Get the Jump on The Next Day’s Opening Bell With:


  • Exclusive 4 to 4:15 p.m. Trading Window
  • Trigger Preceded Next Day Surge With 88% Accuracy
  • Gains As High as 197%... OVERNIGHT!
closing bell

Every day at 4 p.m., the closing bell rings...

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange stops...

The hustle of Wall Street dims...

Traders head off to happy hour...

And the lights go out.

It’s been this way for all 231 years the exchange has existed in New York...

Until now.

Just recently, a major change radically altered stock market investing forever.

In short, a special trading symbol – something we call the “Dark Ticker” – is now available to regular investors.


This powerful Dark Ticker can do something almost no other ticker symbol can do.

It was granted a special privilege to trade in a 15-minute after-hours window from 4 p.m. to 4:15...

And for the first time ever, YOU can access this specialized after-hours investment for the chance at substantial overnight profits.

It’s a seismic shift in the markets.

Because while most traders go offline at 4...

That’s when this small, hidden corner of the market comes alive.

When you make a trade between 4 and 4:15 using the Dark Ticker...

You have the chance to jump the line on the next day’s opening bell.

Today, legendary CBOE trader Bryan Bottarelli will reveal the Dark Ticker to a small group...

He’ll show you the one simple trigger that preceded a Dark Ticker surge with 88% accuracy...

And how the profits can soar up to 197% overnight.

And it all starts... right now.

Ryan Fitzwater
Ryan Fitzwater:

Hello, everyone! And welcome to the Dark Ticker Summit.

I’m your host, Monument Traders Alliance Publisher Ryan Fitzwater.

Over the past year, we’ve been working behind the scenes – and spent over $1 million – on a special project.

In short...

We’ve been studying something called the Dark Ticker.

It’s a special after-hours ticker symbol that can give you the single most powerful advantage in market history.

Now... I don’t say that lightly.

But what you’re about to see is unlike anything we’ve witnessed in the market before.

This ticker symbol allows you to make a trade the moment the market closes in a privileged window from 4 to 4:15 p.m. every day...

And when you execute a trade during that time, you get the chance to “jump the line” on the next day’s opening bell.

Why is that important?

Well, I’m sure many of you have noticed how stocks tend to “gap up” or “gap down” in the first minute after the markets open.

For most normal investors, you have to wait in line behind all the big-money traffic.

But this Dark Ticker gives you a fast pass right to the front.

And this, my friends, delivers a monumental advantage.

How big?

Well, we did an extensive study looking back in history.

And we discovered that when one simple trigger popped... the Dark Ticker rose the next day... 88% of the time.

That’s almost 9 out of every 10 times!

9 out of every 10 times infographic

Not only that... The gains were enormous and fast.

The day after a Dark Ticker trade was triggered, it showed the potential for wins of up to 197% in less than 24 hours.

For example, on August 24, 2023...

Trading the Dark Ticker between 4 and 4:15... could have led to 139% overnight.

Dark Ticker Chart

On March 22, 2023... the same unique trade on the Dark Ticker...

Made up to 145% overnight!

Dark Ticker Chart

And just last month...

You could have landed a 111% opportunity... again, OVERNIGHT!

Dark Ticker Chart

I had never seen anything like this...

Simply because nothing like this has ever existed before!

It’s a true game changer, which is why I believe it’s one of the most exciting developments I’ve ever seen in the markets.

And I don’t say that just based on the historical testing we did.

I say it because I’ve lived it.

I’ve personally been making these types of trades with my own money for the past four months.

And already, I’ve had overnight wins of 51%... 57%... 73%... even 165%!

But what’s particularly interesting is the REASON it works.

When I first saw this in the data... I shouted out loud because it was so darn obvious!

But... it’s also so incredibly powerful.

To show you how to collect this overnight income yourself... I’m joined by former Chicago Board Options Exchange trading legend...

Bryan Bottarelli.

For those of you who may not know... Bryan got his start trading in the fast-paced and brutal Apple pits during the dot-com boom (and bust).

It was exciting... and profitable.

These days he’s a multimillionaire independent trader.

But he also serves as a mentor to more than 220,000 followers on a daily basis...

And today, he’s going to reveal the amazing secret behind the Dark Ticker.

Bryan... great to have you here.

Bryan Bottarelli:
Bryan Bottarelli

Great to be here, Ryan!

And to you at home...

I’m PUMPED to share this amazing development with you in full today.

And I’m going to give away the actual Dark Ticker during our show.

But before we reveal too much... I must ask you for one small favor...

What you are about to hear is quite possibly the best market advantage we’ll ever get in trading.

I’m sharing it with a select group of people because it’s a true game changer.

So... I’m going to ask you to keep this between us.

We don’t want this secret getting out to the world at large.

It’s essentially an “unfair advantage” that’s available in only one small corner of the market.

Fortunes are being made by a small group of Dark Ticker traders...

And we don’t want to ruin such an incredible advantage.

So we ask that you keep this information to yourself.

Please do not share what you are about to hear.

And that leads me to the best part of all...

Right now is the PERFECT time to use the Dark Ticker.

As you’ll soon discover... the month of November has shown the second-highest average overnight move for the Dark Ticker.


And as I’m sure you can imagine... higher moves give you the potential for bigger overnight income.


Because when the probability is on your side 88% of the time...

The moment to start using this strategy... is now!

Why the Dark Ticker Symbol Trades AFTER the Closing Bell


Okay Bryan, let’s get into the details here.

A few months ago, you explained to me how the strategy behind the Dark Ticker works.

And for my own personal trading, it’s been a godsend.

I simply wait for the market to do one specific thing.

And when that trigger hits, I make a Dark Ticker trade based on that 88% probability of the ticker rising... and then I close out the trade the next day.

So far this has helped me earn wins of 51%... 73%... and even 165%...

But I never would have known about the Dark Ticker unless you revealed it to me.

So please, share with our audience how this works.

How the Dark Ticker Exploits a Major Market Phenomenon


Okay, no problem. Let’s do it.

To start... I’m going to ask you guys a simple question.

Have you ever noticed that almost every time the market has a big day where it sells off, let’s say, 400... 500... sometimes 600 points or more...

It seems to rebound the very next day?

Well... guess what...

That’s probably NOT your imagination.

More often than not, when stocks are down big one day... they will move in the complete opposite direction the very next morning.

It’s not just a feeling you or I have. This is a mathematical fact.

But how often this happens might surprise you.

Get this...

If the market closes down just 1% on any given day...

What would you guess the odds are that the market goes into the green the very next day?


Well... you already shared this with me...

But I’m sure the people at home are probably going to guess a little better than a 50% chance...

Maybe a 55% chance of going higher.


Right, exactly. That’s what most people believe.

They would guess it’s around 50/50.

But I’ll tell you...

If the market goes down one day...

Where it goes the next day is way more predictable than a coin flip.

In fact... the true number might blow your mind.

Get this. According to the numbers we ran using Bloomberg’s database...

When the market is down more than 1% in a day...

The odds of it rising the next day are over 88%.

So think about that, guys...

Almost 9 out of 10 times... if the market drops 1%...

It will go higher the very next day.

Ryan... let’s pull up the data...


Sure thing...

As you can see...

Over three years... the market went up 89% of the time.

closing bell

So again, almost 9 out of 10.


That’s right... and it keeps going.

Looking back five years... we saw the exact same thing.

closing bell



And then we ran it for 10 years...

And you guessed it...

88% once again.

closing bell

That’s why I love this. It is so DARN consistent.

Whether it was over one year... three years... five years... or even 10 years...

If the market dropped 1%... the market went higher the next day almost 9 out of 10 times...

Right there at that 88%.

Market Dropped 1%

As you can see... we have a very substantial data set proving this is no fluke...

But there’s even MORE good news in this data.

The more the market goes down... the better the statistics get.

And the bigger the potential gains.


Yeah, this is what really blew our minds.

Going back 30 years... our data shows that if there was a 2% drop...

The market rose the next day 92% of the time.

Market Dropped 2%

And that’s not all...

Over the last three decades... there have been 21 days that the market dropped 5% or more.

After every single one of those 21 instances... the market went higher the next day.

Market Dropped 5%

Every. Single. Time.

Okay, so here’s the point.

If the market moves down BIG on one day, we’ve found that more often than not, it goes up the very next day.

You cannot argue with historical fact.

History shows you have an 88% chance that it will rise at some point the following day...

Which is why this phenomenon is perfect for trading the Dark Ticker.


But Bryan... why not just buy the dip?


Well, you certainly can buy the dip...

But here is the problem.

By the time the markets open... the moves have already happened.

You’ve already missed the opportunity.

This is because while you were sleeping...

Wall Street was loading up on orders through the night.

So the next day... when the market opens...

They are cashing out while you are just getting in.

And by the time you make your trade... the market gains are already gone.

This is why the Dark Ticker is so revolutionary.


And for everyone watching, this is exactly what Bryan shared with me a few months ago.

He explained this phenomenon and then showed me that there is a way to use the Dark Ticker to “jump the line” at the opening bell the next day.

Essentially, you wait until after the market closes.

If it’s a day when stocks dropped 1% or more... you can make a Dark Ticker trade and potentially profit on the 88% chance of a higher move the next day.

It gives you the opportunity to turn a rough day in the market...

Into HUGE overnight income.

You don’t have to wait in line...

You don’t have to fight for the best prices.

You can get in before everyone else and position yourself for the biggest potential profits.

And it’s all thanks to the Dark Ticker.

REVEALED: The Dark Ticker


To show you guys how it all works... let’s rewind to March 22.

On that day... the Fed announced another interest rate hike.

In response, the S&P plunged. It was down 1.6% that day.

And the Dow fell 530 points.

It was a market bloodbath.

But... this is the exact setup we look for.

As you know, when the market drops more than 1%...

Our research shows it has an 88% chance of rebounding the next day.

And had you known about the Dark Ticker...

You could have typed in three letters in your account AFTER the close of trading that day... and gotten in this special trade.

Now, keep in mind, you have a 15-minute window to make this play.

It’s open only from 4 to 4:15.

But once you get the hang of it... it will probably take only two or three minutes to make the trade.


Okay, Bryan... I’m sure everyone is dying to know...

What ticker do you use?


In short, the Dark Ticker is the after-hours version of any of the broad market exchange-traded funds...

Like the QQQ for the Nasdaq...

The DIA for the Dow...

Or the IWM for the Russell 2000...

But my personal favorite... my top Dark Ticker symbol... is the S&P’s ticker...


SPY Dark Ticker Symbol

Okay, those of you at home, go ahead and write that down. “S-P-Y”... or the “spy,” as we call it.


Many traders are familiar with the SPY...

It’s the ETF that allows people to easily get exposure to the S&P 500 during the day.

But what they don’t understand is that you can make special trades on the SPY after hours.

Just recently... it’s been granted an EXCLUSIVE special trading window from 4 to 4:15 p.m every day.

This is a major shift in how the market operates... and for the first time... YOU have daily after-hours trading access.


And these are the Dark Ticker trades YOU can use to target gains of over 100% overnight.


You got it!

So... back to March 22... when the S&P dropped 1.6%...

All you had to do was make a special trade on the Dark Ticker – the after-hours SPY − between 4 and 4:15.

And according to our historical research, the very next day... March 23...

SPY chart

It could have turned into a monster peak gain of 145%...


That’s enough for $7,250 in extra income on a $5,000 investment... in less than 24 hours!

So Bryan... tell our audience the real secret behind the Dark Ticker strategy.

New Kind of Option Taking the World by Storm


Okay, guys... here’s the big reveal...

The Dark Tickers for ETFs like the SPY are called “zero-day options.”

In short, these zero-day options make it much cheaper to capture fast moves.

We trade them on the SPY between 4 and 4:15 p.m...

And the strategy goes like this...

The market is down more than 1% at the close...

And you know that historically, that means there’s an 88% chance it will move up the next day.

When Market Dropped 1%

When you see that 1% trigger... that’s when you buy a zero-day option to bet on the markets going up the next day.

And if you’re right, you’ll see a huge move in your favor.

This is why we recommend these ONLY on days after the market has a big sell-off.

Most days, it’s nearly impossible to predict the direction of the market.

But when the market goes down more than 1%, we know there is a very strong chance it will be up the next day.

That’s when things get more predictable.

And that’s when zero-day options can hand you 100% overnight.

For example, on January 5, 2023... the S&P fell 1.2%... which is exactly the kind of move we look for.

The next day, right on cue... the market rebounded big.

And zero-day options shot up to a HUGE peak of 197% the very next day.

The Dark Ticker Chart

So that one Dark Ticker trade could have handed you an extra $9,850 on a $5,000 investment... all in less than 24 hours.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a look at August 24.

The market tanked that day. It was down by 1.35%... which, as you know, means we’d gotten our trigger that the Dark Ticker had a very good chance of winning the next day.

And if you got in between 4 and 4:15, your potential gain maxed out at 139% the next day.

The Dark Ticker Chart

Best of all...

By using this strategy... you don’t have to search for “the next big thing” in tech stocks...

You don’t have to get lucky on a risky crypto or penny stock...

You don’t have to watch the market every second, worrying about when to buy... or when to sell...

You can skip all of that.

For the First Time Ever...


Now, Bryan... I know you’re excited...

But... I want to pause and recap things for everyone at home.

Here’s how the Dark Ticker strategy works:

  1. We wait for days when the market falls by AT LEAST 1%... because that’s when we know there has been an 88% chance it will rebound the next day.
  2. We trade the Dark Ticker on a market ETF like the SPY between 4 and 4:15.
  3. We close out the trade the next day... targeting a win of 100% or more.

This gives you an almost superhuman ability to turn very bad days – days when most traders are freaking out...

Into massive income opportunities!

We’ve just proven it to you...

We showed you some of the best “home run” trade examples that were possible using this strategy.

Thanks to zero-day options... you can turn a 1% move into your chance at money-doubling wins.


Ryan, at MTA... we put our money where our mouth is...

We don’t just backtest strategies.

We trade them with our own money.

So Ryan... show the audience some of your personal trades using this strategy.

Guys... this is so cool...

Take it away, Ryan.



On June 21, I made my Dark Ticker trade.

The market was down 1.2%...

It was one of those brutal days for investors.

But I’ll be honest... it got my heart pumping...


Because I knew as soon as the clock struck 4, I was going to make a Dark Ticker trade.


And what happened the next day?


Well... I have to admit... right on cue...

Just as predicted, the market opened higher.

And by 10:31 a.m., my play was already up 51%.

I made years’ worth of “buy and hold” gains... all in less than 24 hours.

This was the lightbulb, “aha” moment for me.

So on June 26, just five days later... I did it again.

The market was down big... I got excited...

An after 4, I made my Dark Ticker trade.


Okay... now tell everyone what happened the next day...


Well, my Dark Ticker trade... once again... was up 50% overnight.

Now I was getting confident. I was hooked.

So on July 6, when the market was once again slammed (it was down 1.6% this time)...

I was licking my chops.

The next day... boom... I closed out the trade for another 75% winner.

I was absolutely blown away by how this works.

But it gets even better.

Three weeks later... on July 27, I saw the market crater by 1.3%.

And this one was HUGE for me.

By 9:31 a.m., my trade was up 129%...


That was my first Overnight Double... EVER.

At this point, I was a believer. I was so excited... I ran in to tell my wife.


Guys... let’s be honest. A lot of people DON’T want to tell their spouses about their trades and their trading history...

The fact that Ryan was so excited that he was bragging about his wins...

That shows you how truly special this strategy is.

And this all happened just in Ryan’s first two months.

This is what’s so amazing about Dark Ticker trades.

As Ryan just showed you... they have the power to turn terrible, bloody market days into your favorite days of the year.

And here’s the really cool thing... The bigger the down days, the more money you can make!

Do you remember the stat we showed you before about a 5% down move?

When the market dropped 5%...

Every single time... it went up the very next day.

And the AVERAGE amount it went up...

the market dropped 5%

Was a massive 4.68% max move.

Based on our data and calculations of how zero-day options leverage those moves...

A Dark Ticker trade could make as much as 388% the very next day!

That means with just $5,000...

These trades could bring in as much as $19,400 in extra income... OVERNIGHT... all after a huge market sell-off!

$19,400 in extra income

It’s freaking amazing!

What a killer way to recover from a big market down move.

NEVER BEFORE have regular people been able to get in this type of trade every day after the closing bell...

And NEVER BEFORE have these kinds of daily options allowed you to get in cheap... and have the chance to make overnight income.


Guys, this is a brand-new opportunity to make ONE TRADE after the market closes...

And get the chance at overnight income.

Now... will you win every time? Will you always get 100% wins?

Of course not. All investing carries risk!

As we said, this strategy isn’t 100% accurate.

No strategy is.

But what we have on our side... is hard data.

In our research using Bloomberg’s database... we found that after a drop of more than 1%... the market swung back into the black the next day 88% of the time.

So this strategy is not perfect...

And I can’t promise you’ll win 88% of the time without fail.

But... I can tell you this gives us one of the highest probabilities of success I’ve ever seen in the markets.


And what’s truly amazing is what you can achieve if you trade it all year.

Real fast...

Let’s show everyone at home what could’ve happened over the past year using this strategy.

We’ve actually charted out every day the market was down more than 1% to see how it would have turned out if you’d played every single one of them.

Calender Graphic


So we’ll start at the end of September 2022...

And go through October 2023.

We’ll just base things on $5,000 per trade. Obviously... if you invest more... you’ll make more income.

On September 29... the market dropped 2%...

So... that’s the signal.

Sure enough... the next day, the Dark Ticker trade saw peak gains of 20%.

Not a huge gain... but it still worked.

Then... on September 30... the market was down 1.5%...

And this time... a Dark Ticker trade could have maxed at 115% the very next day!

In October...

There were three days that the market went down by more than 1%.

$5,000 in each Dark Ticker trade could have netted $6,000 in extra income!

From there... it was off to the races.

In November... the market was down over 1% two times.

Dark Ticker trades could have generated over $5,000 in extra income.

December... it happened six times.

That was a chance at over $9,500.

January... over $14,000 in extra income.

February... over $8,000...

March... just over $15,000...

Taken together... that’s over $65,000!

Extra Income Table

And by the time you got to October...

With all 36 of these perfectly timed Dark Ticker trades over one year...

They could have made you $85,165 in extra income!


Now... I think it’s worth pointing out one very important thing.

Because these trades last only one day, all you need is a small starting stake to trade every single opportunity that triggers over the course of a year.

In this case, even factoring in the occasional loss, just $5,000 to start with could have handed you over $85,000 in extra income.

Extra Income

Of course, you could keep that math going too.

Starting with $10,000...

It could’ve made you over $170,000!

And again... that’s using the same $10,000 for all 36 trades.

Profit Gains

Winners and losers!


That’s based on the maximum overnight income available on each day.

Your mileage would vary depending on when you chose to get out. Nobody should expect to hit the peaks every time.

That’s why we’ll be with you every step of the way... to help you maximize your daily income and minimize your risk.

There’s always risk in investing. And you never want to risk more than you can afford to lose.

But that’s why we use the data... and make sure we get in on trades only when we know the market has an 88% chance of rising the following day.


This is why you want to make a trade ONLY after days when the market is down 1% or more.

That actually happens a lot over the course of a year... about 25 to 35 times annually.

And... the great thing about this strategy is...

The system has proven its reliability time and time again over the past decade.


Now... perhaps you’re wondering...

How could the Dark Ticker prove itself over a decade... if it’s a NEW way to trade?

Well... that’s a great question.

You see...

We analyzed the current data of these new Dark Ticker trades...

But then wondered...

Can we “reverse-engineer” what Dark Ticker trades would have made you... if they had existed over the past decade?

Our data paints an incredible picture.

For example... over the past 10 years... the S&P dropped 1% or more 275 times...

That’s about 27 times per year... or around twice per month.

So... again... this isn’t a trade you’d make every day...


And that’s the big reason it works.



Because on those 275 occasions over 10 years, the market went up the next day over 88% of the time.

Here, let’s show everyone at home the exact data we’ve been talking about in this presentation:

Ryan's Dark Ticker Trade

In three years... the market was down more than 1% 112 times.

The next day... the market went up 89% of the time. That’s a great number.

In general, the market would max out the next day at around 0.92%.

Now, it’s important to remember... 0.92% might not sound big, but that is a huge day for the market.

A 0.92% gain is the equivalent of a 300-point move up for the Dow.


And... this is where those zero-day options really come in.


Exactly. Because they give you the opportunity to turn these small moves into BIG overnight paydays.

Now... zero-day options are new.

To give you a sense of the kind of impact they can have...

Here’s what we did...

We analyzed the last year and found that a 1% move translated into about an 80% gain on average with zero-day options.

Then we looked back over 10 years of market data.

Every time there was a 1% drop...

We looked at how high the market went the very next day.

Using those peak gains... we estimated how much the zero-day options would have moved if you traded them only on the days when the market was down at least 1%.

And we found that taking just $5,000...

And making Dark Ticker Trades...

Led to very big money.


Guys... these numbers are going to blow your minds...

In three years... just $5,000 could have made $420,000...

Profit Gains

In five years... it could have ballooned to $665,000...

Profit Gains

And in 10 years... it could have exploded to $1.02 million!

Profit Gains

And that, my friends... is the power of the Dark Ticker.


This strategy is so powerful... our calculations show that trading this way could have beaten “buy and hold” investing by 65 to 1 over three years... and 83 to 1 over five years!


Think about that...

You could take $5,000 and park it in the S&P 500.

Over 10 years... you’d have about $10,000 in profit. Okay, fine, that’s good.

Or... we just showed you how trading these Dark Tickers could have produced $1.02 million instead.

Profit Gains


10 grand...

Versus $1 million.

The potential in these brand-new Dark Tickers is simply out of this world...

And it’s all because we trade only when we have up to an 88% chance of the market rising.


By now... I hope you’re getting excited.

I know I was over the moon when Bryan showed me this earlier this year.

And I’ve personally traded it for some of my biggest one-day wins ever!

I can tell you from personal experience how simple Bryan’s new strategy is...

You wait for the S&P to fall at least 1%...

Make a special Dark Ticker trade after 4 p.m...

And then get out the next day.


And it’s important to emphasize...

That even during the worst financial crises, this strategy absolutely crushed.


Right. As proof...

Let’s take a look at how the Dark Ticker performed during the financial crisis of 2008...

financial crisis of 2008

From October 2007 to March 2009... a span of about 18 months...

The signal hit 107 times...

And even during that bloodbath... the next day, the market went higher 88.6% of the time.


There it is again.

That 88%.

It just blows my mind how consistent this is.

But get this...

In the case of the financial crisis, the rebounds after each huge sell-off were even bigger.

The average max gains the next day were over 1.7%.

Now... zero-day options didn’t exist back then.

But if they did... and they went up at the same ratio as they do now...

A 1.7% move would translate to 141% overnight gains.

Keep in mind... that’s just the average...

Over 18 months... that’s over 90 chances to more than double your money.


This strategy could have totally reversed the fortunes of anyone suffering through the financial crisis of 2008.

Just $1,000 in each trade could have been worth as much as $127,000...

And $5,000 could have been worth as much as $635,000!

5,000 could have been worth as much as $635,000

Don’t forget... we’re talking about just an 18-month period...

While investors were losing their shirts!

And the same thing happened during the COVID Crash from February to March 2020.

2020 Covid Crash

Keep in mind, everyone... this was the fastest bear market in our country’s history...

So while it lasted just a little over a month...

It was filled with massive market moves.


And yet...

The market still rose the following day 84% of the time.


Not 88%... what happened?


Haha, nothing is perfect. And this was the shortest window we tested, so we expected at least a little variation.

But here’s what’s really great.

This period was filled with tons of opportunities to trade the Dark Ticker!

During this period, it handed out 37 opportunities to make overnight income!

For example, on March 12, 2020, the market was down 9.6%.

The next day, right on cue, the market rebounded... up 9.4%.

And a zero-day option could have handed you up to 780%... overnight!


That’s what’s really great about this strategy...

This is how we flip the script on Wall Street...

We turn a bad day into something that’s exciting... and incredibly profitable.



I experienced that myself.

It was really strange, actually... I was actively hoping for the market to go down big because I knew it meant huge opportunity the next day.

In the past... I never liked down days. I was a “buy and hold” investor.

But now that I’ve opened my eyes to what the Dark Tickers can do... I actually LOVE down days.


And that is the absolute coolest thing about this.

We take what everyone else sees as a negative...

And turn it into an opportunity to make an absolute fortune.

Bottom line...

Volatile markets like the one we’re in right now are the PERFECT opportunities to trade Dark Tickers.

The bigger the swings from day to day...

The BIGGER the overnight gains can be!


The great thing is... this isn’t just the SPY. You can trade Dark Tickers on the Dow... the Nasdaq... even the Russell 2000.

Table Chert

And there are advantages to trading all of them.

For example, the Dow’s win rate is even better than the SPY’s 88% rate...

It’s had a 91% chance of going higher based on the signals.

And then there’s the Russell 2000 – the small cap index − which, on average, has the biggest rebound the next day.

I’ve been trading these Dark Tickers myself... and the results have been spectacular.

For example, my June 5 Dark Ticker trade came when I saw that the Russell index was down big...

I used the symbol IWM – that’s the Dark Ticker for the Russell 2000.

And sure enough... when the market opened the next day, it had reversed course... just as expected.

I ended up closing out the trade for a nice 49% gain.

Ryan's Gains

Just for perspective...

A lot of people would be happy to make 49% in a year...

But Ryan just made that OVERNIGHT!


That’s right!

And my biggest trade so far was the July 27 one, which was also on the Russell 2000.

I saw the index fall 1.3% that day.

I made my Dark Ticker Trade.

And the Russell paid off bigger than anything I had seen yet.

After closing out half my position for a quick Overnight Double – 129%, to be exact...

I decided to go for even more.

And I ended up closing my second half for 200% gains!


Heck yeah... Now we’re freaking talking!


It was truly incredible.

From then on... I was a true believer.

And the word about my success spread around the office like wildfire.

My coworker Nick gave it a try.


Right... but here’s the funny thing...

Nick is not a finance guy.

He has no luck with trading... ever.

And yet... with this strategy... he got his first Overnight Double ever.


He said (and these are his words)...

“If I can use this to make money... anyone can.”


That’s how we knew it was time to share this breakthrough with you all.

In short, we’re creating a first-of-its-kind new research service to help people trade Dark Tickers.

It will be a very simple service.

We’ll monitor ALL the indexes for you.

And if there’s a 1% drop...

We’ll alert you the moment the market closes at 4 p.m...

And we’ll give you the exact zero-day options to trade for maximum profit potential the next day.

Now, of course, if you want to go it alone, you are perfectly welcome to do so.

But you’ll have to make sure you don’t miss a 1% drop every day...

You’ll have to decide what option is right for you...

And you’ll have to decide your profit target yourself.



You can let us handle all those details.

We’ll watch ALL the indexes.

We’ll deliver the exact Dark Ticker option to trade.

And we’ll tell you exactly when to take your profit the next day.


Now... most days...

We’ll shoot for a 100% overnight gain.

But again... nothing is guaranteed. Not every trade will be a winner.

And we’re more than happy to take a 20%... 30%... or 50% gain in less than 24 hours.


I’ve personally taken a bunch of 50% winners. And I can tell you... I’ve never been disappointed!


I’d hope not!

This is why we’ll always look for the best gain available that day.

Every day in the market is different...

And we’ll be with you every step of the way.


And let me emphasize...

Everything we do will be 100% backed by data.

And as we mentioned earlier...

We’ve even dug into the probability month by month.

So we know which month is the BEST for this strategy... with the maximum chance at profit.

For example...

November is the SECOND-best month for this system. According to our data, the average index move has been 1.24%.

Best Month - Novemeber

Based on our calculations with our options strategy... if you were to sell at the peak, that could be worth an average of 99% in overnight income.

In these markets, with how volatile things have been, collecting wins like that could be a game changer.

So clearly, the time to start... is RIGHT NOW!


We’re doing all the work and analysis for you.

And we’re setting up a brand-new alert system to let you know about these trades immediately.

There’s really only two scenarios... trade or no trade.

On days that our system triggers... we’ll give you all the details of the trade...

Remember... you have only from 4 to 4:15 p.m. to make these trades.

But it takes just two to three minutes to make each one.

And once you get used to it... I know it will become second nature.


Yeah, once I got the hang of it, it was a piece of cake.

You can even enter in limit orders ahead of time – so the trade will automatically close the next day once our profit target is hit.

It’s actually really fun too.

Every day at 4, as the market was falling, I started getting super excited to make a new trade.


The payoff of using this system is clear.

No more trying to find that one miracle stock and waiting years for it to go up...

No more trying to time the next bull market...

You can kiss all of that goodbye.

After today...

All you’ll have to do is wait until 4 p.m...

Take a look at our alert...

Check it all out...

And make the trade if you choose.

We’ve shown you the odds.

You have the numbers in your favor more than 88% of the time...

But as always, you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

What’s great about these Dark Ticker trades is how inexpensive they are. You can get in for as little as $500.

Imagine: Your New Life as a Dark Ticker Trader

Now... take a second and imagine what life could be like using this system.

At 4 p.m... we send you an alert.

Turns out... the markets are down big...

Everyone is freaking out...

But you... you know how to turn crashing markets into overnight gains.

You make your Dark Ticker trade...

And then...

You go enjoy your evening.

You go out for dinner...

Maybe watch a game.

And the next morning...

You wake up, check the market and cash out for 100% gains.

Bottom line...

It’s fast...

It’s easy...

And we guide you every step of the way.

You’re Among the First to Ever Discover This Trading Strategy


And that’s why I’m excited for you to start getting this research.

Remember... with perfect timing, just $5,000 in each trade last year could have made you over $85,000...

Trading $10,000 could have been worth over $170,000!

$10,000 could have been worth over $170,000

And over 10 years... our research shows you’re breaking the $1 million mark!

Now, again... to be clear...

We aren’t saying you’ll win 100% of the time...

However, history is with you 88% of the time.

And we believe this can hand you Overnight Doubles at a very high rate of success.


Most people wait years for a chance at doubling their money...

But we believe this strategy places the odds firmly in your favor... and gives you multiple chances for Overnight Doubles all throughout the year.

That’s why we want to help you become the first to use our brand-new service called Post-Market Profits.

Post Market Profits Logo

Your Chance to Become a Post-Market Profits Member


Post-Market Profits is going to be a ton of fun... and should make a ton of money.

We’re going to take a handful of people and lead them to the best Dark Ticker trades each and every month.

We expect this to be one of the highest win-rate services we’ve ever launched.

But there is a catch.

This brand-new service is NOT for sale... NOT at any price.

You cannot access it on our company website. And if you call in to our sales team, they’ll tell you it can’t be bought individually.

There is only one way in...

This is so unique... so revolutionary... and so potentially profitable... we are reserving this service ONLY for Charter Members of our most elite group – the Monument Traders Alliance Inner Circle.

MTA Inner Circle Logo

So consider yourself lucky...

You are one of the very few people we are inviting to join our Inner Circle.

Once you become a Charter Member... you’ll get immediate access to my Post-Market Profits Trade Alert System... and every Dark Ticker trade.

Post-Market Profits Trade Alert

So for example...

On October 3... the S&P fell 1.4%.

At 4 p.m., you would have received our Dark Ticker Trade.

We would’ve told you the exact zero-day option to pick.

In this case... the options moved as high as 111% the next day.

Dark Ticker Chart

It’s really that simple!


You just follow the simple instructions... and that’s it.

And if you have any questions about trading these options, we have a complete guide available for all Charter Members of the MTA Inner Circle.


It’s my “Post-Market Profits Strategy Guide.”

Post-Market Profits Strategy Guide

It’s a short primer going through the entire process of making a Dark Ticker trade.

It goes over everything we’ve covered today... but in much more detail.

We’ll walk you through the strategy...

Explain how we pick which index we’ll use...

And even go into all the data we referenced earlier about how this strategy performs in different months.

December and January are both strong months to use this system.

So you are joining at a perfect time.

But remember... the ONLY way you can access Post-Market Profits is by becoming a Charter Member of the Inner Circle.


And... if you have any questions...

There’s another benefit you should know about.

Live Chat With Moderators

You have real-time access to our moderators from 4 to 4:30 p.m. any day we issue a new trade.

Live Chat Moderators

If you have any questions about the Post-Market Profits trade... you can directly message our U.S.-based team and ask them anything.

You know the drill... They don’t give financial advice.

But they can help clarify anything or point you to educational resources so you know exactly what to do.

No call center.

No waiting on hold.

You just message our friendly group... and you’ll get a response back almost immediately.


It’s an important point because that’s the kind of community we’ve built...

One that’s dedicated to helping every single member succeed.


So... to review...

Here’s everything you’re entitled to as a Post-Market Profits member:

Your Entire Post-Market Profits Benefits Package:

Post Market Profits Bundle
  • Access to All Our Post-Market Profits Research and Recommendations
  • The Post-Market Profits Alert System: This includes email and push notifications at 4 p.m. with instructions on how to make your Dark Ticker trades.
  • The Post-Market Profits Strategy Guide”: This contains the blueprint for the entire Dark Ticker strategy... including a complete guide on trading zero-day options.
  • The Post-Market Profits Real-Time Moderators: You’ll get instant access to our team of REAL PEOPLE... available to answer any questions you have about your subscription or the trades for the day.

PLUS, not only that... I have two more special benefits for you.

Sell Signal Alert
  • Sell Signal Instructions: This is the best part of the service. These will explain eactly how to take your profits.

And this next thing, guys, is the big one.

Sneak peak of Command Center
  • Exclusive Access to Our Brand-New “Command Center”

Ever since we launched the Monument Traders Alliance, our members have asked for a way to access every trade we make in one place.

Here... as an Inner Circle Member, you’ll get a live feed for ALL our trades... across ALL our publications.

I have no doubt...

By this time next year...

Thanks to your time in this Charter Membership group, your life will look completely different.


If this past year is any indication...

You could see 35 trades in the next 12 months just on the SPY... and perhaps 180 or more on all the major indexes.

And remember...

Over the past 10 years... just $5,000...

Into every trade...

Could have generated up to $1 million in extra income.

$5,000 could have generated up to $1 Million

That’s why you want to be part of the elite group that gets access to Post-Market Profits!


Remember, we are reserving this limited access ONLY for those who are in our highest level of membership: the Monument Traders Alliance Inner Circle.


Or just MTA Inner Circle for short.

MTA inner circle logo


So, Bryan, tell our viewers what Inner Circle is all about.


Four years ago, I had a vision to bring all traders together in a community focused on generating daily wealth.

Over the years, it’s evolved to include multiple services, some of the best stock and option experts in the world, and some of the savviest and most elite traders you’ll ever see.

All of it combined to generate millions upon millions in profits.

But as we’ve grown, our members have continually asked for one thing...

A way to access every service, every trade and every moneymaking opportunity... all in one membership.

And that’s what we’ve created with the Inner Circle.

It grants you access to everything we do.

As such... the only way to gain admission to Post-Market Profits... is to accept this exclusive invitation to join our Inner Circle.

And when you do, you’ll get instant access to everything we do.

It starts with our flagship service: The War Room.

War Room logo

The War Room is a live chat room where my partner Karim and I give you market analysis and live trade recommendations − all 100% in real time.

War Room Stats

Over five years, we’ve delivered winning picks on just about 8 out of every 10 recommendations.

We have a 76% win rate and over 1,780 winning trades... despite years of market volatility... which is something I’m incredibly proud of.


I love the live format.

The community is super tight-knit.

You can ask them questions...

You can read their trade ideas...

And best of all, we all celebrate our wins together.


Simply put...

The War Room is the biggest breakthrough in financial research technology the world has ever seen.

We give commentary and trade recommendations on anything we think will make money.

Any sector...

Stocks and options.

And the majority of our biggest, fastest winners come from options.


When we say it’s an elite community, we aren’t kidding.

We have had over 19,000 members from 194 countries around the world.

Our Members

One of our greatest success stories is from a reader who took $20,000 and turned it into $185,000 in one year – making more from trading than from his day job.

He increased the value of his entire account by 9X!

Another member, Mohammed, did even better...

He turned a $25,000 portfolio into over $225,000...

In just four months!

And George knocked it out of the park during the worst three months of COVID...

He took $165,000 and hit peak gains of over $2.3 million!

Now, results will vary reader to reader, and these are our best success stories...

But the bottom line is...

Membership in The War Room has changed their finances... and their lives...



Here’s a quick snapshot of what you get as a War Room member...

Member Benefit #1: My Premarket Commentary

Every morning at 9 a.m., 30 minutes before the open, I deliver all my premarket notes to War Room members.

I break down the big macro trends I’m seeing...

As well as the companies I’m watching.

Member Benefit #2: All My Live Trade Alerts

Once 9:30 a.m. strikes...

We’re off to the races.

And the SECOND there’s a recommendation...

You IMMEDIATELY get access to it inside The War Room.

I give you the ticker symbol... the trade instructions... the exact price target...

EVERYTHING you need to get into – and out of – the trade.

My members have had the chance at top gains like 53% in four minutes... 73% in 10 minutes...

And even 121% in just over an hour.

Bryan's Gains

But that’s not all...

Member Benefit #3: Trade Alerts for the Busy War Room Member


Let me take this next one...

It’s the question we get most often from people who would like to be traders...

Do I have to be in front of my computer all day?


With The War Room’s trade notification system...

War Room Trade Notification

The answer is a huge NO!

When you opt in, we’ll send you an alert every time we make a trade recommendation...

Right to your phone or computer.

So, that way, even if you aren’t logged in to The War Room, you’ll always know when a new trade goes out. 

We have plenty of members just like you who are extremely busy.

Some have regular day jobs.

Some simply want to enjoy their days and don’t want to be on the computer.

Our alert system is perfect for those people.

You just get the trades, and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Bottom line...

The War Room is designed to work around your schedule.


And our members love this.

Here’s just a sample of some of our happiest members’ posts:

“I held Walmart, CBOE, General Motors and Microsoft through the night. I then exited for 24%, 39%, 54% and 68% in profit! That totaled up to $3,044 in less than 24 hours! Thanks, Bryan!”Bill R.
120% gain overnight on Ciena for me. Best day in The War Room!!!”Nick
“I had never traded options before joining War Room. [Yet] I have now achieved a 100% return from my initial capital ($150,000 portfolio grew into over $300,000). The eight-month gain from trading has easily out earned my salary.”Ken
“Bought Clorox at $3.40, sold at $5.60 and netted $11,000 in two days.”James C.
“FedEx was good for me... Bought at $3.40... out of them this a.m. for $7.80... Made $11,520 [in one day].Robert D.
“Nasdaq... $6,440.00 net profit (95% in one day) while listening to live reggae on a cruise ship with a wee dram in hand! Thanks, Bryan.”Bruce
“It’s time to THANK Bryan again. Last month, I rolled back into NUGT at $5.17. At month’s end, I bought 50 more at $0.85 and just sold all 60 at $3.80 for a profit of $16,529 (264%). Nice belated Easter present! THX.”Jock B.

We have literally thousands of posts like this from members. I could go on and on forever. But for the interest of your time, I’ll stop here.


Now... keep in mind...

One year of The War Room retails for $7,500.

But think about the fact that Jock banked a $16,000 win in one month...

That’s well over double the cost to join for a year... in just one month’s time.

The service has paid for itself in one trade many times for members.

But here’s the thing... as a Member of our Inner Circle, you won’t have to pay that $7,500 fee.

Instead, you’ll get access to The War Room completely FREE.

War Room's Chat Room

And that’s only the beginning of your Membership package.

Watch Nate Bear (the Millionaire Trader) Challenge Himself to Build ANOTHER Million-Dollar Portfolio... Right Before Your Eyes

There’s also our new streaming room, Daily Profits Live, featuring multimillionaire trader Nate Bear.

Nate Bear's Daily Profits Live

Nate is someone I actively recruited to join us at Monument Traders Alliance.

He caught my attention by developing quite a following outside of our community.

Nate didn’t have a background in trading.

He wasn’t on Wall Street.

He didn’t manage a hedge fund or anything like that.

He spent years working in construction... until he decided to change his life by learning to trade.

He developed the skills necessary to take $37,000...

And generate over $2.7 MILLION in verified trading profits over just four years.

$37,000 investment generated $2.7 Million

From there, he became one of the most sought-after trading experts on the internet.

I knew we needed him as part of our group.

So I asked him to join us and take on a very important mission.

I wanted him to start again with $37,000... and try to turn it into millions all over again.

But this time, he’d be doing it LIVE in front of our members so they could follow along.

Soon after he came on board, he had one of the best trading weeks I’ve ever seen.

In June, he scored FIVE 100% winners... in a single week!

At the end of September... he had another one of his best weeks...

Going 6 for 6... all while the market was DOWN almost 1%.

One week in October, he went 8 for 10... averaging a double-digit gain on every trade.

Now, of course, this is a fast-paced options service, so losses are part of the game.

But the great thing about options is that even if you win on half of your trades, all it takes is a couple of home runs to make a MASSIVE difference.

And Nate has most certainly been hitting home runs... making him a perfect addition to our elite trading community.

As an Inner Circle Member, you can tune in and watch his every trade... live and in real time.

Daily Profits Live Logo

And the results Nate’s top members are reporting are phenomenal. Some are grabbing even bigger gains than Nate is recording in his official track record!

Like Phil, who wrote in and made 450% in a few hours on Nate’s CVNA play...

"Nate thanks for the CVNA trade. Took 450% win [within a few hours]. Happy days!" — Phil

Or Steve, who wrote in after his first 1,000% gain (it was just a five-day trade... and he closed it out on the GOLF COURSE!)...

"Not to brag but because of Nate I was able to hit my first ever 1,000% gain after just 5 days. Closed while on the golf course yesterday." — Steve

The cost of Nate’s service individually is $5,000 per year.

But remember...

You get complete access to Daily Profits Live for FREE when you become an Inner Circle Member.

Daily Profits Live's Website

But that’s still not all...

Because you’ll also get access to our proprietary stock-scanning software: ProfitSight.

Profit Sight's Website

If you haven’t heard about ProfitSight yet...

In short...

It’s something I’ve wanted for my entire 20-year career.

Here’s how it works.

Using proprietary artificial intelligence technology...

ProfitSight scans stocks for patterns that indicate when a stock is likely to quickly move up or down.


Prior to its launch last year, we ran a backtest from January to September and analyzed over 2,300 trades.


Keep in mind... this was our blind monkey test...

This was tracking every single alert... no matter what the situation.


Even then, our backtest showed that the potential options gains were out of this world...

For instance, look at these same-day gains:

  • Gains as high as 400% on QuantumScape
  • Gains as high as 288% on Teladoc Health
  • Gains as high as 553% on Peloton.
Same Day Gains

Now, of course, no one should follow this software – or any software – blindly.

This research tool simply alerts you when a pattern shows up in a stock. You still should use your own judgment before you get into any trade.

But after seeing this amazing data, we launched ProfitSight to our members in November.

From January to June 2023... our test data shows this tool could have helped pinpoint trades that doubled the return of the S&P...

For example, it could have alerted users to a pattern in Roku...

That one play could have gained 513%.

Luminar Technologies was a potential 10-bagger...

If you’d acted on the alert when it told you a pattern formed... it could have been a 1,086% gain in less than a day!

And Bed Bath & Beyond could have been a monster...

This software could have spotted a pattern that would have been worth over 1,300%... in a matter of hours!

Long story short, our members went absolutely crazy for ProfitSight.


Just take a look at the best reports we’ve gotten from members who’ve used this breakthrough trading research tool:

“Oh how I love PS! It has paid for itself about 20 times over now. In less than 2 weeks! I started with $12,500. That $12,500 is at $37,758 today.” – GR in KC
“Lifetime across all service here and I must say = I LOVE ProfitSight as it allows me to feel VERY confident on levels of entry and as importantly EXIT!! This system rocks!” – Woodman
“PS signal with CHWY 10 contracts in at $1.10 and out at $2.20 for 100%(in three weeks). Almost paid for my PS subscription with this one trade!” – Cindy
“P$ update: so far I have made 19 trades from alerts, 15 have been winners and 4 losers, that’s a 79% win rate I’ll take that any day. Has worked pretty good so far. I have been getting 5 to 7 alerts a day which is plenty to trade.” – Terry C.
“First P$ update: Went live on Wed. and had 3 winners: RIVN ‘W’ for +30%, DLTR ‘W’ for +32%, and TSLA ‘W’ for +11%. Yesterday alerted to TSLA ‘M’ for +30%. Outstanding results so far. Love the software and have already paid for my lifetime membership in P$. Thanks BB!” – Don W.
“3 alerts on P$ today... all 3 positive results!” – T.J. in West PA
“Got an alert on DLTR on Friday and made my first trade for a 43% same-day win!! Looking forward to many more of these.” – Stephen S.
“Wow... 10 alerts so far today... all but one in the profit zone! Have only entered six but WOW” – Rick
“I’m on a cruise ship in the Bahamas... Made 142% gain on CRWD... $6,943 in profit [in the first two weeks]! To borrow Bryan’s highly scientific term... this is frickin awesome!”– Brad
In the last two days have had 4 winners no losers.” – HL
“1st P$ trade yesterday... In yesterday... out this morning for 107% gain. Nice... thanks!” – Bryan P.
“Got into a p$ recommended trade, hit my target and got out. EYYYYE LIKE IT! ...1st win of many!” – Paul M.
“Just completed my first P$ trade on COP... out for a profit! What fun!” – FunMoney

Once again, I could go on forever... but you get the point.

Now... because this uses REAL-TIME data... this service isn’t cheap.

That’s why ProfitSight is $5,000 per year.



Once again...

You get FREE access to ProfitSight as an Inner Circle Member.

Profit Sight logo

Inner Circle Members are going to love everything we’ve packed into this Membership.

And there are two more things I haven’t even mentioned yet.

You’ll also get our two other popular subscriptions...

Trade of the Day Plus...

Trade of the Day Plus logo with Bryan and Karim headshots

That’s where Bryan and Karim will give you their #1 pick of the week, along with specific buy instructions...

And Profit Surge Trader...

Which is Nate Bear’s special livestream session at noon every Monday.

Nate Bear's Profit Surge Trader logo

With Profit Surge Trader, he focuses on one ticker a week for a chance at a huge earnings surge... and weekly paydays.

Some of the top wins Nate has uncovered have been spectacular...

Like a 76% gain in four days on Amazon...

Or a 80% gain in one day on Netflix...

And even a 100% gain in seven days on Google.

Nate's Top Wins

So let me recap.

When you join our Inner Circle today...

You’ll get access to EVERYTHING we produce...

bundle image

Including membership in The War Room...

Access to Daily Profits Live...

Our proprietary ProfitSight software...

And Trade of the Day Plus and Profit Surge Trader.

But most importantly...

You’ll get ALL our brand-new Dark Ticker trades as part of our new Post-Market Profits service.

Now... until this moment...

If you’d wanted access to everything, it would have cost you $18,750 per year. And keep in mind, that DOES NOT include Post-Market Profits... which we are NOT selling at any price.

But when you’re in the Inner Circle... you get access to all of it without paying anywhere near $18,750.


Bottom line...

This Inner Circle Membership is your all-access pass...

You’ll Be Able to Unlock Almost Limitless Opportunities... And Essentially INFINITE Profit Potential


Keep in mind... you’ll also get unrestricted access to everything in our Command Center.

That’s the one simple spot where you’ll be able to see every recommendation.

You’ll never have to worry about missing any of the action.

Anytime there’s a trade... you’ll see it pop right into the Command Center in real time.


Alright, obviously, this is a huge value. But at this point, our audience has only one question on their minds... What will it cost to become one of the first Charter Members in the Inner Circle?

Well, we have some very good news.

Ryan, why don’t you pull back the curtain and share what a ridiculous deal we’ve decided to offer?


Okay, let’s do this thing.

As a Charter Member of our Inner Circle... you’ll get everything we’ve described... plus Post-Market Profits...

ALL for just $3,997.

bundle image

That’s all you’ll pay for an entire year of EVERYTHING we offer...

And you’ll start getting all our Dark Ticker trades as soon as the next closing bell.


Now... keep in mind...

Our Dark Ticker trades alone could make you WAY more than the subscription price.

Think about it...

One Overnight Double on a Dark Ticker trade could pay for the whole thing.

Not to mention... our calculations show that over the course of the past year... a $5,000 investment in each peak Dark Ticker SPY trade could have generated over $85,000!

$5,000 investment generated over $85,000

That’s over 21 times the cost to join.

And that’s from just one service!


Not only that, that $85,000 is just from the trades on the SPY Dark Ticker.

With Post-Market Profits, we’ll be monitoring the Dark Tickers for all FOUR indexes...

So there could be four times the profit opportunities.


This truly is an opportunity for almost an INFINITE return on your investment today.

But we must hear from you right now.

This Charter Membership offer is available ONLY as part of this special presentation.

So click on the button right now.


Keep in mind...

Clicking right now doesn’t obligate you in any way.

You can take a look at everything you’ll receive as a new Inner Circle Member before you decide.

So I encourage you to click that button below.


Look... the Dark Ticker truly represents a breakthrough in trading.

To be able to predict the market direction at an 88% probability is absolutely game-changing.

And the chance to make these trades between 4 and 4:15... in a small corner of the market that nobody knows about... is huge.

I am more excited about this than anything I’ve seen in 25 years of trading the market...

And I want you to be part of this.

So now... it’s decision time.

We’ve shown you the data...

The consistent 88% success rate ... over three years... five years... even 10 years.

You’ve seen the potential 166%... 111%... 155%... even 197% gains... all of them overnight...

You’ve seen Ryan’s REAL trades...

And we’ve shown you how $5,000 could have generated over $85,000.

I’ll be blunt...

This is the most revolutionary trading advantage I’ve ever discovered.

And the time to start using it... is right now.

Click on that button below and start turning every market down day into a fortune making opportunity.


Let me leave you with one final thought...

This approach has completely changed the way I look at the markets.

I never would have imagined actively hoping for the next big down day.

But here I am. Every time the market drops, I get so excited to get to 4 p.m. and make a Dark Ticker trade.

With Post-Market Profits...

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