailing a 3,269% winner like that is enough to turn $10,000 into $336,900!

This is the type of upside that I am projecting on these three stocks featured in this exclusive War Room report.

Speaking of Bunker Trades, when you’re inside The War Room, you’ll also be able to download my other report, “How to Execute Bunker Trades.”

  • URGENT War Room Report #2: “How to Execute Bunker Trades”
report bunker

I put this report together to walk you through exactly how to execute one of these Bunker Trades on these garbage tech stocks before they go under.

These Bunker Trades can be made with virtually every major brokerage account, and they DON’T involve any short selling or trading with borrowed money.

If you have no options experience whatsoever, you’ll learn how to trade profitably... quickly.

If you’re well versed in options... this guidebook will take your trading to an entirely new level.

Both of these reports can be yours for joining The War Room today.

You’ll also gain access to every archived research report and trade recommendation that we publish exclusively to members...

And you’ll get everything new we publish in the days ahead.

You’ll also get access to our War Room private chat.

  • The War Room Private Chat
war room chat

We custom-built this chat room from scratch so you could get the very best trading ideas.

We don’t allow anything that distracts from our main goal...

Which is to stand as a team and make profitable trades!

It’s incredible to be a part of this community every single day.

In fact, Matthew said that thanks to The War Room and the community... his portfolio went up $35,000 within two months!

That’s what I like to hear!

My partner Karim and I are in the room bright and early every day to share our morning watchlists directly inside the chat...

And throughout the day, we send out real-time buy and sell alerts whenever we make a trade.

As I mentioned before... these trades alerted inside of The War Room have a 75% win rate!

And when I see an opportunity to place a Bunker Trade on one of these condemned tech stocks...

You’ll know exactly when I do inside the chat room!

But let me answer the one question I always get.

People ask... “Do I need to be in The War Room every day?”

And the answer is: No, of course not!

The War Room is there for you when you want to get trades and ask members questions.

But you can just as easily follow the trades from our alert systems. And that takes only five to 10 minutes.

When we issue new trades, you’ll also get...

  • Trade Alerts via Our War Room Mobile App!
trade alerts

Not everyone can be glued to their computer all day.

Look, I get that. Nor should you want to be!

What’s the point of being successful in the stock market if you can’t enjoy your life?

It was important for us to help members not miss opportunities just because they stepped out for lunch or to run an errand.

So if you choose to opt in to trade alerts... we’ll send you a push notification whenever we send a trade.

Then you can make the decision whether to buy from your mobile phone as you go about your day.

I’m also giving members access to...

  • My Brand-New Dot-BOMB Crash Course, PLUS Our Entire Video Master Class Vault.
video vault

I just created my Dot-BOMB Crash Course so that you can prepare for the impending crash and learn what I’m watching in the market.

In it...

crashc ourse
  1. I’ll cover my entire strategy to profit from this tech collapse
  2. I’ll explain how to identify Investor Bailouts
  3. I’ll even demonstrate how to place a Bunker Trade.

It is just one of 21 master classes inside of our vault.

When you join, you’ll immediately have the opportunity to learn all of the trading strategies and techniques that we use inside The War Room.

And of course, once you become a member, you’ll immediately get our...

  • “Getting Started as a War Room Trader” Guide...
report guide

Which you’re going to want to promptly review to help you get up to speed as soon as you become a member.

This guide will walk you through...

  • Where to find trade alerts and watchlists
  • How to join and use the chat room
  • How you can access all of the research, tools and videos that are available to you... including the “Crash or Cash” report!

So to recap...

Here’s Everything You’re Going to Unlock by Joining The War Room:

  1. 365 days of LIVE research and LIVE trade recommendations
  2. URGENT War Room Report #1: “Crash or Cash: 3 Tech Stocks That Could Either Destroy Your Portfolio or Make You 1,000%
  3. URGENT War Room Report #2: “How to Execute Bunker Trades
  4. The proprietary War Room private chat
  5. Trade alerts via our mobile app
  6. The “Getting Started as a War Room Trader” guide
  7. NEW: The Dot-BOMB Crash Course
  8. The entire 21-video master class vault.

That’s a $12,500 value!

And frankly...

With that kind of value... that is an absolute STEAL, considering how much time and energy Karim and I put into The War Room.

Some members, like Mark, have bagged over $10,000 on a single overnight recommendation that we sent out... which was a 188% gain in 24 hours. 

Mark 9/18/2019 at 10:03 a.m.

Bryan and Karim, HUGE THANK YOU for the FDX trade! just bagged $10,350!

Or James, who earlier this year made $13,287 (a 150% gain) in two weeks!

James 6/13/2022 at 10:14 a.m.

In at $0.80, out at $3.10 for a $13,287 profit in two weeks!

Or how about “Benz,” who wrote in and told us he made $75,000 and doubled his account within his first week. That was more than enough to cover his lifetime membership!

Benz 7/29/2021 at 2:21 p.m.

I DOUBLED my account in the first week of trading, going from $75,000 to $150,000. I covered my lifetime membership in one week!

And Ancil wrote in and said that within his first eight days, he was able to pay for his membership with just a couple of trades.

Ancil 8/17/2020 at 10:39 a.m.

I joined The War Room eight days ago and just paid for my membership with the last couple of trades today.

But I want to help as many people as possible take advantage of the upcoming Dot-BOMB, Part II...

I would much rather see people making 1,000% than see them losing 99% on these garbage tech stocks when the dot-BOMB goes off.

So here is what I am going to do...

The First 200 People to Join Today Will Get 66% off Their Membership!

If you’re ready to take joining The War Room seriously...

And if you’re ready to prepare yourself for the dot-BOMB crash...

Then you’re not going to have to pay the normal price of $7,500.

In fact, you’ll pay nowhere near that...

If you are one of the first 200 people who click the “Enter The War Room” button below today... I am going to slash the price to $2,500 for an entire year!

That’s a full 66% off the normal retail price.


You’re going to love being a member of The War Room, and a $5,000 discount should make joining a no-brainer.

I strongly urge you to be one of the first 200 people today so you can take advantage of the potential 1,000% profit opportunities from the upcoming dot-BOMB crash...

And all of our other normal research and trade recommendations.

But... I get it – you probably want to MAKE SURE that you see results...

So I’m going to take it a step further...

I’m going to make an ironclad guarantee with you today.

It’s called...

My One-Win-per-Day Guarantee

With The War Room...


I am going to guarantee that you will get AT LEAST ONE winning trade recommendation every single day the market is open over the course of the next year, per our track record.

There are 252 trading days in a year...

So over the course of the next 12 months... if you don’t receive 252 winning trade recommendations, we’ll upgrade your account to a lifetime membership, free of charge.

That means you’ll be able to keep your War Room access without spending another penny for as long as The War Room is open.

Now... I’m not a financial advisor or a money manager, so I can’t tell you what to do with our trade recommendations...

But what I can promise you is that we’ll send you 252 winning trade opportunities within the next year.

You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a similar opportunity to both protect yourself from the upcoming dot-BOMB...

AND potentially make over 1,000% on these disaster stocks...

Not to mention... having that opportunity backed up by a 252-win guarantee for your first year.

Seems like a pretty good deal to me... but that’s for you to decide.

If you want to be one of the 200 people to take advantage of the 66% discount today AND my One-Win-per-Day Guarantee, then click the button below to activate your account.

The unfortunate reality is there are millions of traders who are going to be caught off guard by this second dot-BOMB crash.

And if you’re simply holding on to these terrible stocks during the crash... you’re going to find yourself in quite a big hole.

That is why time is of the essence. This is your opportunity to pivot and prepare yourself with the right strategy.

I’m expecting those doomed stocks to give us 1,000% opportunities.

And the trigger JUST WENT OFF with the three stocks in my “Crash or Cash” report...

Their decline has started... which means in order to have an opportunity to make upward of 1,000% gains on them...


But the only way to access the report and the other $12,500 worth of valuable perks I detailed today is by making the smart decision to become the newest member of The War Room.

So what are you waiting for?

These 200 spots are going to probably fill up fast today... so take action now to secure your discount.

Click on the “Enter The War Room” button below, and let’s get ready to start profiting off these damned-to-hell tech stocks.

Thanks for your time today.

Let’s go have some fun – and hopefully the most profitable experience of your life – inside The War Room!

Bryan Bottarelli

August 2022


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