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Hi, Pro Trader Bryan Bottarelli here.

What I’m going to show you today shouldn’t exist.

It’s like a secret loophole…

One that gives you a chance to collect overnight gains whenever the government releases major reports…

Like economic data on jobs, inflation, GDP growth or anything else.

It’s incredibly simple.

Every time the government releases data…

You make one trade.

And this trade can hand you as much as 383% overnight.

In my research, it wins at an 83% rate.

The average gain was 115% in 24 hours. (winners and losers included)

And you can do it 12 times per year.

So let me stop here and let that sink in for a moment.

12 times per year….

That’s once per month.

There is a trade you can make that – on average – could double your money.

In the next few minutes… I’ll lay out the results of our backtest.

Get this…

Just $10,000 in every trade could have generated over $137,000 in profit.

bar chart

Now look… backtests are a powerful tool to see how a strategy plays out when looking back at years of data.

They aren’t indicative of future results… but they remove as much guesswork as possible and minimize risk.

So when I saw $10k turn into $137K, I was floored… our research conclusively shows how BIG this opportunity is.

So… how is this possible?

Look… I’m sure you’ve noticed that when the government releases economic news…

The market reacts.

It’s like clockwork.

An inflation report comes out… and boom the markets shoot up.

A weak jobs report is released… and instantly the sell-off begins.

Most people understand this basic fact… but they don’t know how to play it.

That’s because most people do not know of a simple and powerful way to profit from government reports.

But for the first time ever… I’m going to show you this trade today.

This brand-new investment… and brand-new strategy…

Opens the doors to targeting HUGE overnight payouts from these major market moving events…

And here’s the key…

You can do this no matter whether the market goes up OR down.

I call it the JOLTS loophole… it’s named after the government’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.

All you have to do is make one simple trade the day before a major JOLTS report comes out…

And then, no matter whether the market reacts positively or negatively, you have the chance for huge gains.

For instance… May 2nd of 2023… the government released the jobs report… and it showed a weakening jobs market…

calendar and chart

Now, it was impossible to predict exactly how the market would react.

But we all knew the market would move BIG one way or another.

In this case the Dow moved 367 points in one day… while the S&P moved 1.1%.

And for that JOLTS trade?

It went as high as 383%... Overnight!

calendar and chart

Best of all…

The 383% gain would have happened whether the Dow went 367 points in either direction.

If the market moves UP or DOWN, you can make huge overnight gains.

Direction does not matter.

It takes out a lot of the stress out of trading!

July 6 was another one.

The jobs report came out…

But this time the Dow fell 366 points…the S&P dropped .8%...

And that JOLTS loophole trade I’m going to show you still shot up 327%.

calendar and chart

On August 29, another jobs report came out.

This time the Dow was UP 292 points...

The S&P, it rose 1.5%...

And yet, the JOLTS loophole once again delivered with overnight gains as high as 253%.

calendar and chart

In other words… it doesn’t matter whether the reports are good or bad.

With the JOLTS loophole, you can STILL make huge overnight payouts.

Best of all, this trade couldn’t be any simpler.

You just make the trade the day before a JOLTS report comes out.

The dates are pre-set by the U.S. Government…

So you know beforehand exactly when to trade.

And the process is very straightforward:

Step One: Identify the next market-moving governmental report release date


Step Two: Make one trade with one ticker the day before…


Step Three: Close the trade after the report comes out for the chance at dramatic overnight profits!


Think about it… these 253%... 327%... Even 383% gains…

Are enough to hand you payouts of over $25,300$32,700… heck even $38,300

All of them coming OVERNIGHT!

What you are about to hear today is unlike anything you’ve read about… or seen on cable news…

And certainly not anything you’re likely to find on YouTube videos.

This is a simple and effective way to turn every big jobs report into potentially instant profits.

And in the next few minutes:

I’m going to reveal exactly how to turn these scheduled governmental reports into overnight profit opportunities…

I’ll also show you – for FREE – the one specific stock ticker to play for the chance to cash in repeatedly from this phenomenon.

And it all starts… right now.

My Entire Career Doing Overnight Trades Has Led Me to This Amazing Market Advantage

As I said… my name is Bryan Bottarelli.

If you aren’t familiar with me or my work…

More than two decades ago…

I got my start in the rough and tumble world of the live trading pit in the Chicago Board Options Exchange – or the CBOE.

It was fast and it was furious.

The action was fun… and the money was incredible.

But… in the years since I left the pit to help regular people become Pro Traders…

I’ve come to love a very specific way of trading.

In short, I love to find powerful catalysts… and then use an unusual type of trade that can turn one of those catalysts into big money.

Let me give you a quick story to illustrate this.

You see… back in the trading pit…

I discovered that what made a normal “dead and boring” pit turn into a beehive of activity was one specific catalyst.

And that was when earnings reports came out.

So for instance… IBM was normally a snooze fest in the trading pit all year long.

Except for the 4 days a year when it was announcing earnings.

On those days… everything changed.

The place was flooded with people… and the pit was overwhelmed with buy and sell orders from all over the country – all over the world really.

trading pit

It was insane.

I looked at that and I wondered…

Would it be possible to turn that predictable excitement into profits?

At first, I didn’t think it was possible.

Yes, I knew when earnings were coming out.

And yes, I knew that it would lead to a frenzy.

But the hard part was picking which way to play the stock… up or down.

It was next to impossible to figure out whether a company would release positive or negative earnings.

Even a good earnings report didn’t necessarily translate into a surge in the stock price.

I almost gave up on the idea of creating a consistent way to profit.

But then… I discovered a strategy I call:

Overnight Trades.

These are trades that I get into one day before a catalyst like an earnings reports… and then get out the very next day…

All with the goal of doubling my money in 24 hours.

But here’s what makes these overnight trades so special.

These aren’t just regular stocks or options… or anything you’ve likely heard of.

The overnight trades I discovered allowed me to profit from the volatility of the stock…

 And not just the price move.

So if the stock moved big… either up OR down…

I’d win either way.

So for example, when Clorox released earnings last year… I recommended an overnight trade on it.

The earnings release was positive…

And we made a quick 80%.

clorox calendar and chart

On the other hand, we also recommended a play on Advance Auto Parts when earnings came out in May of 2023.

And those earnings were terrible. They missed Wall Street’s expectations and shares plummeted 35%

But because these trades win in both directions, we still made a top performing 293% overnight on that one too.

clorox calendar and chart

So this has worked incredibly well for us on earnings.


As much success as we’ve had trading earnings… I’ve found something even better going forward.

I developed an entirely new kind of Overnight Trade…

One that takes the special trade I developed on earnings reports to a whole new level.

It’s designed to be the most consistent, effective and powerful trade I’ve found in my career.

It’s based around the ultimate catalyst:

The JOLTS reports.

JOLTS: How U.S. Government Reports Can Be Your Way to Target Overnight Payouts

As you probably know…

Every time the government releases the “jobs numbers” – also known as the JOLTS survey…

The entire market moves BIG.

I’m sure you’ve noticed it watching the news.

Every time there’s a jobs report… the market reacts.

It’s exactly what I saw with my earnings trades…

But instead of an event moving just one particular company…

The JOLTS reports move the entire market.

And the volatility caused by the JOLTS reports has gotten stronger and stronger over the last few years.

I’ve been able to devise a system that turns these jobs reports…

Into chances at huge overnight gains.

And right now, you can use one ticker symbol… just one… to potentially profit repeatedly.

With this method… when volatility is big… you win.

And with my technique… the overnight gains can be huge…

As high as 383%.

All because on the days the government releases these JOLTS surveys….

The price moves are MUCH larger than normal.

Because we have a way to turn the extra volatility into an unfair advantage.

Volatility Is Here To Stay:
Here’s How You Use it To Make Money

Now look…

In today’s market… about the only thing that is certain… is volatility.

As Barron’s says… volatility is here to stay.

barrons quote


On these government release days…

The volatility is WAY higher than normal.

Now… I never realized how big this phenomenon was until I dug into the data.

I went back over the past 10 years of market data…

Spanning across and 2,516 trading days. 

And here’s what I found…

On a typical day… the market moves about .05%.

But on the 121 days the government releases JOLTS reports…

The market moves 222% more.

So the moves are more than triple a normal day.

However… lately the moves have been even bigger.

In the past 3 years… on the day of a JOLTS report release… the market moves 425% more than usual.

That means these reports make the market move 5 times bigger than the average day.

And in the past two years…

Brace yourself…

The moves have been 824% bigger.

bar chart

That’s 9 times bigger swings…

This is HUGE guys.

It means we know -- with a high level of certainty -- exactly which days will feature the biggest moves in the market.

So if we have a trade that targets profits from the biggest moves… then we can make a great deal of money.

I’ll explain how it works in a moment.

But first, you may be wondering why this is all happening?

Well, remember… I worked in the live trading pit.

This was back when people met physically at the exchanges and made deals.

It was wild and crazy with buyers and sellers fighting for position.

But still there was a limit to how much trading could get done.

However now… computerized trading has taken over.

And guess what…

That just makes trading frenzies even more dramatic.

Nowadays… algorithms are making the trading decisions.

Fewer and fewer actual people are deciding when to enter and exit a trade…

Instead… computers simply multiply the trades faster and faster on any big trading day.

This is not going away.

If anything… price swings will become even more dramatic as more firms use Artificial Intelligence to make trading decisions.

On CNBC, Guy De Blonay of Jupiter Asset Management pointed out that 80 to 90% of all daily trading volume is done by machines…

“Programs may look at the momentum and simply sell or buy. That can exponentially increase the volatility without any basis in fundamentals.”

Bottom line:

Increased volatility is the new normal of trading.

And on days when the market is in a frenzy – which tends to happen after every JOLTS report – the frenzy is magnified by all the automatic computer trading.

That’s why days when JOLTS reports come out now feature market moves over 800% bigger than an average trading day.

And this is our biggest opportunity.

Because I’m about to show you a special kind of trade that profits purely from volatility…

Which means you could use this secret to bank far higher profits every single time one of these JOLTS reports are released.

That’s why I consider this the very best way to aim to turn market volatility into HUGE payouts.

And with the technique I’ll show you…

It doesn’t matter if the market soars higher… or crashes lower…

Because all you need is big volatility… using just one ticker… and these trades are winners.

And I’m sure you are wondering...

How Often Can These Trades Make Big Overnight Payouts?

Well I’ve been researching how this phenomenon would have played out over the past year.

And compiling the data over how the market moved in reaction to these JOLTS surveys.

Looking back, I found that these trades would have had an 83% win rate.

And the average gain for these trades was 115%...

That’s 115%... OVERNIGHT.

So I want you to imagine this right now.

Using this trade, you can lay out a calendar with every JOLTS report throughout the year.

There are 12 of them.

Then, you simply make the same trade each time.

And our research shows the average gain overnight came out at 115%.


That’s a double in 24 hours.

And you have 12 opportunities every year to do this.

It’s incredible.

All we need to generate a big winner is a move of 1%... in either direction.

And the AVERAGE daily move on days these JOLTS reports came out across 10 years of market data… is 1.16%.

Well over the 1% threshold.

And over the last two years, it’s even higher.

The average move is 1.39%.

So the odds are automatically in your favor.

These reports are the best chance to move the market big… and we know EXACTLY when they come out…

And EXACTLY what type of trade I believe has the best chance of being a winner.

By now… I’m sure you can see why I now think of these governmental reports as a chance to get regular payouts.

The JOLTS Loophole: How To Turn Government Reports Into HUGE Overnight Payouts

For example… using my system…

We would have known that the new JOLTS report was coming out on November 1, 2023.


This date was set by the U.S. Government.

It’s 100% certain.

So… this strategy would have made a special trade on October 31st, the day before the schedule announcement.

You also don’t have to guess what trade to make.

We use the same ticker every time.

I’ll tell you the symbol right now…

It’s SPY

That’s the ETF on the S&P 500.

Go ahead and write it down.

Three letters… S P Y…

Traders often just call it the “SPY”.

But the key is the way we trade the SPY overnight… and put the odds squarely in our favor.

We are essentially taking out as many variables as we possibly can.

There’s no question on the timing…

And no question on the trade you make.

These are 100% certain.

We just use my three-step process:

Step One: Identify the next market-moving governmental report release date


Step Two: Make one simple JOLTS LOOPHOLE trade on the SPY the day before…


Step Three: Close the trade after the JOLTS report is released for the chance at dramatic overnight profit!


So… what happened for this trade on November 1st?

The JOLTS survey came out… and showed little change at the number of job openings… holding at 9.6 million.

The Fed hinted that it might not need to pump the breaks on the economy any further.

And that sent the market up higher.

The Dow added 221 points.

While the S&P rose 1.1%.

But look… with my special trade… you didn’t have to fight the crowd to get in that morning.

You were in the day before.

All you would have to do is make sure you are in by 4 pm (before the closing bell) on the day before the report.

It takes maybe 5 minutes.

Then go about your business for the rest of the evening…

Go to bed…

And the next morning…

You’re at the front of the line.

So when everyone is trying to get into the trade after the report is released…

You’re cashing out.

On this trade… you could have multiplied the market’s 1% move by 52X…

And made as much as a 58% gain… OVERNIGHT!

calendar and chart

But look… that’s one of the smaller winners I uncovered in my research over the past year.

There’s actually a strange secret behind the biggest winners I uncovered… you’ll be shocked when you hear it.

I’ll tell you in just a second.

But before that…

I want to tell you about the trade from August 29, 2023.

Job openings fell more than expected this day.

In this case… a BAD report was actually GOOD news… because Wall Street assumed a cooling economy meant the Fed would pause interest rate hikes.

On this day the S&P rose by 1.5%.

But with my system…

You wouldn’t have to try to rush in while the market was soaring higher.

Because... You got in the day BEFORE…

And then you are golden.

Because when the market did rise 1.5%...

You could have beaten the market by 168X…

And cashed out with gains as high as 253%... all coming OVERNIGHT!

calendar and chart

These amazing trades could have produced winners and winner in the year 2023

What about in 2022?

Let’s go back to November 30, 2022.

The JOLTS survey showed the number of job openings fell. and the number of layoffs and discharges increased.

Once again… it was bad news.

But Jerome Powell signaled that the Fed would slow their rake hikes moving forward.

That sent the market soaring.

The Dow this day was up over 700 points.

The S&P, it blasted up 3%.

But this amazing trade would have multiplied that gain by over 77X…

And could have made as much as 223%...


calendar and chart

Now… just consider the beauty of this kind of trade.

You don’t have to predict what the report will say… whether jobs will be added or lost.

You don’t even have to predict whether the market will react positively or negatively to the news.

Instead… you are making volatility give you a huge payday.

If the volatility is big… you win.

It's as simple as that.

Whether it surges higher… or crashes lower…

You win.

In fact… in 2023…

The market moved DOWN in response to these reports far more often than it moved up.

And guess what…

The gains on those down days, were even BIGGER.

Let’s take a look.

How To Turn Falling Markets Into Even BIGGER Payouts (As High As 383% Overnight!)

We would know that the new JOLTS survey was scheduled for release on July 6th.

Again… those dates are scheduled by the U.S. Government.

There’s no question.

No debate.

They are 100% certain.

So… we’d make a special trade the day before… on July 5th.

In this case…

The market reacted badly.

It actually Fell off a cliff actually.

Now… most people freak out anytime there’s a drop.

But with this trade…

We would have gotten in the day before…

Slept soundly…

And even as everyone else was freaking out the next day as the Dow lost 366 points… and

And the S&P dropped .8%...

You’d be laughing all the way to the bank.

In fact… you could have locked in gains as high as 327%...


calendar and chart

Imagine watching a $5,000 trade grow into over $16,000…


Not only that… but it was on a day when everyone was losing their minds.

This method gives you a superpower.

You get to take all the biggest ups AND downs in the market… and turn all of them into big wins.

You don’t have to guess the timing.

You don’t have to guess what is the next “hot stock”…

You use the same ticker symbol every time.

And… you get to smile and celebrate when the market soars and when it crashes.

Because with this unique trade… when the volatility is big… you win.

This eliminates almost all the uncertainty and variables when it comes to trading.

It’s all thanks to our simple three-step process:

Step One: Identify the next market-moving governmental report release date


Step Two: Make one simple JOLTS LOOPHOLE trade on the SPY the day before…


Step Three: Close the trade after the JOLTS report is released for the chance at dramatic overnight profit!


As I said earlier, this trade would have won last year 83% of the time JOLTS trades came out.

The average gain was 115%... more than a double every single time.

It takes less than 24 hours.

Now I’m sure you are wondering:

How Are We Able To Profit Whether The Market Moves Up Or Down?


This isn’t a typical way of trading…

It combines a little-known trading technique with a brand-new type of investment.

Something called Zero Day Options… or you might see them called ODTE.

You’ve probably heard about them in the news. These are extremely popular.

In fact… a Bank of America report states that 40% of the trading volume on the S&P 500 comes from Zero Day Options.

bank of america quote

Tip ranks says the daily value of zero-day options trading is a shocking one TRILLION dollars.

tips quote

No wonder the Wall Street Journal says these options have taken over the market… and “offers the chance at explosive returns.”

“This is one of THE biggest shifts in the markets in the past decade”
– Wall Street Journal

These are the cheapest way to capture these market moves… and go for bigger returns.

But most people are using them the WRONG way.

Normally… people try to bet on whether the market will go up or down.

And that’s when the odds are against you…

But we know something 99.9% of the traders out there DON’T know.

That is... We can put the odds in OUR favor. You’ve seen in our research looking back…

This technique could have won on 10 out of 12 trades last year…

An incredible 83% win rate.

Zero day options are the secret to taking these reactions to government reports…

And turning them into big payouts.

Remember… that trade on May 1st turned a 1.1% move in the market…

Into a 383% overnight gain!

calendar and chart

Options are the ONLY way to make double and triple digit gains from these daily market moves…

And the ONLY way to win when a stock moves big in either direction.

Now… a lot of people start out intimidated with the idea of trading options.

But listen…

Once you try it for yourself… you’ll discover buying options is as easy as buying a stock.

And when you combine new options… with my new trading strategy…

It takes out all the guesswork.

We only get in when we know for a fact the government is going to drop a major report… and volatility is expected to be 824% higher than normal.

Then all we have to do is wait overnight…

And get out the very next day.

It’s the most stress-free way I know to trade options.

And what’s great is there are 12 JOLTS reports that come out every single year.

That’s 12 times you can target huge gains…

Even doubling your money – or more… 


In fact…

Let’s walk through an entire year of trading around these reports and see what happens.

How $10,000 Could Have Generated $137,440 in Profits in 2023!

So let me walk you through every trade from 2023.

You’ll see the good… the bad… and the ugly.

That’s right.

I’m holding nothing back.

And this is key… because no system is perfect.

As I said earlier… our numbers show the trade working 83% of the time.

That means 17% of the time, it loses.

You have to be smart about how you trade… and never put too much on any one trade.

Some of the trades will lose.

However, when the odds are on your side… over time… the results can really add up.

I’m going to give you all the data so you can see for yourself.

So let’s start out with the first JOLTS report of 2023.

And let’s assume you started with $10,000 and made every trade through the whole year… including every win and every loss.

Ok… the first report dropped on January 4th.

So again… knowing the report would be released…

We would make our special play on the S&P (the SPY) the day before…

calendar and chart

On January 3rd.

Remember… we have no idea how the market will react… only that it is very likely to react big in one way or the other.

In this case… the report showed the number of job openings was higher than expected.

That made Wall Street optimistic that the economy could avoid a recession….

As a result… the S&P rose .8%

And our trade would have gone up as much as 33%.

You would have added as much as $3,350 to your account that day.

calendar and chart

That’s over $3,300 in profit… OVERNIGHT…

All thanks to this U.S. government report.

Now… keep in mind…

In 2023… the S&P ended up going up 24%.

So right here… you could have gotten more than a year’s worth of gains… in just one day.

But… the fun didn’t stop there.

The next report came out on February 1st.

calendar and chart

It was another positive report… showing a strong jobs environment.

As a result… Wall Street reacted positively… and the S&P rose 1%.

And for the special trade that we recommend, it was the same thing…

Almost identical to January actually.

Overnight gains were once again 33%.

You would have added another $3,330 dollars to your account.

calendar and chart

Then in March, another report came out…

calendar and chart

This time was rare.

The market actually stayed flat which was unusual.

And this is the scenario where the trade wouldn’t have panned out.

A 31% loss.

Now look…

Losses are no fun.

And I hate them too.

But… This is where most people would say “ok… this doesn’t work. I quit.”

And that would be a huge mistake.

Because if you stick with a system where the probability is on your side…

Over time… you can be successful.

And so far… even with a trade that didn’t work out… you still have $3,680 in profit on your original $10,000.

calendar and chart

The first two wins so far have outweighed the one loss.

And more wins were about to come.

Look what would have happened if you didn’t quit… and kept going.

For April… a negative report came out with weaker numbers… once again fueling recession fears.

But despite the market falling … the gains would have been 83%...

That’s another $8,320 added to the banked profits.

calendar and chart

And then in May… it goes bananas.

Because that’s when you would have hit a massive 383% winner.

So now you’re banking $38,300… in overnight profit.

In total, you started with $10,000… but after just five trades you’d have $50,023 in profit… . And that includes that one loss.

calendar and chart

See why you can’t just throw in the towel after a losing trade?

In June… the report actually dropped on May 31…

calendar and chart

You would have made 61% for as much as $6,180 in profits.

calendar and chart

Then the July report was another big one…

327% gains…

And $32,700 in overnight profit!

calendar and chart

I mean… those numbers are just insane.

The next month is another $1,300 added…

And then September’s report is another huge 253% winner.

So that’s over $25,000 in overnight profit going to the bank.

In October… you’re adding another $16,570…

November is $5,830…

And then December… unfortunately… a small loss of 6%.

But… you probably don’t really mind that one…

Because by the end of the year… with winners and losers factored in…

The total profits are as high as $137,440!

calendar and chart

Ok… so let’s compare.

$10,000 parked in the S&P 500 would have made you a whopping $2,400 last year.

Or… you could have traded with that $10,000 with this system… on just the 12 JOLTS reports that come out over the course of the year.

You would’ve banked profits as high as $137,440!

bar chart

There’s really no comparison.

Now you always need to remember that nothing in trading is guaranteed and that every trade carries risk. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But last year there would have been 10 winners… with 2 losers…

I’ll take those odds any day of the week.

This is why I love this trade so much.

With the market moving 824% higher now when a JOLTS report comes out… it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Volatility is just so much higher on these specific days.

This strategy can be life-changing for people… because you don’t have to stress out about what the market will do this next year.

It works whether the market crashes… or surges the next day.

As you saw for every trade last year…

As long as the market reacts strongly up OR down… you win.

Even with the losses… the success rate last year would have been about 83%.

And you could have taken just $10,000 and generated over $137,000 in trading profits.

This is why I love the chance at collecting overnight profits thanks to these governmental reports all year long.

But… there’s something I HAVEN’T told you yet…

The Government Releases MORE Reports Through The Year… For MORE Chances at Overnight Profits!

Up until now… we’ve been discussing the JOLTS strategy.


 the jolts reports are just the tip of the iceberg… in addition to them, the government releases 48 different typesof reports including inflation reports, export numbers... even fed minutes throughout the year…

That means you have more than 48 chances to target huge gains.

For instance…

November 14th 2023..

The government released inflation numbers.

Now… as I’m sure you know…

Inflation is a hot button topic for most people.

Everyone is laser-focused on it when it comes out.

So when the government released the inflation numbers – which are called the CPI…

The market reacted.

The Dow rallied over 480 points…

And the S&P rose 1.9%.

That was enough to create gains as high as 215% overnight.

calendar and chart

But that’s just one of the other government reports that can move the market.

On September 15th, the government released their import and export report.

Now… this one isn’t as widely known to most people watching the market.

But once again the day these reports are released… the market reacts.

On that day… the S&P lost 1.2%...

And as we’ve seen… falling markets can be even more profitable.

In this case… this strategy would have seen overnight gains as high as 247%!

calendar and chart

Bottom line…

There’s a lot of big numbers that come out from the government almost every single week.

From inflation reports…

To import reports…

Other jobs numbers…

And even Fed announcements…

That means there’s plenty of opportunities to trade around these major events… and capture overnight gains from these government releases.

Looking ahead…

There’s a lot of exciting reports I’m looking forward to right now.

Of course… I’m going to be primarily focused on the next JOLTS survey which is coming out soon.

Remember the data I just showed you…

The JOLTS survey last year could have hit an 83% win rate for these types of trades…

With average overnight gains of 115%.


You saw for yourself how just $10,000 could have generated profits over $137,000… if you just traded all 12 over the course of a year.

bar chart

So I’m pumped for the next JOLTS numbers to come out soon.

But again… there’s plenty of other reports I’m watching.

The upcoming inflation numbers…

Both the CPI and the PPI…

Are scheduled to go out within the next few weeks.

I’ll be watching those like a hawk.

Plus the next Fed meeting is always a big market mover.

For example,

December 13th… the Fed released their minutes showing they rate cuts could come in 2024.

The markets shot up like a rocket.

The S&P rose 1.4%...

And the same trade we use on JOLTS would have made as much as 165% overnight on the Fed announcement.

calendar and chart

The opportunities are just incredible.

That’s why I’m going LIVE on Tuesday to reveal my gameplan for the next report… and how I’m going to setup a trade that can give us a chance at overnight gains.

And I want you to be there.

Introducing: Overnight Profit Livestream

That’s right…

Today… I’m inviting you to join me in my brand-new livestream.

Every single week… I’ll discuss opportunities like these JOLTS LOOPHOLE trades I’ve been telling you about today.

It’s 100% live…. So you can watch me set up the trade live on camera.

I’ll take you through the entire three step process...

Step One: I’ll identify the next market-moving government release


Step Two: I’ll tell you the exact trade we’ll make on the SPY for that week


Step Three: Give you an action plan to close out the trade the next day for the chance of dramatic overnight profit!


I’ll walk you through everything live… on camera… every single week.

You can look over my shoulder… as I show you the trade setup.

It’s the closest thing you can possibly get to having a Pro Trader sit next to you every week… and give you the BEST opportunity to make money.

We’ll show you:

  • The exact report we are looking at to trade that next week
  • The exact option contract we’re entering
  • And the profit plan we have for exiting the trade for the maximum payout… and maximum overnight gains

And since it’s 100% live… I can share my screen with you.

It’s like looking over my shoulder and getting a secret glimpse into how I look at the market… and find the best opportunities.

You’ll see either me… or my colleague Karim… every single week.

It’s simple.

And… it won’t take much time.

It will be about 30 minutes (or less)… just one day a week.

That’s all you need for a chance at the huge overnight profits we’ve talked about…

Don’t forget…

You’ve already seen the JOLTS survey trades that could have made as much as 253%...


Even 383%...


And other reports could have made gains as high as 165%... and 247%...

Again… overnight!

With the JOLTS Loophole… we’ve tried to eliminate all the guesswork.

You don’t have to guess the next big stock to surge.

Or WHEN to get in these trades.

The days are set in stone by the U.S. Government.

You just need one ticker every time… which is the SPY.

You know when to get in – the day before the report comes out.

And you know when to get out… the very next day when the report drops.


You don’t even have to guess what the market reaction will be.

Whether the market surges… or crashes…

As long as it moves big… you’ll win.

I’ll be scouring the market for the best reports to make trades on.

I’ll be watching the fed announcements…

The inflation reports…

The GDP numbers…

And, of course… the upcoming JOLTS survey.

Whenever I think we have the best report coming up for a special Overnight Profit Trade…

I’ll give you the full details in our LIVE weekly briefing.

But that’s not all you get when you subscribe today…

Limited Time Bonus For New Streaming Members:
Bryan’s JOLTS Trader Library

As one of the first members to this brand-new livestream…

I’ve also put together a special report for you to get a running start.


I call it:

The JOLTS Loophole: The Secret of HUGE Overnight Profits from Government Reports

I’ll go into detail on how these reports move the markets… and how to turn those moves into dramatic overnight gains.

You’ll see the exact method we use to make trades on the SPY that can profit whether the market goes up or down.

I promise you… you won’t find this strategy anywhere else.

I’d guess somewhere around 99.9% of traders don’t even know how to trade options like this.

And I haven’t found anyone else who has figured out how to use this strategy around the days when the government drops their economic reports.

So… you’ll be the first ever to discover this strategy for yourself.

The second thing I’ll give you is a special calendar:


Overnight Profit 2024 Calendar: The Government Reports That Could Be Your Chance for Overnight Profits

In this calendar… I’ve put together the full calendar of all the major market moving dates when government reports drop.

Every one of them could be your chance to make big overnight profits.

This is the exact same calendar I’ll be using to plan out our trades every single week.

Now… I’ll be picking what I think are the very best trades.

But… with this calendar… you could do trades every single time a report comes out, if you choose.

Or… you could pick and choose the other extra ones you’d like to trade around.

With the first report… you’ll know exactly how to make these trades.

And with this calendar… you’ll know exactly WHEN.

Bottom line…

You’ll have PLENTY of opportunities to make huge overnight profits in this next year.

But… I’m still not done.

I also have a special guide to help you trade options… even if you are a complete beginner.

I call it:

The Pro Traders Options Guide


This guide makes trading options as easy as buying a stock.

You’ll learn the right way to trade options… and how to avoid all the newbie mistakes.

We’ll show you how to set up an options account if you never have before…

The basic terms used in options trading…

And everything else you need to know about trading options.

Again… even if options are intimidating to you right now. I promise that after reading this report… you’ll know more than 99.9% of the traders out there.

And listen… during my livestream sessions every single week, I’ll give you exact instructions on which options to trade and how.

Once you buy options… you’ll never look at the market the same way again.

These bonuses are all my gifts to you for simply taking me up on a risk-free trial subscription of my service…

Introducing: Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE

catalyst cashouts live logo

Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE is a new livestream for the trading research service run by me… and my fellow co-founder Karim Rahemtulla, a genius trader in his own right.

We give out weekly trade recommendations on the very best opportunities we see in the market.

It all starts with our weekly livestream briefing that I’ve already told you about.

Every single week… on Tuesday at exactly 2 pm… we go live.

You’ll see us on camera discussing the week… and the setups we are most excited about.

Of course… a big part of our strategy will be based around these government reports I’ve been telling you about.

I expect we’ll do several of those trades every month.

Bottom line: We make it easy for you to succeed.

All you have to do is...

  1. Watch my livestream Tuesday at 2 pm (if you can’t join live… we’ll record it for you at your convenience)
  2. Decide if the investment is right for you
  3. And make a trade at my recommended price.

That’s it!

Then you can go on with your life for the week...

And repeat those three steps the following Tuesday!

It’s that simple.

And keep in mind…

We’ve designed this to work around YOUR busy schedule.

So when it is time to make a trade…

We’ll send you an email…

And you can also get our Trade Alerts sent right to your computer or your smartphone.

rolls-royce chart

You DON’T have to sit in front of your computer all day long.

You don’t have to make the trade immediately when you see the alert.

This is designed to work around YOUR schedule.

And with Karim and me… you could be winning in no time.

But don’t take my word for it...

People Just Like You Are WINNING...

People just like you have used our recommendations to get many other jaw-dropping results.

Take a look at these testimonials from some of our happiest readers before we launched this new livestream.

Eric O. wrote to tell us...

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Then there’s Pamela S., who bought our Rocket Companies recommendation.

She said she “cleared a 60% profit” in one month.

Our Hertz trade in September was another one.

Daniel T. reported being up 67% in one month...

John R. landed a 52% win in one month...

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And we think this new livestream will give you the chance at even BIGGER profits… coming even FASTER.

Seeing people succeed and understand how life-changing it is to be a successful trader is all the reward I need.

Our recommendation on Jasper Therapeutics in October 2021 is a good example.

We recommended it on the 7th, and by the 13th, we were up 50%.

Peter H. said, “Watched your video over the weekend, bought it yesterday at $8.14. And it’s OMG today.”

And take a look at Geno, who played one of my recommendations on the stock SOFI.

“On your mention yesterday, I bought Feb 17 $7 calls @ .39 and sold this morning a little early at $1. Thanks Karim!!!”

He made a 156% profit within a day thanks to an option play!

If you haven’t experienced big returns in your portfolio that fast...

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Once you can see for yourself that you truly can extract money from the market far faster than you ever imagined...

A whole new world of possibilities opens up for you.

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bar chart

We are beyond excited to share these trades with our new followers every week.

And you even get to ask our moderator team questions during the livestream.

We do all the work so you don’t have to.

We tell you exactly what to buy… and when.

We sort through countless opportunities in the market… and hand deliver to you on a silver platter the very best money-making idea we can find…

And we do it all for you, live, every single week.

Plus… you have access to all the bonuses I told you about.

bar chart

The JOLTS Loophole Report

Where I reveal The Secret of HUGE Overnight profit from Government Reports.

And go into detail on how these reports move the markets… and how to turn these moves into dramatic overnight gains.

You get our Overnight Profit 2024 Calendarwith ALL the upcoming government report release dates for this year.

Then there’s The Pro Traders Options Guide

And the Secret to the Win Both Ways Trade report.

But here’s even MORE of the many benefits you’ll get by joining this new livestream service.

You’ll get access to our Model Portfolio, including all our current recommendations…


Access to our Concierge Team

Karim and I have trained our friendly staff to quickly answer any questions you have regarding your membership…

And our moderators are trained to answer any general questions you have about our trading strategies and our techniques.

Now… of course they can’t give you personal investment advice… but I’m sure you know that.

However… Please feel free to call or email them anytime and they will be happy to help you however they can.

Then… there’s something else I haven’t told you about…


We have a new app, that allows you to receive recommendations and analysis while you’re on the run.

If a JOLTS report is coming up, you can expect to see the full instructions how to trade it pop right up on your phone.

That way it’s easy to make the trade.


It’s worth repeating…

If you’ve ever looked at any financial research… getting trades every single week will easily cost you $5,000…

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For this level of service…

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Now… the choice is yours.

Where do you go from here?

The way I see it…

You only have three options.

  • Option one…

You can ignore everything you heard today.

You can decide you don’t want to try to make Overnight Profits when the U.S. Government releases their reports.

You can ignore the past data showing you have a ridiculous advantage…

And you can forget about the fact that you could have taken $10,000… and generated over $137,000 in profits last year.

  • Option two…

You can try it alone.

You can dig up the dates for all the upcoming reports.

You can try to figure out the best options to trade.

And you can try to figure out whether the market will move up or down based on a report (hopefully you have a crystal ball).

  • Or… option three…

You can let me do all the hard work for you through Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE.

I’ll keep track of all the reports.

I’ll dig into the data month by month… and make sure we pick the reports that I believe have historically given the BEST chance of success.


I’ll show you the exact trade to make so that you could win whether the market goes up or down.

I hope you choose to join me in my new livestream… and let me do all the work for you.

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Don’t wait another moment.

My next livestream starts soon… and I’ll be dropping my next trade. 

Click on the button right now…

And I’ll see you LIVE Tuesday at 2.

Bryan Bottarelli



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