Nate Bear Turned $37,000 Into Over $1 Million in Just Three Years...

Now He Wants to Do It AGAIN While You Watch Him Trade 100% LIVE

Ryan Fitzwater, host and Nate Bear, Minivan Millionaire posing infront of Minivan Millionaire Livestream Logo
Ryan Fitzwater:

Hello everyone...

Welcome to today’s Minivan Millionaire Livestream event!

Joining me... the man of the hour...

Multimillion-dollar trader... Nate Bear.

Welcome, Nate!

Nate Bear:

Thanks Ryan!

It’s great to be here!

Ryan Fitzwater:

And we are pumped to hear from you today!

Let me start with a little bit of background about Nate Bear.

Nate Bear Headshot

Nate started his career in construction... working long hours remodeling stores for places like Home Depot and McDonald’s...

He received calls at all hours... with problem after problem to solve.

It required a TON of time away from family – sometimes he’d leave on a Monday and not return until Friday.

It was brutal.

But in 2015...

With several new mouths to feed... all living in a small 1,200-square-foot house...

Nate decided he needed more to provide for his family.

He was going to take a big risk and quit his job...

To get into trading instead.

And listen, everyone... I won’t sugarcoat it.

At the start, he was terrible at it.

He made the same mistakes we’ve all made.

He chased the big gains... he got blown up several times... his wife even yelled at him on occasion. (And Nate will tell you she was right!)

Nate was about to give up.

But then, something changed.

Nate Bear Headshot

He discovered a rare and unusual trading method that altered his life forever.

It’s something he used to become what we call a “Minivan Millionaire”...

Because this secret was so simple, he could use it to make trades even as he was waiting to pick up the kids from school... while he was surrounded by minivans.

Within the first three years... Nate had already used this trading secret to turn $37,000 into over $1 million.

And in the fourth year... he made ANOTHER $1.4 million in profits... just in that one year alone!

That’s a grand total of over $2.7 MILLION in profits...

turn $37,000 into over $1 million  $2.7 MILLION in profits

Again... starting with just $37K.

We verified these numbers through his brokerage account – and we’ll even display his tax returns to show his income on your screen right now.

Screenshots of Nate Bear's brokerage account

We want to be totally transparent here.

Nate Bear tax returns 2016-2019

Nate is the REAL DEAL.

And since his remarkable journey began, Nate has become one of the most sought-after trading experts in the world.

He’s shared his secrets with thousands of traders from all around the globe.

He’s spoken at various investor conferences...

And he’s helped regular people from all walks of life find the best plays in the market to reach their financial goals.

But today... we’re all here for something new.

Something really BIG.

Our group at Monument Traders Alliance has convinced Nate to take on a brand-new challenge.

His personal goal: To turn another $37,000 stake into $1 million.

But this time, he’s doing it 100% live... on camera... in front of you.

Will he be able to do it in three years this time?

Obviously... in the market... there are no guarantees.

But he’s convinced he can do it.

Because he’s created a system that’s far more simple and powerful than anything he’s used before.

And he wants to teach you to use that system for yourself.

You can watch his every single move as he tackles the live market. You’ll get a first-class education from a proven veteran trader.

And it all begins right here... right now...

Because in today’s one-of-a-kind livestream event...

Nate will reveal the secret behind his trading success.

  • He’ll show you the “newbie” mistakes he made when he got started...
    (So you don’t make them!)
  • He’ll show how he developed a proven 3-step method to finding the best trades to make consistent winners.
  • He’ll reveal how you can make trades whenever you have a few spare minutes... just like when he’s picking up the kids with the other minivans.
  • He’ll even show you a live trade with his own money... so you can see what it’s like to watch him in real time during this special event.

Going forward, he’s going to do something special for anyone who wants to follow him until he reaches his goal.

In fact... you’ll have the opportunity to see EVERY trade he makes for this sprint challenge...

That’s right.

For the first time ever...

You’ll be able to watch a veteran trader as he streams everything he does with $37,000 of his OWN money...

Live... on camera daily... with unprecedented access.

It’s no exaggeration to say this could be the transformative moment you’ve waited your entire investment career to find.


With Nate’s trading method...

  • You DON’T have to find the next Apple... or Netflix... or Tesla...
  • You DON’T have to get lucky with Bitcoin, cryptos, NFTs... or any other investment fads...
  • And you DON’T have to find a stock that goes straight up for the next 10 years.

You just need a system that can find consistent wins... and a mentor to help you use it.

If you can watch a streaming video... follow a few simple directions... and make a couple of clicks on your computer...

You can start using the same strategy that helped make Nate the “Minivan Millionaire.”

I know Nate’s ready...

I’m sure you are too...

So... let’s get to it!

About Us

Now, everyone... I’m so happy you are here today...

Ryan Fitzwater

We are honored you are joining us.

In case you don’t know me... my name is Ryan Fitzwater. I am the publisher of Monument Traders Alliance.

I’ve been in the publishing world for over a decade.

And a few years ago I joined Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla in their breakthrough real-time trading research platform and community: The War Room.

Bryan Botterelli and Karim Rahemtulla with WAR ROOM logo

I’m sure many of you here have heard of The War Room...

In fact, I’m sure there are a lot of War Room members joining us today!

For those of you unfamiliar with The War Room, it is an online trading community that launched in 2019. Since then, it has grown to thousands of members.

Together, Bryan and Karim have a 77% win rate on over 2,000 trades.

But over the years, we’ve been asked many times... Will you ever bring in a new tactician?

Well, we’ve been reluctant to do so.

We’ve done a few trial runs... but in the end, nothing lasted... because we couldn’t find a trader who lived up to our high expectations.

Well, that has finally changed.

And I’m honored for the first time to introduce everyone to our first trading specialist outside of The War Room.

So Nate... I gave you a bit of an introduction...

And I’ve let everyone know your new goal: to turn $37K into $1 million again...

But I wanted to begin by asking you about the first time you pulled that off.

It took you three years.

Can you tell us about your journey?

Nate Bear:

Sure Ryan.

You mentioned the fact that I worked for a company that would renovate stores like Home Depot and McDonald’s.

Most of the actual construction work was done at night.

That meant I had to work like a normal person would during the day...

And handle calls all throughout the night.

Plus a lot of travel.

It was a 24/7 grueling lifestyle.

Ryan Fitzwater:

I’ve got two young kids... I can’t imagine how tough that must have been.

Nate Bear:

It was.

It was completely unsustainable.

I knew I needed a change.

So... I did what a lot of people do when they’re looking to make money outside of the traditional 9-to-5...

I gave trading a shot.

I started with a little $1,000 account.

I think I took $100 and put it into about 10 stocks.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And you instantly became a millionaire, right?

Nate Bear:


I pretty much lost all of it almost immediately.

I broke all the rules.

I had no system.

I didn’t use proper position sizing. And I invested in risky penny stocks.

Ryan Fitzwater:


Nate Bear:

From there... I got another $10,000 account.

I got better... and this time, my account started to grow.

I learned to read charts... and discovered how to find the right setups that gave me more of an edge to have the best chance to make money.

Bryan Botterelli and Karim Rahemtulla with WAR ROOM logo

But still, I made some really costly mistakes.

I even lost $15,000 in just one day.

I’ll be honest: It was because I was stupid. It was a dumb penny stock that people were pumping...

It’s funny to look back on it now... but back then... it wasn’t funny at all.

I was so angry I punched a hole in the wall next to my desk... and the hole stayed there for two years...

I stared at it day after day as a reminder of my failure.

That is, until I bought my new house... but we’ll get to that in a second.

Bottom line...

I had a lot of learning to do.

And then... the pressure mounted even more...

My son was born.

For me... that changed everything.

I had my wife... and now three children...

I had to really think about what I wanted in life.

For me... the answer was to take things seriously...

And put all my focus into trading...

But this time... I decided it would be pass or fail.

I’d either succeed as a trader... or give it up forever.

So in 2016... I started treating trading like a business.

I studied hard.

I learned from other great traders.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was still making mistakes.

I was overtrading and still taking on more risk than I should have.

In all... I traded with $37,000 in my account. It was a lot of money for me.

It was a big risk... for me and my family.

But by the end of the year, I had made $183K in profits.

Ryan Fitzwater:

That’s a heckuva year! That’s like 5X growth.

Nate Bear:

I have to tell you... that was the game changer for me and my family.

I made far more than I did from my construction job.

So I decided that trading would be my full-time job going forward.

The next year, I almost broke the million-dollar mark...

And by year three, I had made well over $1 million... and I was paying myself along the way...

Plus withdrawing money for a new house... and a new Jeep for my wife as a Valentine’s Day present!

And in the fourth year... I actually pulled in another $1.4 million in profits!

Ryan Fitzwater:

ANOTHER million dollars?

So those four years... you raked in $2.7 million in total profits?

Nate Bear:

I did.

But to be clear...

During these years, I was still experimenting... and finding what worked for me.

There were a lot of things I tried that I’m not going to do again.

Like trading on margin... investing in penny stocks... and overtrading.

Ryan Fitzwater:

What do you mean by overtrading?

Nate Bear:

Well... I was trying to trade too much.

At times, I was making 20 trades a day.

Ryan Fitzwater:

20 trades a day!

That does sound way too intense for most people.

Nate Bear:

Oh... I agree.

It was too much.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this experience...

It’s the importance of focusing on the very best setups... and not trying to chase every opportunity you see.

Over the years, I’ve learned that you can do just as well making far fewer trades... as long as you have a consistent system.

In fact, it’s gone so well that once I made enough money, I decided to live off the proceeds... on my own terms.

Two years ago, I decided to retire.

By then, I had four kids...

And I wanted to spend more time with them.

Plus... with COVID making everyone stay home and basically become homeschool teachers...

Home life got really busy.

I decided to step away from trading in order to help my kids stay on track with their education. 

Ryan Fitzwater:

Thanks to trading, you were one of the fortunate ones who could afford to stay home with your kids during COVID.

Now, for everyone watching at home... let me give you a little background.

Nate is a trader we got to know over the years when his amazing success started circulating in the trading community.

To be honest, we’ve been trying to get him on board with us for years.

But he always turned us down.

Why is that, Nate?

Come on, be honest!

Nate Bear:

Haha, well it’s not because I don’t like you guys.

It’s just that I was living a happy life.

Spending so much time with my wife and kids was really rewarding.

So I never felt the need to come back.

Ryan Fitzwater:

But now that’s changed.

What happened?

Nate Bear:

Well, a few things.

For one, I missed the fun and excitement of trading.

Now that my kids are back to school, I’ve got a lot more free time.

And I want to get back into the markets.

I want to feel the energy of the big wins... of seeing my account rise even on down days in the market.

I miss that.

Ryan Fitzwater:

You’re like Tom Brady... you just love the competition too much.

Nate Bear:

I really do.

But as you know, Ryan, there’s another element to this.

I always knew if I came out of retirement, it wouldn’t just be to make more money...

It would be to help other people do what I did.

Up until now, I didn’t have the platform to share my trade ideas in real time so other people could do it alongside me.

Nate Bear Livestreaming

But now, you’ve built the perfect livestreaming platform so that I can share my trades instantly.

That’s the biggest thing that has me so excited.

So... I’m starting with an account of $37,000 just like the first time.

And my goal is to once again turn that sum into over $1 million.

Will I hit it in 3 years?

Any experienced trader knows that nothing is guaranteed in the market.

It could take me three years again... or five... or more.

Then again, I’m confident enough in my system that it might happen in one!

But as I go after my goal, today I’m inviting everyone here to watch my every move...

You’ll learn exactly what I’m doing... and why... every single day in the market.

You’ll see every single trade I make – along with all the details of what I’m buying... and when I’m selling.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Nate, I think I speak for all of us at Monument Traders Alliance when I say I am thrilled that you’ve decided to get back in the game...

And join us!

Now... before we get to how people can watch you trade, I want to teach everyone how you actually do it!

I want to get into your winning system... and show everyone exactly how you built a million-dollar portfolio through trading the first go-around.

So let me break down the agenda of everything we are going to share today.


First we will go over...

  • Nate’s system for finding monster winning trades... which is the cornerstone of the system he’s going to be using in his upcoming $37,000 sprint challenge.

Then, we’ll cover...

  • Nate’s rules to avoid costly mistakes.

We’ll walk you through...

  • A demo of a live trade (so you can see what it’s like to look over Nate’s shoulder).

You’ll discover...

  • How you can watch Nate’s real, live trades as he pursues his goal to build another million-dollar portfolio.

And finally...

  • Nate will unveil his “Million-Dollar Club” (something you won’t want to miss).

I’m excited for everyone at home to get the details about the Million-Dollar Club.

I’ve worked in the financial research world for over 10 years...

I’ve seen it all...

And I have to tell you... this is unlike ANYTHING I’ve seen before.


To start things off...

I want to show the folks at home a couple things.

Everyone, Nate is not coming into this new challenge cold.

He’s been warming up with a bunch of real trades. And I can tell you already, the results are looking great.

Let’s start with Coinbase on January 27th.

Here’s the chart of your trade.


Now... what are we looking at?

Nate Bear:

Well... first of all, this is part of my TPS system.

This is the type of trade that can pay off big... really fast.

In short, there is a signal that I look for... and this is key to my trading system... that helps me identify when stocks could pop in the middle of the trading day.

I watch for the signal...

And then make a quick trade.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And in this case, you were able to capture 134% in 3 days.


Now, Nate... most people wait all year to get gains like that...

You’re telling me you did that in just a few days?

Nate Bear:

That’s right, Ryan.

And the really fun thing is, I make these trades from all over the place.

For this Coinbase trade, I was about to go work out.

I saw the setup... got in... and set my parameters right before hitting the weights.

It seems too easy...

But when you understand my system for spotting breakout moves...

It’s not a fantasy... It’s just a simple skill that anyone can learn.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And you do this all the time.

I remember when you sent me this Coinbase trade... there was another top trade example you sent me just a few hours later.

Nate Bear:

That’s right...

Next up was Tesla.

This one was another TPS trade.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Let’s pull up that chart...


Now... I’ll be honest... when I look at that chart...

I’m not sure what I’m seeing...

Nate Bear:

Nothing jumps out at you, huh?

Ryan Fitzwater:

Not really.

Nate Bear:

Well... we’ll change that in just a few minutes.

In fact... I guarantee I’ll show you a chart just like this before the end of this presentation...

And you’ll be able to tell me exactly why a big move is coming.

The same goes for everyone watching us right now.

It’s as simple as three letters.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Three letters... that’s it?

Nate Bear:

That’s it.

And if you know those three letters... you can spot these breakout opportunities.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Well... I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say...

Because the part I DO know right now is what happened next with Tesla...

It went vertical for the next few minutes.

It was good for one of the fastest doubles I’ve ever seen.

Nate Bear:

Yup... 111% to be exact – in just a few minutes!

Ryan Fitzwater:

But that’s not even the best part.

Because right after you sent me that... you sent me this picture:

Nate Bear in his Minivan waiting infront of his kid's school

Now... tell everyone at home what we are looking at here.

Nate Bear:

Well... this picture is actually the inspiration behind the title of our special event today.

This is my view as I was waiting for my kids in the line at school... behind dozens of other minivans.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Ha! Just to be clear for everyone at home...

There you were, Nate... waiting at the school... surrounded by minivans...

And while most parents kill time while they wait for their kids by scrolling on social media on their phones...

You were doubling your money with a few taps of your finger.

Nate Bear:


Ryan Fitzwater:

And that picture... ladies and gentlemen... is why I started calling Nate the “Minivan Millionaire.”

Nate Bear:

I have to hand it to you... it’s kind of catchy.

Ryan Fitzwater:

I mean... that’s why we called this event the Minivan Millionaire Livestream!


And that’s the power of what we want to share with you all today.

Now... obviously Nate is human...

He doesn’t hit winners every single time.

But get this...

Just in the first month of this year, as he dipped his toes back in the water... preparing for this special sprint challenge...

He made a total 65% return.

Again... that’s in one month.

I mean... his results are phenomenal.

And that’s why I’m excited for today...

Because for the first time ever... Nate is coming OUT of retirement to reveal this amazing system.

And he’s also going to unveil his “Million-Dollar Club” in just a few minutes.

Now... keep in mind... the wins I just told you about were just the tip of the iceberg, as you’ll see.

In fact...

Just a few days later... he locked in three more top winners.

  • A 90% gain on Carvana...
  • A 164% gain on Riot...
  • And a shocking 412% gain on the S&P.


These are all same-day gains?

So... 412% over the course of one day?!

Nate Bear:

That’s right...

And there’s one thing I want to get across today...

It’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned in this journey.

This isn’t about just making money.

It’s about keeping the most valuable resource you’ll ever have:


You can make more money.

But no matter who you are – even if you are a billionaire...

You can never make more time.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share with everyone the secrets I’ve learned about trading.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Well, let’s show the people at home how your system works!

Nate Bear:

Sure thing!

Let’s get into it...

In order to find the types of trades we just showed you, all you need are three letters.

T.P. S.


Let’s start with this chart...

It’s Tesla.


And no, Ryan... the “T” doesn’t stand for Tesla...

The first part of the system is to find the trend.

That’s the T.

Basically... we don’t want to try to fight a trend.

Now... keep it simple.

We aren’t trying to draw trend lines or channels or anything like that.

All you are looking for...

Is whether the stock... as it’s going from left to right... is heading up...

Or down.

In the case of Tesla...

It’s going up.

That’s all we need to know for now when it comes to T...


Whether the stock is heading up or down over the last few weeks.

The next letter is P.

This is about the pattern.

The core of the system is built on the understanding that stocks don’t just go straight up.

Stocks move up in steps.

First... the stock will go up.

Then it’ll consolidate and trade flat for a bit.

Then it’ll shoot up again.

So... that’s what you look for.

You look for the “rest” period in a stock’s price – that’s the pattern.


The stock has gone up...

Then it hovers around for a bit...

Then it goes up again.

These step-ups are one of the most common patterns I see every day.

So that’s exactly what I look for.

I want to see a stock that is generally moving up, but has paused briefly before the next move.

It’s bouncing around a particular price...

And that’s the price I want to pay when I get in.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Ok... so we have the trend... that’s the T.

We have the pattern... that’s the P.

What’s next?

Nate Bear:

Well... everything I’ve shown you so far is very simple.

And for me, I always like simple. I am not a fan of big, complicated systems. I find that the simpler the strategy, the more consistent it is.

But let me get to the last step.

This is by far the most important part... the “secret sauce,” so to speak.

Because this is the “catalyst” that tells me that the stock has “rested” enough...

And is ready for another breakout.

It’s called...

The squeeze.

See these red dots?

Ryan Fitzwater:

That’s the squeeze?

Nate Bear:


What’s happening here is volatility is contracting – or “squeezing” – and building momentum for the next big move.

Think of this like a slingshot.

As volatility pulls back, that means the buying activity on Wall Street is about to slingshot higher.

And that is the moment you want to make your trade.

So it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

The trend goes up from left to right.

A pattern forms and shows that the stock is at a great buying level.


Ryan Fitzwater:

You look for the red dots that indicate the squeeze is on.

Nate Bear:

You got it!

Ryan Fitzwater:

So what happens next?

Nate Bear:

Well... for Tesla... you can see what happens here.

For me...

It was a 493% gain in just 5 days.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Holy cow!

A 6X gain on that one trade...

And you knew it was coming because of the squeeze?

Nate Bear:

Well... the squeeze was the final piece... yes.

But... I also have to tell you this...

493% was just the average gain for that trade.

I let my profits run for part of it... which means my max gains were as much as 1,300% on a portion of that one trade.

Ryan Fitzwater:

That’s amazing.

But... I have to ask you... did you invent this “squeeze”?

Nate Bear:


It’s actually a well-known indicator.


I won’t bore you with the details...

Anyone who is curious can read all about it in John Carter’s book: “Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups.”

But for any of the technical whiz kids out there...

The squeeze is when the Bollinger Bands trade inside of the Keltner Channels.

Ryan Fitzwater:

I’m familiar with those terms...

But I’m sure many of our viewers think you are basically speaking Greek right now.

Nate Bear:

Fair enough...

And really... you don’t need to know all the details to use them.

All you need to know is what to look for.

You can see the “squeeze” in many popular trading chart programs – TradingView, in particular, has a couple of different free options to see the squeeze.

It’s built in... so you can see it at a glance.

But just so everyone at least has an idea of what the squeeze is all about...

It’s just one word: Volatility.

When a stock shoots up... volatility goes up.

But then during the rest period... volatility slowly goes back down.

Once it does... it starts to “squeeze” the momentum.

You can see it here in the chart.

Once the red dots pop up... then you know it’s time to buy.


Again, it’s like pulling back on a slingshot...

You can only pull it back so far before the built-up energy has to shoot out again.

And when it does...

Ryan Fitzwater:

The stock shoots up?

Nate Bear:

That’s the idea! And that gives us a huge advantage in the markets.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Ok... so let me talk to everyone out there today.

What you are seeing here is important...

These are proven indicators.

But... for the first time ever...

You’re seeing these techniques put together for you – in a unique way... one that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s not JUST the trend...

It’s not JUST the pattern...

And it’s not JUST the squeeze.

It’s putting everything together.

And as Nate has begun to show you...

It can be INCREDIBLY profitable.

But here’s the beauty of Nate’s newest sprint challenge...

He’s not just teaching you this and sending you on your way.

He’s actually going to livestream his trades so you can see them as he does them.

Nate Bear:

That’s right.

I needed a system that was simple enough to use consistently... and puts the probability on your side.

That’s the key to success...

Get a system that gives you an edge... use it consistently... and little by little, you’ll succeed.

Ryan Fitzwater:

It’s like the group that found the way to get a slight edge in blackjack.

Those guys made millions!

Nate Bear:

It’s exactly like that.

They didn’t win every time... and neither do I.

But you don’t need to win on every single trade in order to be successful.

And you don’t need to hit massive gains every time, like the top examples I’ve shown you.

If you get an edge, and you stay consistent, you can build a small sum into quite a large one over time.

It’s all about finding an edge... and using it over and over.

I’m not reinventing the wheel.

I haven’t come up with a new technical indicator.

I’ve just taken simple, proven concepts... and put them together.

The squeeze is just the final step.

The price is going up...

You see the stock take its “break” and trade flat for a bit.

Then... once you see “the squeeze”...

You know the time is right for the shot at another big breakout.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And in this case...

It was almost a 500% move!

Every $349 invested would have turned into almost $2,100 on average.

It’s truly amazing...

And I know our viewers would love to see this in action.

So... just as a reminder...

In a few minutes...

You are actually going to go into the market LIVE and demo how you make a real trade.

Nate Bear:

That’s right...

I’m going to show everyone exactly how I pick a trade in real time...

And everyone at home can look over my shoulder as I put my own real money in a trade.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Well... I’m excited about seeing that.

I’m also pumped for you to tell the viewers all about your “Million-Dollar Club”...

But why don’t you walk everyone through another one of your top trades before we get to your live demo? That way we know exactly what you are looking for when you go live.

Nate Bear:

Sure thing.

So this one is Activision.

So here... you can see the trend moving up...


Then the pattern showing the price consolidation...


Then the three red dots signaling the squeeze.


And now...

Let’s see what happens next...

In all... it was good for a 142% overnight gain...

I actually ended up making over $12,000 on just that one trade.

Ryan Fitzwater:

$12,000... on one trade...

All because of this TPS system?

Nate Bear:

That’s right!

Ok... so let’s look at this third one...

It was on Kratos.

Now... this is actually my favorite one...

I’ll tell you why in a second.

But... let’s go through the process.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Right... so first we find the trend.

Nate Bear:


So here’s the trend right there.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... I see the pattern... showing the price consolidation.

Nate Bear:

Yep... that’s right here.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And there are the red dots for the squeeze.

Nate Bear:

You got it!

Now... the cool part about this trade is that I got in before my family vacation to Panama City, Florida.

Then... I set an alert for an automatic sell if I were to double my money.

Here’s how it played out.

While I was on vacation... it hit my profit target.

It was a nice 100% win in a little over a week... and made me $9,200.


I was literally on the beach when I took profits... and that one trade paid for my family’s entire vacation... and could pay for several more future vacations.

Here’s a picture of my son that day.

Nate Bear's son
Ryan Fitzwater:

You’ve told me this story...

And this is actually my favorite one of your winners.

I know... it’s not 412%...

Nate Bear:


But this is a perfect example of how powerful trading can really be.

Now... I don’t normally swear in front of my wife...

But after I hit that, I said, “Holy... you-know-what... I just made over $9,000!”

It’s ironic... because my wife didn’t know much about what my “hobby” was for the first few years when I started trading.

I would make a few hundred dollars here and there...

But once I developed the system that helped me make consistent wins...

Everything changed.

We got out of our 1,200-square-foot house... and into our dream home (the same one we are living in right now).

And I bought her a new car.

But the most important thing I got wasn’t the money... or the stuff.

I got time.

Time with my family.

Time is the one thing you can’t get back.

Because of trading... we could take that vacation...

And I was able to even MAKE money while spending time with them.

I didn’t even have to get on a computer to close the win. I set it up to do that automatically.

There’s nothing in the world like this.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... you have dozens of top examples like these from your own personal trading account.

Maybe we show everyone at home a few more examples?

Nate Bear:


But this time... I’m going to make YOU use the TPS system.

You up for it?

Ryan Fitzwater:

I’m game!

Let’s do it!

Nate Bear:

Ok, so let’s look at Tilray...

Ok... so what do you see here?

Ryan Fitzwater:

I see the trend going up from left to right...

Nate Bear:


Now, do you notice anything?

Ryan Fitzwater:

Yes, the stock hovers around the same level for a while...

There’s our pattern... what we call a consolidation.

Nate Bear:

Right. Anything else?

Ryan Fitzwater:

And then... of course... I see the telltale red dots.

Nate Bear:

You got it!

That’s the squeeze.

And that’s really the biggest part of the system.

From there...

Here’s what happened...

This one in particular was good for 168% in 4 days.

Ryan Fitzwater:

That’s awesome!

Nate Bear:

And here’s another:

Let's look at another chart, VRTX.

Ryan Fitzwater:


So again... we have the trend...


The consolidation pattern...


And again... the red dots.


It’s all there.

Nate Bear:

And again...

Here’s how it played out...

In all... that one was good for a total of 157% over 2 days.


Let’s do one more...

Here’s Docusign...

Ryan Fitzwater:

And once again...

You have the trend up...


The pattern... showing it bouncing around the same price...


And the red dots.

Nate Bear:


And this one was good for 233% over 6 days!



Ryan Fitzwater:

So... for everyone at home...

These are options plays, right?

Nate Bear:

That’s right.

That’s basically all I do.

If you want to make good money in a short period of time, you need options to do that.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... I know a lot of newbies get nervous about options.

I always like to use the analogy of driving when people say they are afraid of options.

I ask people: “When you first started driving... were you scared?”

They say “Of course I was. I was petrified.”

But then once you learn... you can’t imagine life WITHOUT driving.

It’s the same way with options.

Nate Bear:


Honestly... I’ve done better with options than I ever did with stocks.

My first account... I had $1,000...

Put $100 in 10 risky stocks.

Lost it all.

And remember... my huge $15,000 loss in one day was also on STOCKS!

Buying and holding stocks means you have to be married to an idea and a company for years for it to pay off.

Plus you have to take some shots at really risky stocks to give yourself the big upside.

And as we’ve seen lately... the world changes too fast for that.

Options can often give you the ability to get in... make money fast... and get out.

If you play options right, you can actually have less money at risk than you do with stocks.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And that’s exactly how you’ve logged so many tremendous top winners...


  • 213% on another Tesla trade in two days.

That was good for a nice profit of $5,900 for you...

  • And then you had a Match trade that made over 156% in one day.
  • Then you traded Match again for 153% in 5 days...

That was over $5,000 on just that one setup!

I mean, the wins just go on and on...

  • 220% in four days on Roku...
  • 75% in one day on Yeti...
  • 418% in one month on AutoZone...
  • A 136% gain on Tesla... in just one day!
  • 162% same-day gains on Atlassian...
  • And 308% in three days on the S&P...

You made over $11,357 on just that one trade!

Revealed: Nate’s Biggest Secret to Building a Million-Dollar Portfolio

I think this is a good place to reveal your secret...

What’s the key lesson you learned that helped you become a millionaire?

Nate Bear:

Well... the biggest lesson I learned was...

You don’t want to have to make the same money twice.

Ryan Fitzwater:

What do you mean by that?

Nate Bear:


You don’t want to get blown up in any one single play.

I learned that when I lost $15,000 in one day on one investment.

If you lose big... then you have to work twice as hard.

First... to get back to even...

Then... to start making money again.

So... I’ll recommend trades you can get in for as little as $300...

And I recommend NO play takes up more than 10% of your portfolio.

Ryan Fitzwater:

I think that’s great advice.

We know that not every trade will end up working out.

You’ll have losers along the way.

And that’s why you never recommend to invest more than you can afford to lose.

Because no matter how good a trader is... they’ll still have losses.

Nate Bear:

That’s exactly right...

The key to trading is all about having a SYSTEM for consistent success...

And sticking to it.

It’s not about hitting one big winner like you’re playing the lottery...

That’s a losing strategy.

It’s about capturing consistent winners that grow your portfolio day after day.

That’s probably the most important lesson I ever learned.

Don’t try for the Hail Mary.

Just keep getting first downs.

The lottery mentality isn’t for me.

I don’t want to base my life on luck.

I wanted a SYSTEM that could hand me regular wins...

No matter what... in any situation... in any market.

And that’s what I uncovered.

What I’m trying to show people today is how I built a million-dollar portfolio step by step...

Little by little.

I personally didn’t make a million dollars with one trade.

Or even after one year.

I started with $37,000.

And my first year... I made $183,000.

But in years two and three...

That’s when it really took off. 

By the end of year three... I had made over a million dollars.

Then... in year four... I made another $1.4 million in profits.

That’s a grand total of over $2.7 million over those four years.

turn $37,000 into over $1 million  $2.7 MILLION in profits

So... I’m living proof...

it doesn’t matter where you start.

You could start with $37,000 like I did back then...

And like I’m going to this time.

You can start with even less...

Though I will say that you need a minimum of $2,000 if you want to start trading well.

But I’m convinced that if you watch me... learn my techniques... and see how I tackle the market LIVE...

You can be successful.

You can change your life...

And the life of everyone you care about.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... I want to pause right here and talk to everyone at home.

Because there’s something you should know about all this.

We put Nate through the ringer in verifying these claims.

We scoured through pages and pages of brokerage accounts... and scrutinized every transaction.

At one point, we had five different people going through it...

We made sure that he took $37,000...

And grew it to over $1 million.

It was almost like forensic accounting...

We didn’t let you off easy, did we Nate?

Nate Bear:

That’s for sure.

I think IRS audits are easier!

Ryan Fitzwater:

Well... you might have a point...

But... we wanted to be absolutely sure everything he claimed was 100% true.

Anyone could backtest trades and find winners looking back... and then claim they could have made a million dollars.

Hypotheticals are easy... and a dime a dozen.

But these were Nate’s REAL trades in REAL time... and it was REAL money going in his account.

I can now say with certainty...

Nate is the real deal.

And this $2.7 million in total profits he made... is also 100% real.

Now... after you made a million...

You could have kept going and going...

Making more and more money, right?

Nate Bear:

Of course!

And in fact, I did.

In my first year after hitting the $1 million mark, I made another $1.4 million.

But at that point... I had already made more than I thought was even possible...

So I took a break and enjoyed it.

Why not?

That’s the whole point of making money... to enjoy it.

But honestly... I missed the thrill of the chase.

I missed the fun of building a million-dollar account...

Rejoicing when I’d make $1,000 here...

$5,000 there.

Like the time I screamed to my wife on vacation that we just made over $9,000!

But... I knew this time had to be different.

Ryan Fitzwater:

How so?

Nate Bear:

Well... this time...

I wanted to teach people my system.

And I wanted to do that while I hit a new goal of building another million-dollar account.

And I’m inviting others to join me on the journey.

I want to share with others the joy of a $9,200 day.

If I can help other people enjoy their first huge payday...

To change their lives in the same way my life was changed through trading...

That’s going to be the biggest reward for me.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And that’s why we are excited to announce we are inviting you to join something brand-new for us here at Monument Traders Alliance.

As we said, Nate is going to be livestreaming his every move as he pursues his goal to build another million-dollar portfolio.

And he’s going to do it through a new video streaming trading room we built for him.

It’s called Daily Profits Live.

Daily Profits Live logo

You’re starting with $37,000 again, right Nate?

Nate Bear:


Just like before... $37K

Ryan Fitzwater:

And for the first time ever... you’ll be able to watch his every move as he tries to turn $37K into ANOTHER million-dollar portfolio.

Plus... if the setup seems right for you, you can join him in ANY trade he makes... because you’ll see them all LIVE and in real time.

Nate Bear:

That’s right! But there’s an important point to make here.

When I first started trading, I made a big mistake.

I overtraded. I was making up to 20 trades a day.

It was way too much.

And I have since discovered that most of that was a waste of time. I could get the same results with just a handful of trades.

With Daily Profits Live, I’ll likely do 2 to 7 trades per day.

But this is very important... I don’t expect anyone to participate in all of them.

You want to trade at your own pace.

Do it in a way that fits comfortably with your life.

As long as you are discovering how to increase your wealth day after day...

That’s all that really matters.

Get into as many or as few as your lifestyle... your schedule... and your own financial goals allow.

Ryan Fitzwater:

That’s good advice.

And we are going to be tracking your progress all along the way.

Nate... it took you 3 years before...

Do you think you can beat that this time?

Nate Bear:

I’m certainly going to try.

Remember... the first time, I was withdrawing money along the way. I was paying myself...

Paying for a house and a car.

If you add up the gains from just the first two years... I almost hit a million then.

But look... no one can predict the future.

It could take me 2 years.

It could take me 5.

I’m going to follow my proven process... focusing on quality over quantity...

And trust that the results will take care of themselves.

Ryan Fitzwater:

I think that sounds amazing.

Plus... Daily Profits Live is our first-ever VIDEO streaming trade room.

So you’ll be able to watch Nate... LIVE...

See his charts...

And chat with other members and our moderators.

Daily Profits Live logo

It’s truly one of a kind...

And we are excited to invite you to be the FIRST to watch Nate pursue his goal to build another million-dollar portfolio.


It’s one thing for us to tell you what it will be like.

But, Nate... I think we could show them a taste of what it’s like to look over your shoulder.

Are you ready for your live trade?

Nate Bear:

Well... let’s bring up the chart...

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... before you show everything...

I want to make clear to everyone at home...

This is just an example of what it will be like in his chat room.

This particular trade is NOT a trade recommendation... this is for educational purposes only.

And we don’t recommend you buy along with him for this one...

Instead, just sit back, watch, and learn.

Nate Bear:

That’s right... this is just to give everyone at home an idea of what it’s like to look over my shoulder...

See the charts as I see them...

And see exactly how I enter a trade.

So let's take a look at the chart.

This is a chart in Nvidia.

Now, as you can see here, Nvidia is clearly trending higher from the bottom left to the upper right.


This big gap? Well, that was an earnings win.

So Nvidia has a lot of energy coming behind it right now.

Now, the second part we're looking for is that P.


Do we have a pattern?

I would look at this chart and within a split second, yes, we absolutely have a pattern.

The third component, as a reminder, these red dots.

Do we have a squeeze? Yes, so in this case, we've got all three of our requirements.


A trend, a pattern, and a squeeze.

All right, let's take a look at the options chain.

All right, gang.

So this is the options chain for Nvidia.

Now, the chart that I was looking at was a 60-minute chart, which means that the chart should play out within the next five to 10 trading days.

So I don't need to go all the way out into June or July to buy calls.

I can just go out into next week.

So in this instance, I'm going to look at these out of the money, slightly out of the money. Two 40 calls in Nvidia.

And I'm going to right click, Buy, Single.


Now, what I normally do is I like to scale into my trades.

So instead of going ahead and buying a full size position, I'm just gonna pick one contract up here.

I'm gonna pay a little bit more than the midpoint to make sure that I get filled, place order, and here we go.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Ok... so that sound means your order was actually filled?

Nate Bear:

That’s right...

My money is officially on the line.

Now... for this one...

I’m actually going to set it in advance to get out at a certain profit target.

Obviously, these are fast trades... so by the time you see them, they won’t be actionable anymore.

But I'm gonna go over in here to my manage tab.

You can see the order that was filled. You can see that I was filled at $6 and 40 cents.


So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna close this position with a good till cancel order right here, and I'm gonna set that limit for $12 and 80 cents, which is a 100% gain if this trade works out.


I'm gonna go right ahead right here and hit place order.


You can see right here, the price is 100% above the current, last quote, continue, yes.

So my order is now in the system. And if Nvidia can take out these highs like I think it will and make its way to our profit target with around 250, my order auto fill.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... if it hits that... how much will that be worth?

Nate Bear:

So... that will be a 100% winner if it hits.

Ryan Fitzwater:

And this is the kind of thing you are looking for every single day in your video streaming trading room?

Nate Bear:

That’s right!

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now, to everyone at home...

To be clear...

Nate will show you the trades he’s making.

But you’ll have to decide whether the trades are right for you. We won’t be making the actual trades for you.

It’s your money... so it’s always up to you whether you join Nate’s trades or not.

Nate Bear:


Ryan Fitzwater:

And Nate, you’ll be using this TPS system day in and day out.

What kind of profit targets are you trying to hit?

Nate Bear:

Well... for most trades... the goal is to hit 100% in about 1 to 3 days.

Will we hit that for every single trade?

Of course not.

I’ll take a fast 30% winner any day.

But the goal is to go for 100% winners.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Ok... so for everyone at home...

Now that you’ve seen exactly what it’s like to look over Nate’s shoulder and see him make a live trade...

Let’s talk about how Daily Profits Live will work.

Nate will be live on screen during these times:


Don’t feel like you have to join him for every session.

Join him whenever you feel like it’s a good time to take a shot at getting a winner.

Every time he signs on... think of it as a chance you could make money.

A lot of people start off thinking it might be too much...

But by the time they start making trades...

They keep wanting more and more!

In Nate’s sessions...

He’ll show you any trade setups he sees each day.

He’ll enter his trades... and you can follow right along with him if you choose.

And he’ll also let you know his plan for exiting... including his profit targets... and where his stop loss will be.

When it’s time to exit a trade... you’ll even get a 60-second head start on Nate.

That way YOU are getting the advantage.

And to be clear...

You can do this from anywhere.

It’s set up to be easy to use...

And FUN!

In addition...

Nate has put together a training series for you so you have all the tools needed to succeed.

He has these tutorials to share with you about his TPS system:

  • How to Spot the Trend
  • Identifying the Pattern Showing Price Consolidation
  • And “The Squeeze” and Breakout Trades...

Along with a couple other videos...

  • How to Pick the Right Options
  • And Navigating the Daily Profits Live Platform

And a special report:

  • Daily Profits Live Common Trading Techniques and Unique Terms”

These are meant to help get you up to speed as fast as possible.

Don’t worry if you’ve never traded options before... or if you are a little nervous to get started.

The beauty of watching Nate live is he can walk you through everything.

And there is no need to trade right away. Practice first on paper. See how it would go if you were using real money.

Gain confidence before you dive in.

And if you have any concerns about trading options, his tutorial How to Pick the Right Options will get you up to speed. Once you get the hang of it... buying an option is just as easy as buying a stock.


And Nate will always give you the exact option he’s planning to buy.

That way... you can trade right along with him, if you choose.

We hold your hand... and make it as simple as possible to get started.

Plus... there’s a live chat... so you can always ask moderators any questions you might have.

Now... we can’t give any personal investment advice, of course.

But... you are never alone. We don’t just give you a recommendation and say “See you later!”

You can always ask any questions about the recommendation... or any other general questions...

And we’ve got an entire team readily available to help you.

Nate Bear:

That’s right.

It’s important to me that everyone learns HOW to trade... along with getting actual recommendations.

That way they are literally earning while they learn about the winners we hit together.

Ryan Fitzwater:

We tell people all the time...

It’s not just about giving them a fish...

It’s about teaching them to fish.

So that’s perfect.

But these aren’t the only trainings you’ll do, right?

Nate Bear:

Yup. That’s what makes this unique.

If there are questions or topics people seem to have problems with...

I can always create a new training session.

And the beauty of Daily Profits Live... is I can actually do these trainings LIVE for you.

So you can ask questions and get clarification on any of the topics.

It’s truly a learning experience... as well as a chance to get great, up-to-the-minute market analysis and the most timely trade opportunities.

Ryan Fitzwater:

That’s terrific.

Now just think about that, everyone...

You can ask about anything you are seeing in the markets that you’d like to learn about.


You’re getting real-time access to a pro who has proven he can take a small portfolio... and grow it into a million dollars.

And... it wouldn’t be realistic to expect him to give this away for free.

Nate Bear:

And really, for me...

It’s more about making sure anyone who joins me is going to really pay attention.

When you pay... you tend to pay attention.

People tend to not really value the stuff they get for free, and frankly, I don’t want to waste my time if people aren’t going to value my time and effort.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Right... I mean honestly, you could just be trading and making money on your own...

Or spending time with your family.

And everyone, just remember...

There are real costs to making this available to the world.

We have an entire team... from moderators... to technology developers.

It’s expensive to run this type of platform.

But I get what you are saying... it’s not about the money for you.

Nate Bear:


I’m choosing to help anyone who would like it...

It’s not about money... it’s about making sure that everyone who joins me is going to take it seriously.

I can help anyone who chooses to... but only if they are willing to listen.

I don’t need millions of followers.

I’m happy if I can take a small group of dedicated people and help them learn to become successful traders.

That’s how I’m paying it forward.

Ryan Fitzwater:

I think that’s totally fair.

And that’s why the retail for Daily Profits Live will be $5,000.

But... our viewers at home have the chance to be the first Charter Members of this brand-new endeavor.

So stay tuned... because we’re going to give you a special deal just for joining this livestream event today.

But before we do...

I want to cover one more thing...

The bulk of the trades in Daily Profits Live will be from the TPS system you just told us about...

But you will actually do other types of trades, correct?

Nate Bear:

That’s right...

That’s the special bonus lesson we have for you.

It’s my favorite way to play earnings... The max gains can be as much as 1,000% – that’s enough to 10X your money in as little as 1 to 3 days.

Let me show you how it works:

All right, so let me show you how this works.

This is a chart of Twilio, and what I want you to notice is that we're gonna see a big gap in just a minute.


That happens because of earnings. And sometimes companies beat earnings by what is termed as greater than the expected move.

When that happens, you have market makers. Those are basically the people that sell all of those outta the money calls who are stuck.

And when that happens, you have a recipe for absolutely incredible gains.

I look for these opportunities every day, and they come along, and when they do, I jump in right at the open and I ride it for higher prices.

So let's take a look at what happened.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Oh wow, I see that big gap up. So that's the earnings.

Nate Bear:

That's exactly right. That gap represents the earnings move higher.

And what happens is market makers are stuck on the wrong side of that earnings move.

They actually have to buy the stock in order to cover the calls that they sold short.

So Twilio made me 562% in a single day with as much as 787% on part of the trade.


The biggest opportunities don’t come along every day.

I’d estimate we will get about 12 great opportunities a year.

But when we get them... they are well worth the wait.

  • Mongo DB was good for a 125% average gain in four days... and as high as 915% on a small part of that trade.
  • Shopify made you 84% in a week... with part of that trade as high as 891%.
  • Twilio made 562% in a day... with as much as 787% on part of the trade.
  • And Atlassian made 166% same-day gains... with partial gains of 427%.
Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... just to be clear for everyone at home...

Those different percentages are just because you saw a chance to make an even bigger gain... so you took profits at different times.


Nate Bear:


So overall, the average gain is the total for every part of the trade. But I chose to get out at different times for different prices.

It’s a way to maximize the gain potential.

But it’s up to everyone to decide how they want to manage their trades. They can take all of their money off the table right away if they want.

Personally... I was trying to get the greatest gains possible from these opportunities...

Because if you play them right – you can get dramatic gains.

It’s these little tips and tricks that really set apart the “wannabe” traders... from the people who are making big money.

It’s not hard... I’ve made it easy for anyone starting out.

In fact... I’ve put all the details in my special video:

Ten-Bagger Earnings Plays: How to 10X Your Money on Quarterly Report Surprises.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Now... I want everyone at home to think about what they’ve just heard and seen.


You’ve seen the TPS system...

And how Nate uses that consistently... day after day...

To target 100% winners in 1 to 3 days.

Nate Bear:

That’s right.

Just at the end of January... the Fed and Jerome Powell gave me a setup that made me over 412% gains in just a day.

So... you never know what kinds of opportunities will present themselves.

Ryan Fitzwater:


So... for the viewers at home...

Now is your chance to join Nate as he comes out of retirement... and watch him as he seeks to build ANOTHER million-dollar portfolio.

You’ll be able to look over his shoulder... see his every move...

And if you choose... you can even enter any trade he makes... as he makes it.

It’s a great opportunity to earn while you learn.

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join Nate today with a one-year subscription to Daily Profits Live:

  • Access to Nate’s livestreams every day (so you can look over his shoulder for every trade he makes)
  • Alerts anytime he makes a trade or updates a position
  • Live trainings held throughout the year

His videos breaking down his TPS system...

  • How to Spot the Trend
  • Identifying the Pattern Showing Price Consolidation
  • And “The Squeeze” and Breakout Trades

Other videos...

  • How to Pick the Right Options
  • And Navigating the Daily Profits Live Platform

His special report...

  • Daily Profits Live Common Trading Techniques and Unique Terms”

And his bonus training...

  • Ten-Bagger Earnings Plays: How to 10X Your Money on Quarterly Report Surprises

Remember Nate’s story about the time he made $9,200 on one trade... while on vacation!

Just that one trade would easily have paid for the retail price of joining him for $5,000.

But... as part of this special Charter Offer...

We are going to give you an even better deal.

You can join Nate for an entire year... and watch him try to build another million-dollar portfolio...

For just $1,997.


Now... the yearly offer is a good deal.

But... we have another very special offer we’d like to share with you.

In fact...

We are going to do something unheard of in the financial research world.

You see...

As Nate said earlier...

When he decided to get serious and trade with $37,000... in his first year trading, he made $183,000.


His biggest results didn’t come in year one.

They came in years two and three.

That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible to follow him over the long term.

It’s something we are calling his “Million-Dollar Club.”


Basically... when you say yes today...

You’ll pay one low price...

And you’ll have access to Nate’s livestream for as long as it takes him to meet his million-dollar goal...

That’s right...

You’ll NEVER pay a renewal fee... or any other fee... until he hits the million mark.

Whether it takes him 3 years like before... 5 years... or 10 years.

You’ll pay just $3,400...


And not a penny more.

But keep in mind... this amazing deal is only good as part of this Charter Offer.

You should see the button below...

Click on that button right now... and take advantage of this amazing deal.

The order form will open up in a separate tab... so you’ll still be able to listen to us as you fill it out.

We are going to do our Q&A in just a second... but you’ll still be able to watch while you fill out the order form.

But for all of our viewers... I don’t want you to miss this amazing price...

So click the button right now and lock in your special Charter Discount.

Just to be clear... because we are offering this special price today... plus this amazing guarantee...

There will be no refunds for this offer.

But remember... you can watch Nate’s real trades...

You’ll see everything he does...

Plus get all of his videos and reports...

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Nate Bear:


Ryan Fitzwater:

Okay, first question, what if I can't be in front of my computer all day?

Well, I can take this one, Nate, because I know a lot outta this answer.

First off, we have push alerts for your smartphone.

So if you're not at your desk or you're running about, you can actually get an alert to your phone.

We also have desktop notifications on your computer if you are at home.

And we also send you an email. S

o if you're on the go, we have multiple ways to notify you there's a new trade.

But Nate, there's other things they can do, right?

Nate Bear:

Yeah, absolutely.

One of the things that I like to do a lot is I like to set my profit target when I enter the trade.

I've got a life to live too.

I've got four kids.

I'm running around all over the place.

So when I enter a trade, oftentimes I'll enter my exit right then and there and I'm done.

You also don't have to get into every single trade.

There will be no shortage of trades game.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Next question, what if we miss a session?

Nate Bear:

Well, that's no problem actually, Ryan.

We've got nine scheduled sessions per week.

So there's gonna be absolutely no shortage of content.

In addition, if it's a specific lesson that I'm teaching that day, I'll record the session and post it to the Daily Profits Live website.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Right, that'll all be there for you to access at any time, even if you miss a session.

Now, remember, you have to act today to get that special pricing. So click the button below or call the number on the screen.

All right, next question, can I use this with the War Room?

Well, I can take that one too.

This is separate from the War Room, but a great compliment to it.

We had to bring Nate on. There's some technology costs to build a streaming platform.

But we do believe it's a great compliment to any War Room subscription.

Alright, so this is another good question.

Can you make the trades for us?

Nate Bear:

Unfortunately, no. I can show you what I am doing with my money, and then it's up to you to decide if that trade fits your trading plan.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Next question, can I think about it and still get this price? Well, Nate, as we've told people, they have to act today to get that special pricing. So click that button below or give the number a call to lock it in.

Alright, let's get to the next question. Is this only day trading?

Nate Bear:

Absolutely not, Ryan.

I do a few different types of trading. I like to spread my eggs into different baskets. I'll do some shorter term trading, which will be day trading. I'll do some midterm trading, which we'll say is between three and five days.

And occasionally, I'll find a great setup on a weekly chart, and I'll be in the trade for upwards of a month.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Okay, so then the next question's good to piggyback here. Why not just trade on your own and make money?

Nate Bear:

Well, I could do that.

That's definitely an option for me.

But what I don't get when I'm doing that is I don't get the sense of comradery.

I miss feeling like I'm part of a team. I miss feeling like I'm part of a group of dedicated traders who are all on the same page, to be in a room with people, like-minded people all looking at the market and trying to find ways to make money. That's what I really miss.

Ryan Fitzwater:

All right, next question. Now that you've shown me your TPS system, can I just go ahead and use it on my own? Why do I need you?

Nate Bear:

As a matter of fact, yes. You could go out right now and use the TPS system on your own.

It's a very simple system, and that is by design. But I want you to imagine the journey that I've been on over the last 12 years of my trading career.

I've got a long way and I've hit a hell of a lot of speed bumps and potholes on that journey.

Let me show you where those are so that you don't have to pay the costly price of making those mistakes on your own.

Ryan Fitzwater:

Great, that's right. And that's why we brought Nate in to help build up a community that can learn from everything he's learned to become a millionaire on his own.

Well, that's all the time we have today, but I want to thank everyone at home for joining us for our Minivan Millionaire livestream event.

And thank you, Nate, for everything you've taught us, our viewers at home today.

I know I've learned a ton. And I'm sure everyone else did, too.

And to everyone at home, be sure to click on the link below and join Nate for his new sprint challenge.

Remember, you must act right away in order to claim this special discount as a charter member.

Trust me. You don't want to miss joining Nate in Daily Profits Live and you want to see every single move he makes as he pursues his goal of building a new million-dollar portfolio.

So click on the link below or call our VIP service squad and we'll see you in Daily Profits Live.

February 2023


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