Bryan Bottarelli’s


Trader Summit

Former CBOE Trader Invites You to Join His Live Training...

And Learn the Insider Secrets to Making $4,243 Every Day the Market Is Open

Host: Hello, and welcome to our first-ever 7-Figure Trader Summit. I’m Bob Paff, and I’ll be your host for today’s special presentation.

Joining us is one of the most exciting traders of all time... Bryan Bottarelli.

Bryan got his start on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (the CBOE)... and has more than 20 years of trading experience in the market...

During today’s 7-Figure Trader Summit, he’ll show you how to use his trading secrets for the chance to collect $4,243 each day in the coming year...

That’s right. More than $4,000... each day the markets are open.

Now... I know that sounds amazing... maybe even a little unbelievable.

But... I’ve examined his track record myself.

And over 12 years of professional trading... Bryan has made more than 3,765 live, real-time trade recommendations.

In the past year alone, he made 447 recommendations...

And when you run the math, the total gains from his recommendations could have grown a $5,000 portfolio into $1.1 million.

On average, that equates to making $4,243 per trading day...

I’ll even walk you through the numbers in just a moment to show you it’s possible.

You’ll even see that this includes any losses as well.

We’ve posted every one of those trades below in full so you can see the proof for yourself.

And... that’s pretty unprecedented. I don’t know of any other trader who would gladly reveal every single trade he recommended...

But... Bryan has been adamant...

He wants to PROVE his system is NOT some pie-in-the-sky, “what I hope will happen” scenario.

These are real trades... recommended in real time.

And they prove definitively that you can become a millionaire in one year.

So... let’s welcome him right now.

Bryan, thanks for joining us...

Bryan: Bob, thank you. It’s great to be here.

Host: Now, you’ve really opened the books here to prove your skills as a trader. I think you’ve gone above and beyond to show you aren’t some wannabe.

Can you tell us a bit about how you became a trader and how you were able to produce this impressive track record?

Bryan: Well... honestly... trading is in my blood.

I live and breathe it.

It’s been that way since I was taken behind the scenes of Wall Street almost 20 years ago.

You see... back in 2001, I got lucky...

I was taken into the inner circle of the elite Pro Traders...

At the time, I was on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (the largest options trading floor in the world).

Host: On the actual trading floor. That has to be a cutthroat game.

Bryan: Absolutely. Imagine standing for eight hours a day in a cramped, sweat-filled Apple Computer trading pit... I competed directly against the world’s best floor traders.

I had to learn fast...

Trade even faster...

And not make mistakes!

But most importantly, by trading shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best Pro Traders on the planet... LIVE on the CBOE trading floor...

I learned how the market REALLY works.

I became an expert at methods that made millions in the pits of Chicago and New York.

If I remember correctly, our pit once made $600,000 in total profit...

In just one day of trading.

We celebrated our wins by dining at Chicago’s top restaurants... we sat courtside at Bulls games... and on cold winter Sundays, we watched the Bears with season tickets on the 50-yard line.

We were operating at another level. And it completely changed my outlook on life.

Host: I can only imagine. But... you aren’t trading on the pit anymore, correct? I don’t think there even are live trading pits.

Bryan: It’s true. They are all but extinct. However... all these years later... trading is still how I provide for my family.

I still make REAL trades with my own money...

Host: Can you share some of your recent wins with us?

Bryan: Sure. Let’s see... I made $4,876 on Twitter... $7,189 on a LinkedIn trade... $8,612 on CyberArk Software...

I made $11,874 on Canopy Growth.

And I caught a huge move in GoPro – and banked $29,301...

I make these sorts of fast-paced trades all year long, collecting thousands on a daily basis.

All told, they’ve helped me accumulate a $6 million trading portfolio.

And again, it’s all thanks to the secrets I learned in the CBOE trading pit.

Host: I imagine you guard these tricks of the trade... almost like guarding Fort Knox. They seem pretty valuable.

Bryan: True... they are extremely valuable. And... I don’t reveal them to just anyone. However, I know how much my life changed by learning these trading techniques...

So years ago... I decided to share the secrets I learned with a small group of followers on a secure website.

Whenever I saw a great trading opportunity – I alerted these followers to BUY.

And my trades really helped a lot of folks.

Like when I showed Elliot one of my grand slam plays. On June 12, 2018, he got in on the H&R Block play I recommended.

The next day, he cashed out with a profit of $6,400!

It was a great trade... 6,400 bucks in 24 hours.

Then there’s Werner, who lives in Switzerland. On June 7, 2018, he closed out a trade on Conn’s I recommended... for a nice $7,065 profit.

And Ken is a guy who lives in Ohio. He said he made $7,700 from a Booking Holdings play I gave him.

Until now, I’ve purposely kept my list limited to just a few subscribers like Elliot, Werner and Ken.

Host: Why limit your list to just a few folks?

Bryan: Well... I was mostly focused on my own trades – and I don’t make personal trades on recommendations I give to others. My primary focus wasn’t to share my techniques with the world at large.

But that changes starting today...

Host: That’s right. Because today... for the first time... Bryan is going to show you the same trading secrets he learned all those years ago in the CBOE pit...

Plus, as part of today’s 7-Figure Trader Summit... he’s going to show you how you can receive his market analysis in real time...

And get the chance to generate at least $4,243 per trading day.

Let’s quickly go over what we’re going to get into today.

You’ll discover a number of Bryan’s pit trader techniques like...

  • How the pros use the “3-Minute Chart” to make more gains in one day of trading than most folks make all year long
  • The key to spotting “W” and “M” patterns and identifying the setups that will give you the chance to double your money every 18 days
  • And how you can use the “Rule of 5 Profit System” to take $5,000 and build a million-dollar portfolio in under a year.

And – most importantly...

Bryan is going to PROVE it all to you with real, verified data. I’m not talking about historical data or other B.S. back-testing methods. These are REAL trades and REAL results.

He’ll show you every single one of the 447 trade recommendations he’s made over the past year – winners and losers.

That way, you can see exactly how it’s possible for you to make an average of $4,243 per trading day with his method.

Now, Bryan... one thing you told me in the green room is that, as a former CBOE trader... you are all about speed...

Bryan: That’s absolutely true. I don’t have time for any fluff.

So let’s get right into it.

Host: I agree.

I think it’s important that we start by exploring your track record, which I mentioned earlier. I mean... the amount of trades... the percent gains... the consistency...

I’ll be honest... it’s not something I’ve seen before.

I mean... just looking at these numbers...

Am I reading this right?

Over 12 years – more than a decade – your trades have given folks the chance to double their money every six trades?

Bryan: That’s right. That’s the average. Counting winners and losers.

There’s no cherry-picking here. Just like on the trading pit... you either win – and make money – or you don’t. You don’t get to fudge the numbers. It’s pass or fail.

Just look at what happened in 2018...

In 2018, I made 447 recommendations.

And I showed folks how to capture gains like:

198.62% on H&R Block

196.18% on Twitter

188.76% on Dick’s Sporting Goods

147.50% on Snap

120.88% on Dollar Tree

114.22% on eBay

112.50% on ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF

109.52% on Toll Brothers

107.85% on Conn’s

107.08% on Corning

101.19% on Lowe’s

98.28% on General Motors

97.30% on 3D Systems

96.15% on ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF

91.40% on Bed Bath & Beyond

85.29% on Pandora Media

79.00% on Oracle

77.81% on Lowe’s

74.83% on Lumber Liquidators

71.01% on Twilio

68.57% on Juniper Networks

8.14% on PowerShares QQQ Trust

66.09% on Lowe’s

65.64% on PowerShares QQQ Trust

62.11% on ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF

59.69% on Merck

59.26% on General Motors

59.09% on PowerShares QQQ Trust

57.89% on Toll Brothers

57.14% on ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF

55.70% on UnitedHealth Group

53.13% on eBay

52.99% on PowerShares QQQ Trust

52.10% on UnitedHealth Group

51.48% on Activision Blizzard

51.33% on Johnson & Johnson

51% on UnitedHealth Group

48.86% on The Gap

48.15% on Merck

48% on PowerShares QQQ Trust

48% on UnitedHealth Group

47.06% on PowerShares QQQ Trust

These were some of my best winners. But feel free to carefully examine my complete track record for 2018, which I’ve published to be 100% transparent.

Have they all been winners?

Of course not.

You’ll see both wins and losses.

Losses are a reality... but the wins FAR outweigh them all.

Think about it: Who cares if you lose 3% on one trade... and then make 198% the next day on another?

Bottom line: using my Rule of 5 Profit System (which I’ll show you later) and the right timing...

The gains generated from my actual recommendations in 2018 could have turned $5,000 into $1.1 million in less than a year.

And again... I’m not using some cherry-picked chain of plays.

This is my complete, verifiable track record.

These are REAL trades I sent to REAL people... who made REAL money...

And the fact is, my recommendations last year gave folks a chance to double their portfolio every 18 days on average (even factoring in losses).

I mean... just doing quick math...

With 252 days the market is open for trading... and doubling your money every 18 days...

That means you have a chance to double your money 14 times every year with my system.

With that kind of record... turning $5,000 into a million-dollar portfolio isn’t magic...

It’s just simple math.

Host: I mean... that’s really amazing. Almost unbelievable. I would have a hard time thinking this was for real... but it’s right here... in black and white.

Bryan: I know. I’d be skeptical too. That’s why I decided to publish my entire track record.

And... keep in mind... my track record for 2018 was no anomaly...

You see, I’ve been doing this since 2006.

During that time I’ve sent my members a staggering 3,765 trades.

And my track record has remained remarkably consistent.

That’s why I feel completely confident saying you can do the same IF you are following my strategy.

Host: OK, Bryan, let’s get into it...

How is this all possible? What is your secret that’s allowed you to build such an amazing track record?

Bryan: It’s all thanks to one “secret” Pro Trader’s tool you can start using TODAY to catch every big market move.

It’s the No. 1 KEY to generating thousands every day from the market.

So... let me show it to you now...

See this chart? Take a close look...

Even though this looks like a normal chart... you WON’T find it on Yahoo Finance or Google...

And you probably wouldn’t know to look for it on your broker’s website either.

Yet, I use this chart to make thousands as a daily trader.

It’s called the 3-Minute Chart.

It’s the one chart that gives you a LIVE snapshot of what’s happening in the markets RIGHT NOW.

The pros use this tool to get an advantage over regular amateur traders looking at daily... weekly... or monthly charts...

Without it... you’re stuck looking in the past...

But with the 3-Minute Chart... you can spot the big moves BEFORE they happen...

And capture remarkable returns in just a few hours of trading every day.

Host: Well... maybe you can take us through exactly how you use this 3-Minute Chart?

Bryan: Absolutely. I’d love to.

Now, earlier I made some pretty big claims.

I told you I made 447 trade recommendations during 2018 that could’ve turned $5,000 into $1.1 million.

So now let me show you how I used the 3-Minute Chart to find those 447 trades...

I’ll start with a play I recommended on November 16 on UnitedHealth Group.

First, let’s look at the long-term chart.

Tell me if you can see anything that stands out.

Host: I certainly can’t.

It just looks like a bunch of random movements.

Bryan: Exactly. Even with more than 20 years of trading experience... I still can’t see anything obvious in this chart. Nothing jumps out at me that says “BUY THIS AND STRAP IN FOR PROFITS!”

Now, let’s zoom in on the stock’s movements using the 3-Minute Chart from the end of the day on November 15.

You’ll see a completely different picture...

The 3-Minute Chart gives us the most accurate REAL-TIME picture of what’s happening.

So for UnitedHealth Group on November 15, it looked like this:

This is what I call a W pattern.

Host: I can see the W... why is that important?

Bryan: Well... it’s one of the most powerful bull signals you will ever see.

Essentially, with a W pattern, the active traders out there are testing whether the stock will drop below a key support line.

In this case, the support line is at the price of $264.

You can see they attempted it twice.

And failed... both times!

When that happens, as a Pro Trader, I start licking my chops.

Host: Why?

Bryan: Simply because I know what’ll happen next.

The stock is going to move upward very quickly.

That’s why on November 16 at 9:54 a.m., I sent out a buy alert to my group of subscribers.

And here’s what happened:

At 10:30 a.m., we exited the trade...

With a 40% gain in just 40 minutes!

Host: Hold on for a second...

A lot of people would be happy with a 40% gain over the course of an entire year...

But... you got this in less than an hour?

Bryan: That’s right... we used the W pattern on a 3-Minute Chart to capture 40% before we had even digested our breakfast!

That’s the power of the 3-Minute Chart... It allows me to spot powerful formations like the W pattern in real time.

And the setup I saw in UnitedHealth Group was so perfect...

I went back to the well again just a week later...

Here’s what I saw on November 26 in the 3-Minute Chart:

Host: I see... another perfect W pattern.

Bryan: Exactly right! So I issued another trading alert at 9:35 a.m...

And once again, UnitedHealth went off like a rocket:

This time, we took down a 48% gain on a speculative play in just 27 minutes!

Imagine you put $5,000 into this play.

In less than a half-hour... you’d have an extra $2,400 in your account.

Host: $2,400 in less than an hour?! Most top doctors and lawyers don’t even make that much!

Bryan: Exactly. But Pro Traders can make these kinds of fast returns over and over. It’s not a one-off event. It’s common. In fact... it’s what we EXPECT.

Host: I’ve been in the markets for decades... but I’ve never seen anything like this before. How on earth did you even discover this?

Bryan: Over 20 years of trading, I’ve collaborated with some of the best market timers and chart technicians on earth. And together... we’ve fine-tuned the techniques, perfecting them into the finished product they are now.

Host: Have you worked with any names I would recognize?

Bryan: (Laughs)... Well... I can’t say. But I will tell you this... the 3-Minute Chart expert with the W pattern... his initials are D.M., and he lives in Canada... but I can’t reveal any more than that.

Host: OK... that’s fair. Moving on... Bryan, I have to ask you... Do you have to be glued to your computer all day to move this quickly?

Bryan: OK, this is a really good point. That’s the No. 1 question I get from new traders. And the reality is, you don’t have to be at your computer all day. You can make a trade like this, collect your returns in 40 minutes... and then decide what you’d like to do next.

If you’re happy with $2,400 by 10 a.m... hey, you can call it quits for the day and go play golf.

That’s what’s so exciting about being a Pro Trader.

You get in... you cash in... and you get out.

Host: But what if you miss an opportunity? These seem to move so fast. Is it tough to keep up?

Bryan: Well... that’s the great thing about the market...

There are opportunities like this nearly every single day.

Even if you miss one, you know another is coming right down the pike.

And as we move forward today, I’m going to show you how you can essentially be “in the room” with me as I research trades daily.... giving you the chance to capture wins like this almost any time you feel like it.

For example... at the end of 2018, UnitedHealth Group became a virtual ATM for my readers...

I closed out gains like...

40% on November 16...

48% on November 26...

28% on November 27...

51% on December 10...

And that’s just on one stock.

Host: November... December... If I remember correctly... at the end of 2018, the market was actually moving DOWN during that time, wasn’t it?

Bryan: You remember 100% correctly. This was at a time when the market was in a tailspin. Dropping hundreds of points daily.

That’s one of the things I love about being a Pro Trader and using the 3-Minute Chart...

I don’t worry about the economy or what politicians are doing.

I simply look for the right setups... and take down trophy gains as quickly as possible.

Host: I mean... those examples are impressive. But... those were just a couple of wins...

Is this a pattern that really happens over and over again?

Bryan: Absolutely. But... you don’t have to take my word for it... let me give you some historical examples...

As I mentioned, the W pattern is one of my favorites to look for.

Because it’s such a powerful bull pattern.

Host: But... here’s where I’m a bit confused. Why does this pattern point to a surge in a stock?

Bryan: Well... it’s actually really simple...

W patterns form when the bulls and bears are battling over the direction of a stock...

Usually these battles occur around a key support level...

Basically, the bears fight to push the prices lower than this price level...

But the bulls provide support for the price and keep it from falling lower.

Whoever wins this tug-of-war gives you an early indication of where the stock will go next.

Looking back to the beginning of 2019, let’s examine the wrong chart for Gold...

Host: Once again... I don’t see much. I don’t know what the heck I’m looking at here other than an up-and-down chart.

Bryan: That’s right... THIS chart doesn’t show you anything useful.

Now, here is the 3-Minute Chart for the end of January 8.

In this case, the support level the bulls and bears were fighting over is at 121.40:

The bears almost broke through, but instead it bounced off that support line...

The bulls win this round.

Then the bears attack again.

They try to charge through the support line once again.

But the bulls defeat them for the second time...

The bears have been beaten twice...

And losing has a strong psychological effect.

So the bears retreat...

And the bulls get the green light to send the stock rocketing higher.

In short, that’s how a W pattern works.

This free and clear period is when you make your move. The W has been confirmed – and you know it’s time to cash in.

And look at what happens afterward.

A speculative play on this situation could’ve produced a gain of 68%.

Host: So... the pattern works for old-school assets like gold...

But what about some of the hot sectors of the market. Or new trends? How about something like pot stocks? Does it work there too?

Bryan: Great point. Let’s take a look...

Here’s another W pattern in the pot stock Tilray back on October 11...

In this case, the support line was set at $131...

The bears attacked it twice... and failed both times.

Now look what happened after the W appeared on October 11:

A speculative play could’ve produced a 241% gain.

The W pattern works over and over again...

With every kind of market and sector and with stocks of all sizes.

Host: I see it working in stocks... but what about major indexes or ETFs?

Some folks just like the safety of buying ETFs rather than individual stocks, especially in today’s market where a stock can come down hard and fast.

Bryan: By now... I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you...

It works with major indexes too.

Take a look at what happened on August 15 in the Dow’s 3-Minute Chart:

It tested 25,000 once:

Then twice:

And once the bears were beaten back, it was off to the races:

All the way up to Dow 26,800.

A speculative play on this one could’ve produced a 471% gain.

Thanks to my 3-Minute Chart...

I can spot these W patterns all the time... and help my readers cash in on big gains in a very short amount of time.

Like with Apple...

On October 23, I saw this W on Apple’s 3-Minute Chart:

So at 12:26 p.m., I sent a buy alert to my group of readers.

By 1:30 p.m., I told everyone to cash out:

That’s a 24% gain in about an hour!

And remember... this was in October...

So while the market as a whole was going DOWN... I caught a short window where a stock went UP...

This is essentially what I do as a Pro Trader.

Let me tell you – it feels a lot better getting in and getting out... versus riding out a month like October or December, where the market is going down.

I use the 3-Minute Chart to spot signals like the W pattern and then collect wins of anywhere from 14% to 48% in very short time periods, sometimes less than 30 minutes.

I show my readers how to get in... cash in... and get out...

And I do it all year long.

Remember… in 2018 I made 447 real-time recommendations.

And just running the math, the gains on those plays could have grown $5,000 into $1.1 million.

Host: And we are going to dig down into your complete track record... the wins and the losses... in just a minute.

I really want to see how you came up with that $1.1 million figure.

But first... I have a question.

I’ve seen how you can make money when a stock goes up. And... the fact that you could find stocks moving up even when the market goes down...

Well... that’s impressive.

However... what happens when a stock is going down?

Bryan: I’m glad you brought that up.

Because my 3-Minute Chart works just as well when a stock is moving down as when it’s moving up.

Let me show you the other pattern I use to spot big gains...

It’s the M pattern Pro Traders use to profit from falling prices...

Take a look at this daily QQQ chart....

Host: Once again... all I see is just a bunch of random movements.

Bryan: That’s right. But when you look closely at the 3-Minute Chart, you’re going to see the opposite of a W pattern.

This time, it’s an M pattern:

An M pattern shows another battle between bulls and bears but with a different outcome.

In this particular case...

The bulls attack... trying to push the price up.

But this time, the bears beat them back.

In this example...

They were fighting over the $187 level.

Host: Ok... so that’s the support line, right?

Bryan: Close. But in this case, instead of support... Pro Traders call this the “resistance” line...

Because the bulls tried to push it beyond $187, but the bears resisted at that level.

The bulls tried twice...

And both times... they couldn’t get over $187.

This tell you that the bulls are unable to keep the rally going...

The bulls are psychologically beaten. So they get out of the fight – allowing the bears to take over.

And since the bears know they’ve won twice already... it gives them the green light to keep pushing the stock lower.

This is the free and clear moment that tells you the stock price is about to collapse. 

Host: So... it seems like this is just the exact opposite of the W pattern. Is that right?

Bryan: 100% correct.

And just look at the results...

This one M pattern allowed my readers a chance at 65% gains on a speculative play on QQQ’s drop in less than 24 hours.

Host: So... it works for a major index – the Nasdaq. But... I can see where you are going... I’m sure you have some examples of regular stocks too...

Bryan: Of course...

Here’s another example. Looking back at the iconic Coke brand in October:

The daily chart that you typically follow, of course, shows you nothing.

But the 3-Minute Chart shows another M has formed:

The bulls lost once...


And then...

Coke fell through the floor.

Enough for a 136% gain on a speculative play.

And here’s the thing....

This Pro Trader pattern is so incredibly powerful – it works on everything.

Tech stocks... blue chip stocks... even weed stocks.

Name any stock – in any sector – and it works.

Using the 3-Minute Chart, I can spot these patterns over and over again...

Host: I see that. But tell me... what kinds of results has the M formation given your readers in real time?

Bryan: Well... let’s look back at October. Again, a horrible month for the stock market.

On October 17, the Nasdaq completed the M formation:

So, at the opening bell on October 18, I sent my alert.

And by 11:35 a.m... we had locked in almost 53% gains.

That’s 53% in just two hours!

I saw it again in the Nasdaq leading up to October 9:

Traders were testing the 180 level...

At 9:33 a.m., I sent my alert.

And my readers saw a 59% gain in less than 24 hours!

I kept recommending plays on the Nasdaq through the end of the year...

On December 20, I saw this on my 3-Minute Chart:

At 9:40, I sent out a buy alert...

And by 11:15, I sent a sell alert...

For a 41% gain in less than two hours!

Host: So... just like you kept spotting opportunities to play one stock over and over again with the W pattern... you kept recommending plays on the Nasdaq over and over again with the M pattern.

Is that something that happens often?

Bryan: Yes, this is something I like to do.

I like to watch the battles taking place daily in certain stocks and then identify opportunities to jump in for quick profits when the opportunity presents itself.

And when it does... it gives you multiple chances to ring the register and cash in on the same play over and over again.

And I should point out... you can find those indicators in several stocks or indexes in the same time frame.

So... while I was identifying plays around the M pattern in the Nasdaq...

I also spotted the M pattern in Clorox back in October.

I sent out my alert at 1:54 p.m. on October 24...

By the next day, the price crashed...

My readers had a chance at a 44.65% gains in less than 24 hours!

I use the M pattern and my 3-Minute Chart to spot plays on all kinds of stocks.

Sometimes the wins come in just minutes... sometimes it takes a full day... and other times my readers collect the win over a couple of days.

But in the end, the point is stacking up victories like...

  • 29% gains on Canada Goose Holdings (in less than a day!)
  • 39% gains on Square (in just one day!)
  • And 43% gains on Harley-Davidson (in just four days!).

That’s the power of the M pattern...

Host: OK... so you’ve shown me the power of both the W and M patterns. But... I’m just curious...

How come I haven’t heard about these formations before? They seem so simple... why aren’t they obvious to others?

Bryan: Well... the answer is equally as simple... and it all comes back to the 3-Minute Chart.


Without the 3-Minute Chart...

You might NEVER see the M pattern I’m talking about...

Host: Ok... I’ll bite. How is it that if you don’t use the 3-Minute Chart...

Folks could miss some huge moves.

Bryan: Well... Let me show you.

Just look at this M pattern for Facebook on October 24:

It was a good opportunity to catch a quick price drop in Facebook for that day.

Now let’s see the DAILY chart for that time period:

No confirmed M pattern...

It actually disappears from the daily chart...

Host: Wow... it’s actually gone!

Bryan: That’s right.

Without the right tool, you would never have seen your chance to make money on Facebook that day.

No wonder 99.9% of investors miss out on the profitable moves...

That’s why, if you are going to be a Pro Trader...

You MUST use the 3-Minute Chart to spot these elusive (and highly lucrative) patterns.

Host: You know... I’m sitting here... and I’m kind of in shock. You just showed me what could be the key to why regular folks can’t seem to get ahead or win at the market.

Bryan: You know... that’s absolutely true. Without the right tools... the market is rigged against the Main Street investor.

And that’s why I decided to be a part of this 7-Figure Trader Summit today.

Because, for those watching, if you’ve been struggling to make real money in the markets...

It’s not your fault.

You just haven’t found the right tools to read the market.

But that changes starting today...

I’m going to give you the chance to be by my side... and receive my real-time market analysis and trade recommendations.

Because once you learn how to use the tools I’m talking about...

You can make a lot of money... VERY quickly.

Host: How much money are we talking about?

Bryan: Well... let me show you how the 3-Minute Chart and the M pattern could have made you $191,635 in just 25 days...

With REAL trades I recommended back in October...

Now... if you remember, the market was riding high through September.

Host: I remember. Everyone was talking about all the records the market was breaking.

Bryan: That’s right. People were riding high on enthusiasm and optimism. And on October 1, Barron’s was convinced October would be a GREAT month:

But... I don’t like to rely on what the news is saying.

Instead, my 3-Minute Chart tells me what real traders are doing with real money.

And the 3-Minute Chart told me a different story...

Here’s what I saw:

Host: Once again... it’s the M formation...

Bryan: That’s right... And you know what that means...

We got the all-clear for a bearish move.

So on Thursday, October 4, 2018, at 1:12 p.m...

I sent an alert to my small group of trusted readers, telling them to prepare for what I called a “sentiment shift”...

I predicted a huge drop was coming in the market – with the Nasdaq most at risk...

And just look at what happened to the Nasdaq next:

Exactly the collapse I predicted.

Host: So... how did you play it?

Bryan: Well, if I were a typical investor... I could have shorted the Nasdaq...

And ridden the drop for an 11% gain in just a month.

Host: Seems good to me!

Bryan: Not too bad... I suppose...

But Pro Traders don’t settle for average...

So instead of buying a position and staying in it...

I use these kinds of setups to identify opportunities to make money every day... over and over again.

From this alert on October 4 to the end of the month...

I recommended plays on the Nasdaq 10 times.

Host: Here... let’s show the folks at home the data. Here are ALL of them:

Bryan: Perfect.

Now... see for yourself...

52% gains one day...

59% gains another day...

Even 65% gains in less than 24 hours...

But that’s not the best part...

Because these trades were so fast (we were in and out of most of them in a few hours)...

You could roll your gains forward every time.

That means if you started with just $1,000 on October 4...

After just 10 trades...

Your $1,000 would have grown to $38,327...


Host: And that’s with just an initial $1,000...

Bryan: That’s right. So if you started with $5,000...

You’d be looking at $191,635!

Compare that to the measly $111 any average Joe could’ve made by shorting the Nasdaq with 1,000 bucks...

My system outperforms the regular strategy by 34,428%...

In other words... my way is 314 times better than the average trader’s method!

And THAT’S the difference in being a Pro Trader.

Of course, I would never suggest you roll all your profits into the next trade. I simply want to prove to you the true profit potential of these kinds of trades.

And in just a few minutes... I’ll show you ­– with mathematical certainty – how my trades in 2018 could have turned $5,000 into $1.1 million in less than one year... WITHOUT rolling all of your profits into each consecutive trade.

Host: I’ve seen some big claims like this before. Usually, I hear them sneak in something about how “they analyzed historical data”... or “my system would have found these trades”...

Basically... they take their system and apply it to the past and they “could have” achieved this or that.

But I’ll be honest... I believe hindsight is 20/20. Everyone can be a genius picking stocks when they are looking at past history.

Please tell me that’s NOT what you’re doing here.

Bryan: That’s a great point.

So... let me be crystal clear...

This is not from back-tested data, paper trades or hypothetical gains...

These were REAL trades I sent to REAL people who had a chance at making REAL money...

How much money?

Well... in just a second...

I’ll show you how you could’ve made 3,712% total gains in exactly ONE MONTH.

Host: That is impressive. But... let’s be real. You are talking about only one month of trading. You could just be picking your best month...

Bryan: Fair point. But let me show you...

Our performance during this one month is not unusual. In fact...

Let’s explore what you could have done if you had continued following me...

Here are ALL of my Nasdaq recommendations made between October 4 and December 21...

Over these three months, I recommended a total of 18 trades on the Nasdaq.

We generated gains like 48%.... 59%... even 65%... some in as little as 27 minutes.

By simply trading each time I found a promising opportunity with my 3-Minute Chart, you could have taken $5,000...

And turned it into $672,981...

In just three months.

Host: OK, the end result is impressive. But I’m also noticing that you included a loss in there. Is that right?

Bryan: Absolutely. I wasn’t perfect. I had a trade that went against me.

The fact is... you don’t win every single trade. Pro Traders know that as long as the wins outweigh the losses, they're no problem.

Host: So... you’re saying don’t obsess over the losses?

Bryan: Exactly.. Hey, I get it... Losses suck. But they are also a part of trading.

The key is to get many MORE winners.

I mean, just look... even factoring in the one loser...

You could have gone from $5,000... to MORE THAN HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!

That means that in just 90 days...

You could have multiplied your money more than 134 times.

Best of all...

This was during three months when the market was in a free fall...

And honestly... those three months were no anomaly...

Because in more than 12 years of giving trade recommendations... even factoring any losing trades... my average trade made 14%.

Now that might not seem like much... but remember... that’s PER TRADE.

So, if you roll your profits forward, it’s actually enough to double your total portfolio with every six trades.

Bottom line...

Armed with the W and M patterns...

You can make money no matter what.

Up markets and down markets...

In any economic environment.

Host: You seem pretty confident you can help folks make money consistently...

And your track record is certainly impressive.

But... I’m also impressed by the feedback you get from your readers.

I think we should take a look at what a few of them have said about your trading strategy...

In preparing for this, I was flipping through your stacks of messages from the people you share your research with. I thought the folks at home should see a few of them...

Tony, for example, followed one of your trades back in June.

Here’s a snip of the email he sent (his information is redacted for privacy):

He made a 421% profit in 24 Hours!

Werner wrote in from Switzerland:

He made $7,065 in profits!

Another one of my international subscribers named Paginas wrote me this:

“I took your advice on Booking Holdings, went with one option at $2.20. I sold that one call for $41.10 as I caught a high just after 10 a.m. More than 1,600% increase. Thanks for the great service, nice job!”

That’s 1,600% with just ONE trade!

Bryan... there are hundreds of messages like this.

Bryan: Well, this is the sort of experience my people have come to expect.

My 3-Minute Chart technique allows you to build wealth faster than you’ve ever dreamed. I mean, how many people out there can show you how to build your wealth in 30 to 40 minutes a day?

Host: I’d say none of them – most promise results after 30 days... 90 days... or even 12 months.

Bryan: You really do not have to wait that long. If you listen to nothing else at home, listen to this: You do NOT have to wait weeks, months or years to see results on your investments.

When you combine BOTH W and M formations...

You can make a KILLING in the market.

Host: You keep mentioning how regular folks can make huge profits from your system. But... I also remember you made a startling claim about turning $5,000 into a million-dollar portfolio.

Can you explain how you came up with that?

Bryan: It’s actually quite simple.

Last year’s track record demonstrates how finding consistent winners can add up and take a small starting portfolio and turn it into a life-changing amount of money IF you follow my Rule of 5 Profit System.

Essentially... my Rule of 5 Profit System can help you increase the level of safety in your portfolio... while maximizing profit potential.

It’s the cornerstone of my Pro Trader strategy.

Here’s how it works...

Let’s say you start off with $5,000 set aside for your trading portfolio.

First... you take your trading portfolio and divide it by 5.

That means, you put $1,000 into your first trade.

Once you get your results from your first trade... you add it to your overall trading portfolio.

So let’s say you made $200 on your first trade...

Now your portfolio is worth $5,200.

Then... divide by 5 once again... for your next trade.

When you divide by 5... that means you put $1,040 into the next trade.

The key is... you’re constantly rolling your profits forward to the next trade... always putting one-fifth or 20% of your trading portfolio in each play.

Achieving the Gains From Every One of My 447 Trade Recommendations Over the Past Year... Could Have Been Enough to Turn Every $5,000 Into $1.1 Million


Host: That seems like a pretty incredible claim. Are you telling me your readers all became millionaires in 2018?

Bryan: Well, of course, I can’t say whether my readers actually traded this way or how many even took advantage of my recommendations. I just want to demonstrate how finding consistent winners can take a small portfolio... and turn it into a life-changing amount of money.

Host: Can you show it to us in practice? I want to make sure we get this right.

Bryan: No problem. Let’s use my actual trades from 2018 and see what happens with my Rule of 5 Profit System...

We’ll start with just $5,000 in our trading portfolio...

Host: So... let me see if I got your system down. For the first trade, you divide your Pro Trader Portfolio by 5, right? So we’d put only $1,000 in the first trade.

Bryan: Exactly.

Now, for my first recommendation of 2018, you wouldn’t have made much.

We ended up with a profit of just $9.50...

But no matter how little or big your profit is, what you do next remains the same.

You roll that $9.50 into your overall Pro Trader Portfolio, so you now have $5,009.50.

Host: Then divide by 5 again...

Bryan: Yep. So, you now invest $1,001.90 in your next trade.

Host: Seems kind of silly to roll forward that little of a profit.

Bryan: Yes... it just happened that our first trade of the year was our smallest that month.

The second trade made $366, so it was much more substantial.

But it’s not about the gains in the beginning...

It’s about sticking to the system and never breaking from it.

This allows you to maximize the awesome power of compounding.

You want every little bit of profit snowballing to make your future profits bigger.

And look what can happen in a VERY short amount of time.

Over the next 24 days in January, I made 18 recommendations.

Our wins ranged from 0.95% to 48%.

Now again... I don’t know how my readers manage their portfolios. So I’m not saying they traded this way exactly.

But I just want to show you the power of rolling your profits forward while managing your risk with my Rule of 5 Profit System.

You never put all of your eggs in one basket. However, you still get the benefit of compounding your gains...

And those gains really add up.

Keep in mind... we are using my actual track record gains (no historical or back-tested gains) for demonstration purposes...

Because with the proper timing... and assuming it’s possible to be in only five trades at a time...

You could continue mathematically compounding your gains...

And by doing that...

In 18 trades, you would have doubled your money...

By January 24, your original $5,000 would be worth $10,272.

Host: That’s DOUBLE what you started with... in just a few weeks!

Bryan: See why I said it doesn’t matter if you start small? It’s about consistency...

Now, here’s something I like to do when I first double my money.

I recommend you take ALL of your original $5,000 off the table (plus a little extra).

Host: Wait... all of it? Doesn’t that ruin your momentum?

Bryan: Not at all. It’s actually in your favor to take the original $5,000 off the table.

That way... from this point forward, you are operating at a ZERO-risk level.

Your entire trading portfolio is now funded with the profits from your first double.

So it’s impossible to lose ANY of your original investment.

Host: Wow... so after just a few trades... you are basically risk-free.

Bryan: Exactly.

Here’s what it would look like:

Let’s see the progress over the next few trades...

Notice... by February 7, I recommended 19 more trades, with wins ranging from 9% to 147%.

And on those 19 trades – we are back up over $10,000...

Host: In other words... we doubled our total model portfolio once again!

Bryan. You got it. And from there... you are off to the races.

By your 50th trade...

You are over $21,000:

By your 75th trade, you are over $25,000...

Again, keep in mind...

This is my real track record – I’m even putting my losses on display. You can clearly see a couple of negative trades here on February 22 and 28.

But, as long as you are careful not to put all of your portfolio in any one trade, you are protected.

Remember... this is ALL with house money. Because of the great start, the original $5,000 is 100% safe since it was pulled off the table after the total amount first doubled.

That allows you to absorb those losses and keep rolling over your profits into bigger and bigger wins.

Host: I mean... I don’t think you could be more realistic... or fair. You aren’t assuming people would invest only in winners... or roll all of their profits into every new trade.

I’ve seen that kind of thing done before with claims that folks can turn a few thousand dollars into a million.

They assume people can basically see the future and invest only in winners!

Bryan: Yeah. That’s totally unrealistic. No trader can string just the winners together.

That’s why I made this Rule of 5 Profit System to be as fair, safe and consistent as possible.

But now let’s get to the really good stuff...

By the end of April, you’d have $43,338...

And so on...


And finally, on October 24, you’d have closed your 201st trade... You’d have hit the $1 million mark.

Let me repeat that. In less than a year, you would have turned $5,000 into MORE THAN $1 MILLION!

Host: Wait... so at this point you’d be a millionaire?!

Bryan: Yep... you can see it for yourself. I’ve shown you EVERY trade... winners and losers.

And, now that you’re a millionaire...

Celebrate that by locking it in.

Bank $1 million and take it off the table.

You’ve earned it.

And once you’ve done that... you can just keep trading with your leftover $52,647...

By the end of 2018... you’d double that money AGAIN...

And you’d have an extra $103,239 to add to your $1 million.

So, in all...

You’d have made $1.1 MILLION over the course of one year.

And this is all while the markets at large went NOWHERE. In fact, I’d bet the vast majority of investors and traders actually lost money.

Host: I mean... it’s kind of amazing to see you go through all that. Over and over again, you are saying “You double your money... you double your money again... you double your money again.”

Bryan: And that’s WITHOUT risking all your money on any one trade–

Host: (Interrupts) Oh my god, wait a minute. I totally forgot... you took your original $5,000 off the table.

So you really are investing completely risk-free after that.

Bryan: Absolutely. But remember... a Pro Trader knows... there are no guarantees in the market.

As I’ve shown you, there are losses along the way... and past performance doesn’t dictate what will happen in the future.

I’m simply trying to show you that, with my Rule of 5 Profit System, you have the very real potential to go from $5,000 to $1 million in one year’s time.

Now, this model assumes you won’t be in more than five trades at one time.

And if you are just starting out... that’s a good amount.

However... there were times last year when you had the opportunity to be in more than five trades at once.

I figure most folks might not act on all of them... or might miss a few. And that’s fine.

When you have 400-plus trades a year... you are going to miss a trade here and there.

Depending on your choices managing your trades... the exact dates you’d achieve certain milestones would change...

The key is consistency.

You compound your biggest wins... and minimize your losses.

And if you do that... while following my method... you’ll see success unlike anything you’ve experienced in the markets before.

Host: OK... so you’ve shown how much folks could have made with your strategy in 2018.

So how does someone get started right now?

Bryan: Well...

That’s why I decided to do this 7-Figure Trader Summit today.

You see... I understand that the average person doesn’t have the experience I do.

They didn’t trade in the pits with the best traders in the world.

And they didn’t have incredible mentors as I did.

I know that I have an advantage on just about every trader in the world today.

That’s why I’ve created a new way for you to follow my recommendations each and every day the markets are open.

Tomorrow, at the opening bell, I’m going live with a new project called The War Room.

And I’m inviting you to be there with me at 9:30 a.m. as we get started.

Introducing: The War Room

You see... the financial world has changed a lot over the last 20 years.

These days, there are no more live pits...

And no more CBOE trading mentors.

As a result, these secrets have largely become a forgotten art.

The methods I learned back then simply aren’t being taught anywhere on the planet.

And I wanted to do something about it...

So I created something different from anything else you’ve likely seen – anywhere.

The War Room is a live trading research room. You can go and get real-time updates and live trading recommendations...

Every day the market is open.

It’s exactly what you need if you want to become a true Pro Trader.

I’ll be in The War Room every day... tracking the most powerful market formations and sharing those immediate profit opportunities with you in real time.

The first thing you’ll have access to is my Pro Trader’s chat room.

It’s my way of immediately messaging readers when I see a potential setup.

That way, when a trading opportunity comes, you won’t have to wait for me to write a lengthy email to you...

Instead, I can message everyone in The War Room... letting them know exactly what stock to attack and why.

You’ll have the chance to collect gains really fast... up to 65% in less than 24 hours.

Host: This sounds amazing. I’ve never seen an opportunity like this where you can watch a Pro Trader go to work.

But I do wonder... will people have to be in The War Room all day to benefit from this?

Bryan: Right. Great question. Absolutely not.

That’s unrealistic.

As part of The War Room, I set up a live trade alert system... to let people know when I’ve made a trade recommendation.

Host: But what if they miss that alert from you?

Bryan: That’s not a problem either. W and M patterns are happening all day long.

If people miss one, they can always get in on the next. I want this to be a low-pressure situation. It’s not your job. That’s what I’m here for.

Host: It seems perfect for everyone... from beginning traders... to even the most experienced investors.

Bryan: Absolutely.

Whether you jump right in and make every single trade...

Or just make a few trades here and there...

Heck, even if you just want to paper trade for a while to get used to the whole trading lifestyle...

The point is...

I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

No more trying to figure out what to buy on your own.

No more reading trading alerts. Those are like the old days.

Instead of feeling like it’s you against the world – sitting alone with your computer...

The War Room is like having a forum exclusively for Pro Traders..

It’s a place where top traders from around the country will gather and offer their insights into what’s happening in the markets now.

You’ll be able to bounce investment ideas off of other members...

And see their best moneymaking opportunities in real time (you’ll be able to share yours, too)...

Best of all, you’ll get LIVE market analysis from me. I’ll show you what I’m looking at – and what trades you should consider – every single day the market is open.

In The War Room, I’ll give you one to three trading opportunities every single day.

Whatever the market gives us, we’ll make sure we show you how to extract the most amount of profit as humanly possible.

So, if a W pattern appears, I’ll post in The War Room what to buy.

Or if an M shows up, we’ll jump in for a fast profit.

All Instantly – All in Real Time!

Host: That’s very exciting... you’ve shown us quite a few profits with the W and M patterns today...

But what other opportunities will you give people in The War Room?

Bryan: There are all kinds of ways I can help you profit when you’re in The War Room.

For example, some of my biggest gains come during a particular time of year that I absolutely love.

They’re small feeding frenzies Wall Street gives us four times a year...

Of course, I’m talking about the time when Pro Traders perform at their absolute best... earnings season.

So I have a system for attacking earnings season for up to 198% gains... four times a year.

Host: Bryan... wait a second. Earnings season is one of those times that’s really frustrating for me. You think great results are about to hit only to see the company miss by a country mile.

Or you actually get decent results, and the stock still drops.

Sometimes it feels like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But you’re saying you have a way to perform really well through earnings season?

Bryan: Yeah, I absolutely hear what you are saying.

Earnings can be tough to figure out.

Mostly because regular investors receive the most important information too slowly.

There are so many HUGE opportunities on earnings... but most people aren’t able to crack the code to actually make money from the huge price swings.

So they're stuck watching from the sidelines as they hear about the surges hours or days too late on CNBC.

Like General Motors back in July...

It crushed earnings, and the stock blasted off.

But by the time you heard about it, it was too late.

All the easy money had been made.

But if you had been following my research, I could have helped you get in BEFORE the big news.

Host: How are you able to do that?

Bryan: Once again... it comes back to my 3-Minute Chart, which allows me to see what’s happening in real time.

With General Motors... I saw it just before earnings were supposed to be released.

I sent an alert out to my readers ahead of time...

So when the announcement hit, they were actually riding the wave to a big payoff.

If you’re in The War Room with me, I can alert you when this is happening.

And once again…

You get in... cash in... and get out...

That’s exactly what we did with General Motors... not once...


  • General Motors: 28%
  • General Motors: 26%

Host: It all really does go back to your 3-Minute Chart... doesn’t it?

Bryan: Yep. It’s just that simple.

By using my 3-Minute Chart, I knew what was coming for General Motors, and my readers were able to collect substantial profits when the news hit the mainstream.

And we can do this whether earnings are good or bad.

For example, on June 13, H&R Block was crushed at earnings time.

While most folks were either sitting on the sidelines... or worrying about how much they lost if they were holding H&R stock...

My readers saw 198% gains overnight.

In fact, my earnings strategy generated some of our biggest winners in 2018. And many of them doubled in a day or less.

  • Twitter: 96.18%
  • Dick's Sporting Goods: 188.76%
  • Snap: 147.50%
  • Dollar Tree: 120.88%
  • eBay: 114.22%
  • Toll Brothers: 109.52%
  • Conn's: 107.85%
  • Corning: 107.08%
  • Lowe's: 101.19%
  • 3D Systems: 97.30%
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: 91.40%

Earnings season gives us some of our most profitable plays all year. $10,000 or more in profits is not uncommon.

Host: Wow... those trades are THAT good?

Bryan: Absolutely... And that’s why I’m so excited about the launch of The War Room.

It’s the first time I’ve had the technology to reveal the best potential winners in real time. For the past year and with hundreds of man-hours, we’ve developed the best platform to deliver daily winners right to you.

Now, there’s something I must make very clear...

The War Room IS NOT a financial newsletter...

Host: It sounds revolutionary. Traditional newsletters are fine, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. This is about immediacy.

Bryan: That’s right.

When you’re trying to cash out with a few thousand dollars each day, you can not wait around forever.

And that’s why I’ve spent the last year perfecting The War Room.

You log in... and you have LIVE access to my updates and analysis...

And any time I see a perfect setup in the market...

Whether it’s a W or M pattern, or an earnings surprise or anything else...

All I have to do is type it up, click enter and BAM – you get it instantly. You can pounce on it in seconds..

Host: But, it’s about more than just speed...

Bryan: It’s about consistent interaction... education... and mentorship.

That’s why I’m branching out – and creating something that’s so entirely new.

My War Room will give you INSTANT insights from me, my staff and other folks just like you who are interested in learning the tricks of Pro Traders.

You post any questions you may have for me, and I’ll share my thoughts on some of the most frequently asked questions.

Now... of course... there’s no way I can know the details about your specific situation, so I can’t give you any advice for your personal portfolio.


You’ll get my best trade recommendations in real time – immediately after I hit enter on my computer.

You get it LIVE.

Whether you are planning for retirement... currently retired... or just want to generate a few extra thousand dollars for yourself each day...

It’s easily the best (and fastest) way to create the life of your dreams.

Host: OK, let me get this straight. I understand W and M formations.

I get the excitement of earnings season, and I get that if you use the Rule of 5 Profit System, you can turn $5,000 into $1.1 million in less than a year.

But what appeals most to me is that it won’t interrupt my daily life.

I can wake up, catch the market open and trade for an hour.

Have breakfast with my wife, beat my buddy at tennis, check back in over lunch, possibly hit another trade or two, then relax the rest of the afternoon.

That works for me.

It’s not a big time commitment at all.

Bryan: That should absolutely work for you. I don’t expect you to sit by the computer all day.

That’s not what The War Room is about.

With so many great profit opportunities... you can trade around YOUR schedule.

Remember – W and M patterns happen all day.

I’ll give you about one to three trades every day. You can act on all of them. But if you miss one here or there... no problem.

The War Room will be there for you when you get back.

If you want to take the day off and hang out with your spouse or grandkids...

Have at it.

Heck, if you want to take some of your winnings and spend two weeks on that European vacation you’ve always wanted...

Go for it!

Bottom line: The War Room allows you to live life on YOUR terms.

And you don’t have to be glued to the computer all day every day.

I’ll send you alerts when I’ve entered The War Room and see something big...

That way you can jump in quickly, check out what’s going on and make the trades if you choose to.

Then, if you want, I’ll message you again when I’m seeing the close approaching.

You can hop into The War Room again for instructions how to exit too.

How much time you spend in The War Room is totally up to you.

But one thing I know for sure is... you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make profits even if you can join us for only 15 minutes each day.

Some trades you’ll need to stay in longer...

But I’ll always show you how to set up your trade in advance so you can mostly go on autopilot.

When you sell for example, you can input your targeted profit potential – so once it hits our target price you’ll cash out automatically.

And you don’t have to worry about “being there” for the exact moment we sell.

And... you can set up your stop-loss in advance too...

That way, you are 100% protected from losing more than you deem acceptable.

And, of course, I’ll always give you any updates on when to get out if we want to cash out faster... or if we need to move on to better opportunities.

Host: It seems so simple.

Bryan: It is.

Honestly, if you can follow simple instructions... I can help you make a killing in the market.

Host: I mean... at this point... Where do I sign up? I’m excited about becoming a War Room member. I hope the folks at home feel the same way.

Bryan: Well... I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I think I’m MORE excited for them... maybe even more excited than they are for themselves.

Because... I’ve already lived it.

I know firsthand how The War Room can truly change their lives...


And when you learn to tap into the market... you’ll begin to see it as a stream of endless wealth...

You can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Host: Bryan, listen. Everything you’ve said sounds amazing. But... I still think some might wonder, “Can I REALLY do this? Can I REALLY transform my finances?”

Bryan: Well... I understand.

So let me say this... with NO hesitation...

With my help... I’m 100% confident you can.

Host: How can you be so sure?

Bryan: It’s simple. I’ve seen truck drivers walk on to the CBOE floor... learn how to trade...

And make themselves millions.

I even remember watching a middle school earth science teacher become one of the most ferocious (and profitable) traders in Chicago.


Before I was a Pro Trader, I used to flip burgers at McDonald’s for minimum wage.

Now I’m a legitimate millionaire.

Truth is...

The market doesn’t CARE if you have a fancy diploma...

It doesn’t care if you’re a high school dropout.

With the right mentorship...

You can come from any walk of life... without ANY prior experience or education...

And become a successful trader...

Here’s ALL you need to be successful.

One... the BURNING DESIRE to get rich.

If you have that...

I can help you unlock the secrets of the market.

And two...

Make the personal decision that you WANT to become a better trader...

And achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

That’s all.

The bottom line: Your path to becoming a Pro Trader starts right here.

Host: So... if the folks at home accept your invitation... they’ll get instant access to The War Room... and will be able to receive your real-time recommendations starting at the next opening bell?

Bryan: That’s right... but that’s actually not all...

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over 20 years of professional trading...

And condensed it all into a series of training videos to get everyone started.

These short teaching lessons will give you the basic tools that you need.

I’ll pull back the curtain and show you all the secrets I learned in the CBOE pit...

From using the 3-Minute Chart to spot the W and M patterns and make 40% gains in as little as 40 minutes...

To trading earnings season for gains as high as 198% overnight.

I’ll also show you how you can fade the public...

That’s trading lingo for flipping the odds in your favor...

It’s how the Wall Street pros make their money – because instead of being the gambler... they’re actually the casino.

I reveal ALL of my Pro Trader secrets in this special series of videos.

Plus... I’ll give you the transcripts for all the videos.

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Host: They really are getting everything they need!

Bryan: Right... but that’s not all.

I also have TWO extra key reports to help accelerate your success...

Let me tell you about both.

The first is…

“Getting Started as a War Room Trader.”

So consider this your starting guide to get up to speed. It’s an easy-to-read guide that will help you discover the finer points of technical trading and some of the lingo I learned in my time at the CBOE.


You’re going to get the report…

“Developing the Winning Mindset of a Pro Trader.”

This important guide will help you learn the CORRECT way to view and manage risk. Most investors see risk as a bad thing.

But not Pro Traders.

This simple guide will help you learn how to make risk work FOR you... not AGAINST you.

Host: Honestly, with all of those resources... The War Room seems so simple. With the potential that you are talking about... I think it really comes down to asking a simple question:

How much is learning how to build a million-dollar portfolio worth?

Bryan: Right... because there will be a cost to join The War Room.

But consider this…

If the research and recommendations from The War Room have the potential to turn $5,000 into $1.1 million...

What is that even worth?

Host: Heck... you could spend $250,000 and STILL come out WAY AHEAD.

Bryan: If you are evaluating this like a real investor... that’s exactly how you should think about it.

Now, obviously we aren’t talking about $250,000...

However, something like this – where you are getting the chance at one to three trades EVERY DAY...

And since my average gains (over 12 years of trading) could have doubled your money every six trades...

Similar services like that can cost $25,000... even $50,000.

Host: And again... if you are making 20X more profit than $50,000... that’s a bargain.

Bryan: Yeah. Right. But listen...

I’ve made millions from the market thanks to the mentorship and education I received as a trader in the pits decades ago...

This isn’t about money for me.

This is about empowering people to transform their finances.

It’s changed my life. It’s changed my family’s life.

It’s helped me create a financial legacy that will go on long after I’m gone.

This is a skill that could be worth hundreds of thousands – if not millions – to you in future income.

And once you develop this skill... there is NOTHING that can take it away.

No circumstances... no setbacks... no economy...

Heck... not even the government can take this skill from you.

That’s the power and security that comes with using The War Room. It’s almost like a magical superpower that enables you to read the market... and extract profits seemingly at will.

I’ve spent my career developing these moneymaking secrets. They could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to any trader who uses them...

So of course I’m not going to give them away for free.

Host: Hey... that’s reasonable. These trade secrets are simply too valuable.

Bryan: That’s why I’m looking for a small, elite group of like-minded members… who are excited to learn how to use these tactics to generate daily wealth. 

Because quite frankly… it takes the right kind of person to recognize the full value of what I’m offering…

Even at $25,000 a year… if you are making 10X that much from your trades… that’s a bargain.

Same with $10,000…

When you consider I showed how to make an average $4,243 every single day the market is open…

That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what you could make.

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Host: Could it really?

Bryan: Yes... because that’s exactly what happened when I ran my newsletter.

I helped my readers make back the price of their membership almost instantly...

Many of them told me that they made their money back on just one trade!

For instance, one of my readers, Curt, said his entire newsletter subscription was paid for many times over thanks to one trade!

Another reader, a retiree named Jock, was helping his granddaughter pick her very first Cortland apple...

And while he was spending time with his family, he made almost enough to pay for his entire subscription – with just ONE trade!

Plus, back in October, Charley told me he paid for his entire subscription again with one trade when he made a nice 91% gain on a Nasdaq play.

Host: And that was just when you ran a typical newsletter service.

With this new endeavor... it could be even easier... and faster... for folks to make their money.

Bryan: That’s right. But... before the folks at home decide...

I want to prove that I’m 100% committed to YOUR satisfaction...

That’s why, as part of the launch of The War Room today, I am making the strongest guarantee I’ve ever made in my career.

Host: Really, what is it?

Bryan: I GUARANTEE I’ll recommend at least one winning trade...

Every single trading day... in the entire year ahead.

Host: Wow... is this for real?

Bryan: Yes.

If you are willing to be serious... dedicated... and committed to my system and DO NOT QUIT...

Then I’m going to give you a solemn vow.


So, here’s the fairest way I can think of to make this work...

I will commit to you right now that in The War Room, you will get at least one winning trade recommendation every single day the market is open over the course of the next year.

Now, I won’t ever force a trade. You can only take what the market gives you.

So... some days maybe there will be two trades... some four...

And yes, some days if the market isn’t right, there will be zero trades.

But, when the year is up, I can promise I’ll have made enough winning trade recommendations to average out to making at least one winning trade for every day the market is open.

Host: So... to be clear... how many winning trades are we talking about?

Bryan: That’s 252 total winning trades for the year.

And if, at the end of this upcoming year, you have NOT had the chance at 252 winning trades...

Then I’m going to work for free to make it up.


Host: Really?

Bryan: That’s right...

Simply give my team a call and I will give you LIFETIME access to The War Room. At no charge.

I’m not giving you an extra year. Or even two years.

You’ll get LIFETIME access to my trade recommendations, my education... EVERYTHING.

In other words...

If you don’t quit on me... I’m not going to quit on you.

I’ve already shown you I’m 100% committed to helping you succeed…

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Remember… my Rule of 5 Profit System PROVES it’s possible to grow $5,000 into a $1.1 million portfolio with the gains from my ACTUAL 2018 trades…

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If you get one single losing trade and STOP… you CANNOT turn $5,000 into a $1.1 million portfolio.

I can’t help quitters.

If you are the kind of person who will immediately throw in the towel…

Then… I’m sorry…

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If you don’t quit…

You can be successful.

I’ve shown you my level of commitment... as well as my confidence that I can show you how to get REAL results in your portfolio...

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So... it’s decision time...

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Now, again...

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With your Charter Membership in this War Room you’ll get my full library of Trading Triggers videos, including…

  • The 3-Minute Chart

Using the Pro Trader Tool to Spot “W” and “M” Patterns Every Single Day

  • The Earnings Strangle

How to Hack Earnings Season and Make 100% to 300% Gains

  • Fade the Public

Beat the Crowd and Make Windfall After Windfall With This Elite Technique

  • Tailing Sharp Paper

Cash In Over and Over With This Coveted Pit Trader Trick

  • Black Candle of Death

Spotting the Elusive Indicator to Lock In Ridiculous Profits Even During Market Crashes

  • Tree-Shaking a “Who Cares?” Stock

Get Portfolio-Building Gains From Hated Stocks

  • The Indisputable Evidence Play

Little-Known Secret to Maximize Profits and Minimize Risk

  • Gift Gaps and Gap Fills

How to Make Monster Returns Like Clockwork With One Simple Setup

You’ll also get your free reports:

“Getting Started as a War Room Trader”

“Developing the Winning Mindset of a Pro Trader”

“Rule of 5 Profit System: The 7-Figure System to Turn $5,000 Into a Million-Dollar Portfolio in One Year or Less”

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You’ll get access to analysis from me and my other veteran Pro Traders.

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Host: Honestly...I bet they’ll learn more their first few days in The War Room than they would have learned in YEARS reading through newsletters and watching training videos on YouTube.

Bryan: That’s absolutely correct.

And here’s the bottom line...

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Host: OK... we have some breaking news... why don’t you share this urgent update with the folks at home, Bryan.

Bryan: OK... this is big, folks.

I’m excited to announce that I just confirmed we’ll have another full-time, veteran trader who will join us every day in The War Room as a guest contributor.

Remember... The War Room is more than getting trading opportunities from me alone. You also get access to an entire community of like-minded folks...

And that could include other professional traders in addition to me.

So... if one more veteran Pro Trader signed on...

You’d get even MORE insights.

And MORE potential to profit than what I’ve already shown you.

In addition to all my own unique methodologies, you’ll also discover another powerful strategy called Penny Options...which empowers you to make as much as 10X... 20X... even 30X your original investment.

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