“We can flourish not just for the next election cycle, but for billions of years.” – MIT professor and AI researcher

The #1 Most Critical Tech for the AI Revolution

It’s NOT clean energy, computer chips or data.
But it’s projected to grow 35% faster than AI itself!

Right now, I’m seeing millions of Americans making one HUGE mistake... with artificial intelligence.

They are buying all the obvious AI stocks...

The ones that are already making headlines...

And the ones that are already up hundreds of percentage points.

The big players in AI... the Microsofts, Nvidias and Metas... have already delivered the vast majority of their gains.


In other words, Nvidia won’t 10X your money from here.

But here’s a secret you won’t learn listening to the mainstream financial press.

While the big companies make headlines...

The truly life-changing money comes from the lesser-known companies that are supporting the massive trends.

This has been true of every major tech development going back decades.

Synaptics is a great top example.

It’s a little-known company that supplies touch screens and biometric tech to millions of devices across the tech industry.

It partners with Big Tech companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft and more.

But you won’t see many big headlines about Synaptics.

However, because Synaptics is crucial to the success of Big Tech, its gains have gone through the roof.


Its stock went from $30 in 2019 to a peak of $259 in 2 1/2 years.

A modest $2,500 investment turned into $21,000!

Wiwynn is another example.

They create specialized components for server storage.

You’ve likely never heard of them.

But Microsoft is one of their major partners.

The stock is up almost tenfold since 2018.


Micron Technology is another amazing story.

Based in Boise, Idaho... Micron builds components for flash memory and USB drives.

While it’s not sexy... these components are EVERYWHERE.

Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, VMWare... they all need Micron Technology’s products.

The company went from $5 in 2012 to a peak of over $90 in early 2021.


$5,000 turned into $90,000!

These are the types of top gains lesser-known stocks can deliver when they provide critical components to the big names in their industries.

If they have a strong breakthrough technology... and all the Big Tech companies start using them... the stocks can explode in value.

And sometimes they get so big they eventually do, in fact, become household names.

Like Nvidia.

It’s one of the best-known tech companies today.

But back in 2015, it was just another small, little-known tech company, trading for a split-adjusted $5.

Then, Nvidia’s processing and gaming chips started getting used by Big Tech companies like Microsoft, Sony and Intel.

And the rest is history.

Nvidia has shot up 9,300% since then, even crossing into the legendary $1 trillion market cap club.

A $10,000 investment in Nvidia would be worth around $940,000 today.


That’s the power of finding one company that’s providing breakthrough technology to the best, most stable companies on the market.

In short, under-the-radar companies that solve a problem for big companies can make money hand over fist.

If you have even a passing interest in AI...

Which is projected to create $15.7 trillion in new wealth by 2030...

I urge you to hear me out fully today.

The opportunity here is staggering.

Yahoo Finance says, The AI Revolution will likely make billionaires out of investors and trillionaires out of entrepreneurs.”

The Wall Street Journal calls it on par with transformative technologies that fed the industrial revolution or the information age.”

Bloomberg reports, Wall Street is going ALL-IN on AI.”

Companies OUTSIDE the tech industry are throwing down $900,000 salaries for AI specialists.

But all that growth simply won’t happen unless one problem is solved.

Because there’s one critical bottleneck that every single AI company has to deal with no matter its size...

And no one is talking about it.

To get the complete, deeper story...

I reached out to one of my contacts with keen knowledge of the industry.

We met during a gathering of the Monument Traders Alliance.

Between proceedings... we found a quiet place to talk.

He tells me that everything we’ve seen in the news...

All the promises of what AI can do...

All of that will come to a screeching halt unless we solve ONE issue bottlenecking a massive tsunami of progress.

The problem is NOT legislation...

It’s NOT processing power (quite the opposite, actually)...

It’s not access to chips or data...

And it’s DEFINITELY not a sci-fi AI apocalypse.


Rather, it has to do with a physical byproduct of artificial intelligence.

One that can cause significant “hardware damage and poor performance” for these systems, according to a leader in the field.

Whatever company solves this problem will be one of the richest companies in the world.

Listen... Big Tech is well aware of the problem I’m about to share with you.

Microsoft and OpenAI’s ChatGPT... Google’s Bard... Meta’s Llama... Amazon’s Titan...


ALL of them have to deal with THIS single roadblock.

And they’re willing to pay huge sums to solve it.

I have hand-picked the top three stocks to play this situation for maximum profit... the ones most likely to rake in billions from AI’s #1 problem.

Today, I’ll reveal how artificial intelligence could achieve its full potential...

I’ll reveal the solution and how it will benefit virtually every industry in the world – not just AI...

And I’ll even talk about my top recommendation for reaping the lion’s share of rewards from this little-known trend in the field of AI.

If you want the chance to experience gains similar to Nvidia’s... you must get in on this wave before these companies rise to market stardom.

Truth is...

AI has one HUGE problem. If it’s left unsolved... I predict AI will be dead in the water in the next two to three years.

Maybe sooner.

AI uses a LOT of energy.

And I mean a TON of it.

In order to run ChatGPT for just a single day, you need the power of 33,000 American homes.

And this creates a serious problem.

It’s NOT related to the power grid, battery storage or even energy prices.

It’s more fundamental than any of that.

In short, there is a byproduct of all that energy consumption that represents a serious problem.

Popular Science reported that this issue makes computers “slow and dangerous.”

article quote

Without addressing this problem...

AI models will have to slow themselves down... or shut down completely.

An AI Problem Even Bigger Than You Might Realize...

In fact, this problem is so major, it’s bigger than the AI market alone.

ALL computer processors face this issue.

Popular Science reveals leaving this bottleneck unsolved “can permanently damage” any computer.

article quote

Through the history of computers, acquiring more physical space fixed this issue.

This usually took the form of a data center...

Where companies would set up specialized facilities to maintain peak performance of their computer servers.

This worked when computer densities were relatively low and energy efficiency wasn’t a high priority,” according to USystems.

But with every industry needing computers these days...

With AI already consuming a full one-fifth of all data center capacity at this early stage...

And with more AI programs coming online all the time...

We’re staring down a severe supply squeeze.

As a result, data center real estate is reaching screaming high prices.

It can cost as much as $1,100 per square foot to build a high-end data center in 2023.

The cost has more than DOUBLED from $550 per square foot just five years ago.


DataBank CEO Raul Martynek told The Wall Street Journal that the continued expansion of AI will likely lead to a shortage in data center capacity within the next 12 to 24 months.”

With a shortage on the horizon... I see that $1,100 per square foot figure going much higher... every year for the foreseeable future.

Mission Critical, a publication for data center professionals, reports, With the increasing price of real estate, data centers... will be more profitable when they can accommodate more computing power with less square footage.”

So companies have packed more and more microchips into smaller and smaller spaces to stay ahead of the competition.

This produces an unavoidable PHYSICAL byproduct.

It’s not carbon emissions or pollution or anything like that.

But it can absolutely destroy AI – from the inside.

If Big Tech does nothing, artificial intelligence is dead in the water. Full stop.

Of course, they’re already starting to shell out.

And I see one company taking home the lion’s share of the profits.

Watch this video until the end, and you’ll discover the most crucial technology in the AI revolution.

All the promises that AI will change the world...

By developing drugs at lightning-fast speeds, multiplying crop yields, cleaning up pollution, designing new technology to bring us into a new age of scientific advancement...

These CANNOT happen without the little-known technology I’m talking about today.

I Live and Die by My Trades!

Now, for those of you who don’t know me...

I’m Karim Rahemtulla.


I’m a professional investor, the bestselling author of Where in the World Should I Invest? and a founder of Monument Traders Alliance.

After studying in England, Canada and the United States to get degrees in economics and foreign languages...

And a master’s in finance...

I dove headfirst into the world of trading.

In the 1980s, I became one of Wall Street’s youngest CFOs ever for a trading firm that cleared millions of dollars through Bear Stearns.

It was do or die.

You can’t afford a single mistake when that much money is on the line.

If you make a bad call... you literally pay for it. Big-time.

Luckily, I learned from some of the best to ever trade stocks...

The old guard who themselves learned from the greats like John Templeton, Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.

One of the very first lessons I learned was...

DON’T follow the crowd.

When you start hearing about an investment in headlines and at family gatherings...

It means you’re at LEAST a year late on the biggest gains.

You need to look ahead to the next big thing.

If you simply buy what everyone else is buying, you’ll get the same middling results they do.

But if you go a bit deeper and find out who is quietly profiting before the headlines catch wind of it... that’s where the big money is made.

That’s why I’ve spent all my decades in the markets honing this skill.

For example, when investors were focused on COVID and how stay-at-home stocks like Peloton and Zoom were handling their falls from grace...

I was focused on a company that I believed would soar when COVID was behind us...

And no one else was talking about it.

What most folks didn’t see was a major uptrend in post-COVID travel swelling to new heights...

And the huge airline companies needed a problem solved ASAP.

Due to a tough couple of years during the pandemic...

Airlines needed to cut costs.

The small stock I uncovered turned that pain point into an easy, Netflix-like subscription model.


Most importantly, it saved the airlines a ton of money.

It was a MAJOR innovation in the industry.

The Royal Aeronautical Society called it an “aftermarket revolution” that created a “radical change” within the industry.

article quote

And this tiny stock is up HUGE because it solved a major problem for the big names in its industry.

Even better, my READERS had the chance at tremendous returns on that recommendation from March 2022 to July 2023.

Reader Brian U. wrote...

“[I’m] up 116% on my 20,000 shares!”Brian U.

Dr. Rob H. told me...

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Dino’s right. And it’s why I’m speaking to you today.

As I learned how to trade, not only did I ascend in my professional career...

But my personal trading success went through the roof as well.

During the early ’90s, I was able to build a multimillion-dollar portfolio by the time I was just 34 years old.

To this day, I live off trading...

Which means I am free to do as I please. I don’t answer to anyone.

I trade at home so I’m able to spend time with my wife and four kids, including a newborn...

While at the same time living life to the fullest. I live on one of the wealthiest streets in Florida. This year alone, I’ve traveled to Croatia, Greece and Switzerland. And I’m heading to France, Austria and Egypt soon.

I can do what I want and buy what I want without anyone telling me otherwise.

I’m not telling you this to brag... but to show you what’s possible IF you trade like I do.

Keeping this power for myself just didn’t sit right with me.

Knowing the difference it could make in the lives of people who need it...

I co-founded Monument Traders Alliance.

Since our inception in 2019, I’ve personally recommended 385 trades through our live VIP trading research platform... 300 of which have turned into winners.

That’s a win rate of 78%...

Or nearly 8 out of 10.

article quote

And on my average trade, which lasts about 90 days, I’ve beaten the market on a relative basis by about 4 to 1.

Take the story of Mike L., who subscribes to our top trading research service, The War Room, for example.

“Here is my take on this platform... The community has grown to have some exceptional contributors with one thing in mind, making money on good trades. I started with $1,000 in April of 2020. That $1,000 is now $48,600.”Mike L.

He wrote that after his first 19 months as a member.

So he’d made 48 times his money in a little over a year and a half.

Now, this is one of our top success stories, but my goal is for everyone listening to experience this for themselves.

That’s why I’m up here today.

The real opportunity in AI is still going under the radar.

It’s not the big names that will produce the biggest gains from here. It’s the small names.

And I believe if you follow my instructions in the next few minutes...

You’ll have a good chance to make more money in a single trade than you could make in over 10 years following an index fund.

As I learned on Wall Street...

If you want to outperform the markets...

You have to do something different − and BETTER − than what everyone else is doing.

You have to recognize special opportunities that regular investors overlook.

And that’s exactly what is going on with AI.

The Truth About AI That Silicon Valley DOESN’T Want You to Know

You see... when you pack more power, more equipment and more computing into tighter spaces... it has a major byproduct.


One tech repair expert explains that extreme heat can cause irreversible damage and will significantly shorten the lifespan of computer components.

As Nvidia puts tens upon tens of thousands of new cards into the market, all of them jammed into ever-tighter spaces... the heat generation is going to be off the charts.

Consider this... In order to get more power out of these cards, the amount of wattage per chip has been increased by more than 365%.

All of this heat could destroy equipment and stall the AI revolution.

However, Big Tech is turning to a specialty technology to solve the problem... and I’ve hand-picked the one stock I believe is set to make a fortune as a result.

The tech AI NEEDS in order to survive is called...

Liquid cooling.

Let me explain.

You’ve probably seen photos like this before. This is a modern data center.

Does anything stick out to you?

It has to do with what I mentioned earlier...

Yes, that’s a LOT of empty space.

Every empty square foot you see there costs as much as $1,100. EACH.

server facility

With the average data center coming in at 100,000 square feet...

The price paid for empty space adds up fast.

And the return on investment for empty space – no matter who you are, AI tech giant or not – is 0%.

So why don’t data centers fill that empty space with more computer processors?

There’s a good reason.

While running, every computer in the world generates HEAT. There’s no way around it.

And when temperatures get too high, it damages the circuitry of the processors.

You might have seen a message like this on your smartphone...

temperature message

That’s to prevent permanent damage to the components inside.

Or maybe you’ve heard the fan inside your computer working loudly to keep things cool.

In the industry, that is the standard for now... simple air cooling.

And it requires a ton of empty space to be effective.

Data centers use up to 40% of their energy powering cooling systems. And these cooling systems cost them nearly as much as the actual computer processing!

pie chart

Air cooling a data center is like running the air conditioning on high while your oven is open at 450 degrees.

But with liquid cooling...

You can pack as much as 20 TIMES the processing power into each square foot of your data center.

It’s better than air cooling in every conceivable way.

Here’s how it works...

The Amazing Natural Properties of Water

Water has a TON of advantages over air when it comes to cooling. In fact, it’s up to 1,000 times more efficient at absorbing heat.

Think about how long it takes to boil water on the stove.

It takes a lot of energy to raise water’s temperature even a little.

That’s why firewalkers can do what they do.

Since the human body is largely water, it takes a relatively long time for our skin to heat up to the point of burning.


Believe it or not, this is why liquid cooling works.

Water acts like an insulator.

In direct-to-chip liquid cooling, small tubes filled with water run through the parts that generate the most heat.

CPUs, GPUs, memory chips, stuff like that. These components can heat to somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, the heated water is cycled out of the computer to cool.

And get this...

Water can be as hot as 113 degrees Fahrenheit and still be used to cool computer processors.

This means all you have to do is put the super-hot water outside to cool it – as long as it’s not more than 113 degrees outside!

The water naturally cools down to the outside temperature and becomes usable again.

The Maharaja Institute of Technology calls this free cooling that can be done by using atmospheric air or water which is relatively at a lower temperature.”

It’s literally called FREE cooling because it’s so much cheaper.

And because you don’t need all that empty space for air cooling...

You can pack a LOT more processing power into the same facility.

In fact, as I said a moment ago, with one type of liquid cooling, you can get as much as 20 times more power!

Not only that, the chips will run BETTER.

A leading industry publication writes...

“The cooler a chip is, the more calculations it can complete. Liquid-cooled chips process 25% more information than air-cooled chips.”

Liquid cooling won’t be optional for much longer. It’s more efficient than air cooling in every way.

Equinix writes...

Traditional air cooling isn’t efficient enough for AI.

Liquid cooling is not a luxury for Big Tech. It’s a necessity.

A leading publication in the sector predicts...

“Workloads of the future will be almost impossible to cool with air alone.”

Schneider Electric reports that existing data centers aren’t buff enough for AI and goes on to recommend liquid cooling as the solution.

That’s why AI needs liquid cooling in order to survive.

Any company that sticks to air cooling will be fried by its own processors.

Big Tech Is Already Switching to Liquid Cooling

Big Tech knows this and has quietly started to shift away from air cooling.

article quote

Microsoft is busily adding liquid cooling tanks to its data centers.

The engineer and vice president of Microsoft’s team says bluntly...

“Air cooling is not enough.”

He added that liquid cooling allows [the company] to go denser and keep up with the competition.

Google is turning to liquid cooling to handle the massive AI power needed for Gmail, Google Photos and more.

Business Wire reports that Google adopted liquid cooling for its latest AI hardware and even went back to retrofit its existing air-cooled data centers to implement liquid cooling.

It’s that much better.

Think about the opportunity here...

Any company that provides liquid cooling to Microsoft, Google, any of the big guys...

Could see stunning stock gains.

Because liquid cooling, frankly, will be the lifeblood of this industry going forward.

It’s the Companies You Don’t Think About That Produce the Biggest Gains

In fact, it’s under-the-radar stories that often produce the biggest gains.

Fracking is a great example.

About 10 years ago, fracking technology totally revolutionized the energy industry.

But its success was completely dependent on a seemingly mundane thing...


Without loads and loads of sand, fracking didn’t work.

So how did you make money as an investor?

It wasn’t by purchasing the fracking companies directly. They got too expensive too quick.

It was by buying a sand company like Emerge Energy Services.

Emerge was just $17 in May 2013. But with fracking demand exploding, the stock surged to nearly $123 in just 15 months!


And, of course, tech works the same way.

When small firms become vital to Big Tech... that’s where the largest profits often come.

The Biggest Gains in Tech Often Come From the Companies Nobody Talks About

Marvell Technology is a great example.

It develops specialized semiconductor chips for data centers.

These chips are built to pack more power into a smaller amount of space.

And Marvell landed contracts with Apple... Boeing... Comcast... Coinbase... Cisco... and more.

The stock was never the same.

Back in 2013, Marvell was dirt cheap, trading at just about $6.

It’s delivered a 476% total return since then.


Another great example is Q Technology.

It developed a fingerprint sensor that got picked up by just a couple of smartphone manufacturers back in early 2016.

It was a relatively small order of just 500,000 units from two of the smaller smartphone manufacturers, certainly not Apple or Samsung.

But even this small order was enough to blast the stock higher.

At the time, Q Tech was trading for about $1.

Just 18 months later, it hit a peak of over $20.

That’s a 20X return in less than two years!

$1,000 turned into $20,000...

And $10,000 could have turned into $200,000!


How about Cirrus Logic?

The company provides audio chips to Apple, Dell, HP, Amazon and others.

Cirrus is the company that helped launch Apple’s wireless earbuds... the ones you see young people wearing today in every airport, coffee shop and shopping center in America.

Cirrus Logic’s audio chips were included in Apple devices starting in 2007.

But since then... with the company having their components included in nearly every iPhone sold for over a decade... the stock has gone from a low of $2.50 in 2009 to a peak of around $109 per share.

That’s about a 4,400% return.

$1,000 could have become $45,000...

$10,000 could have become nearly half a million dollars!


Of course, I’m using the best historical examples. Most tech stocks don’t do this.

That’s why you can’t buy just any tech or AI stock.

While gains this large are possible, they’re rare. So to give yourself the best shot, look for small companies doing business with Big Tech.

And be smart. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, even if you find a company with billions in deals with every trillion-dollar tech stock in the world. There’s always risk involved.

You’ll thank me later.

My point is this is the power of investing in little-known companies who are solving problems for the big names.

And as NextPlatform.com states...

article quote

The gains from providing a solution to AI’s #1 problem could blow all of those examples out of the water.

After all, Mark Cuban did say...

article quote

And that can’t happen until AI’s heat issue is resolved.

Don’t Chase the Headlines... Follow the MONEY

You probably won’t hear about liquid cooling in the mainstream headlines.

Liquid cooling doesn’t have the same clickability as an AI apocalypse or utopia.

You might even call liquid cooling “unsexy.”

But it’s these “unsexy,” under-the-radar stories, like the importance of sand to fracking, where you can make a true fortune...

Instead of following everyone else like a lemming.

With AI, liquid cooling is going to be the overlooked opportunity that mints fortunes.

AI technology NEEDS liquid cooling to scale in power and availability.

For Big Tech to push artificial intelligence to its full potential and fulfill the promises they’ve made...

They MUST find a way to keep their expensive processors – the brains of their AI – from overheating.

Remember, it was a Microsoft VP who said “air cooling is not enough” and revealed they’re using liquid cooling for the AI revolution.

And Microsoft is THE major player backing ChatGPT.

If ChatGPT, the leading AI, starts using liquid cooling...

Other companies will have no choice but to start shelling out if they want ANY hope of securing market share.

For that reason, I predict liquid cooling will be the “hot tech” on Wall Street a few months from now, though it may be a matter of weeks or even days.

You have a very limited window to get in before all the headlines start blasting.

Right now, it’s mostly IT industry publications talking about how liquid cooling is necessary for AI.

Soon, it’ll be the financial mainstream.

But when you see a headline about liquid cooling on Yahoo Finance or in The Wall Street Journal, it’s probably too late.

If you believe AI is a major opportunity...

The time to get in on liquid cooling is NOW.

You know how fast technology moves.

Blink... and you’ll miss the biggest gains.

Get Your Hands on My #1 Underground Liquid Cooling Stock ASAP

I’ve hand-picked the one stock with the most potential to lead the liquid cooling revolution.

I can virtually guarantee your broker hasn’t talked about this stock...

And I’d be shocked if CNBC picked up on this opportunity before it was trading at 10 or even 20 times its current value.

By that time, this stock could be a cash-gushing behemoth after raking in billions from Big Tech.

It’s already off to a great start.

This company provides cooling solutions to over 300 data center owners and operators.

One of their crown jewel projects is an UNDERGROUND data center that was built in a former Pennsylvania limestone mine.

This company retrofitted the old mine to “control environmental heat and humidity” for a client’s data center.

data center

The reason they chose the mine is an underground aquifer inside.

The huge body of water can absorb heat, which helps the company’s advanced liquid cooling systems keep computer processors cool.

These systems are the world’s leading efficiency chillers, boasting 42% better results than the industry standard.

And that’s just one of the company’s world-changing data center projects.

They also built a data center in an abandoned nuclear bunker deep underground in Sweden.

data center

Not only did they make a deal to cool multiple data centers...

But they also engineered a way to use the excess heat to keep people warm in freezing Scandinavia.

This company is on the cutting edge.

No wonder its year-over-year annual net income more than DOUBLED recently.

And best of all, its future profits are protected by 18,869 patents.

I’m projecting the stock to rise as much as 120% over the next three to five years.

I’ll show you everything you need to know in my special report, “The #1 Underground Liquid Cooling Play for the AI Revolution.”


This opportunity alone could deliver life-changing returns as companies around the world flood this company with money for their liquid cooling expertise.

But you’ll want to claim your stake while it’s still “underground.”

By the time you hear about an investment on the news, you’ve already missed the biggest gains.

I’ll show you how to get this report in a moment.

But the liquid cooling revolution is bigger than a single stock.

The Microsoft of Liquid Cooling?

Another company I see securing billions from Big Tech is a long-established titan of the cooling industry.

This company is using its decades of experience to pioneer “infrastructure-as-a-service” for data centers in the same way Microsoft pioneered software-as-a-service...

Where they collect major recurring revenue in exchange for ongoing support.

I love companies like these because they make money around the clock. Data centers never shut down.

Not to mention, this company’s products are some of the most efficient in the world.

One of their liquid cooling units can save data centers $4 MILLION across the life of just one unit.

data center

If you’re one of the Big Tech companies that operates its own data centers – like Meta does – these kinds of savings might be multiplied hundreds of times over...

Making it a no-brainer to use this company’s products.

Sales for this company’s data center unit rocketed 131% higher in just one year.

And as AI companies do whatever they can to stay ahead of the competition in the next 12 months...

I believe they’ll throw even more money at this liquid cooling company.

Future profits are protected here by 26,435 patents.

I’m projecting up to 70% gains over the next three years.

I recently recommended a stock with a business model like this in the aerospace sector.

My readers have been thrilled since March 2022.

Barry L. says...

“Up 135% on my current position with taking some profit along the way.”Barry L.

Chris K. tells me...

“I bought when you first recommended it at $1.04. I’m currently up 128%!!”Chris K.

Yours could be the next success story...

If you get your hands on my report “Liquid Cooling as a Service: The 24/7 Moneymaker.”


This Cooling Company Makes Money Every Time a Smartphone Is Sold – Anywhere in the World

The third company is another longtime giant of the cooling industry.

Carrying 25,951 patents globally, not only does this company provide cooling technology via gas and advanced materials...

According to its website, the company had a hand in 100% of the latest-generation smartphones.

liquid cooling


Remember the examples I gave of companies supplying components to all the Big Tech companies?

Nvidia has become a household name in tech, rocketing to $1 trillion off the AI revolution.

The New York Times reports that Nvidia accounts for 70% of all AI chip sales.

But the third liquid cooling stock I’m recommending provided technology for 100% of the newest generation of the most widespread gadget in the world.

liquid cooling

It’s no surprise that its earnings are up 451% year over year.

So while this company, which supplies the entire world with smartphone technology, quietly pivots to liquid cooling...

You’ll be invested in its stock.

But they’re only just getting started.

Now that even smartphones are beginning to implement liquid cooling...

I’m projecting a 30% return for this stock over the next two years... plus a solid and growing dividend.

But this company doesn’t just work on smartphones.

They are also getting into cooling data centers. And on top of that...

The company is already providing something called “extreme cooling” to an entirely new type of supercomputer that will take AI to true exponential growth.

One expert in the field told Forbes, AI and machine learning algorithms are perfect candidates for [this new type of] processing.”

So not only are we looking at the extremely near-term opportunities to profit from the AI sector...

I’m looking ahead to the next “next big thing” for artificial intelligence.

I’ll show you everything you need to know in my special report “The Stock on the Cutting Edge of Liquid Cooling.”


Inside of these three reports, you’ll find the names and ticker symbols of the top three liquid cooling stocks I’ve isolated for maximum profit potential.

I’ll share all my research on their financials... products... high-level partnerships... and more.

These three stocks should treat you very well as AI transforms the world over the coming years.

Now, because AI’s heat issue is so big...

These aren’t the only profit opportunities I want to send you. There’s still more to the liquid cooling revolution.

Artificial Intelligence Needs THIS Metal to Survive (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

Inside many cooling systems...

One metal is far and away the MOST important for efficiency and durability.

It’s NOT...


Rather, it’s a metal that investors often ignore because it’s not as “sexy” as gold or silicon.

But as I’ve shown you... I specialize in these overlooked (yet lucrative) investments.

This metal’s “high conductivity, durability and workability” give it a “dominant role” in the cooling industry, according to The Economic Times.

It’s also needed in construction, electrical systems and even your smartphone.

Analyst Guy Wolf says it’s the only metal with locked-in demand growth.”

The Wall Street Journal reports, According to analysts, it is more of a ‘when,’ not an ‘if’ demand [for this metal] is likely to surge.”

In fact, there’s already a shortage...

And AI will only increase the global demand for this metal, which is projected to double by 2035.

On the other hand, the price of gold is projected to fall to around $1,600 by 2035.

I’ll show you everything you need to know in my report “The #1 Metal AI Needs to Survive.”


This report includes...

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  • How, in turn, AI is helping find more of this essential metal to ease the shortage.

I want you to have everything you need to prosper in the age of artificial intelligence.

There’s plenty of opportunity here... and no one wants to admit the problems AI has, so there’s still time to get in BEFORE everyone else.

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In the past, when people followed the headlines... they missed the bigger opportunities going under the radar.

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The Next Frontier in Liquid Cooling

The future of liquid cooling.

Right now, water is the main fluid used in liquid cooling. It’s plentiful, it’s cheap and it works.

But as the AI race has heated up, companies have been looking for every advantage they can find.

A new tech, called “immersion cooling,” is the next frontier of efficiency.

In this type of setup, the computer chips are dunked fully in a special liquid coolant.

It’s nonconductive, so you don’t have to worry about the electronics shorting out.

Obviously, this liquid needs the utmost precision to make sure the millions of dollars’ worth of high-end AI processors keep working.

Buy from the wrong company, and you’re risking millions of dollars’ worth of chips.

But there’s one company that’s been at the forefront of this specialty fluid industry for decades.

Their cooling fluid is already used in electric car batteries, which – like AI – NEED liquid cooling.

Battery temperatures as low as 85 degrees Fahrenheit can degrade the performance and longevity of electric vehicles.

At 100 degrees, the range of an EV battery is slashed by nearly one-third.

And in extreme cases, the battery can catch fire.

This is high-stakes stuff.

That’s why I’m confident that Big Tech will turn to this company for liquid immersion cooling.

The company already has relationships with...

  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Cisco Systems
  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • And many more.

I’ll show you everything you need to know in order to position yourself for the greatest potential in my report “Immersion Cooling: The Next Frontier for AI.”


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If you believe AI will succeed... you also agree that liquid cooling is absolutely necessary.

Experts say AI processing loads of the future will be almost impossible to cool with air alone.”

Data center real estate is a screaming $1,100 per square foot and only going higher...

And every AI company currently vying to be the big winner is pushing its processors to the absolute limit.

The more power you need, the hotter a chip gets... sometimes as hot as 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Companies that continue using air cooling will fall by the wayside.

But we won’t have to predict which tech giant will win the AI race.

Instead, I believe liquid cooling is the best way to position yourself for a fortune on artificial intelligence.

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Karim Rahemtulla
October 2023


P.S. A leading industry publication declares, AI is already changing the face of data centers.”

Another publication flat-out states, AI expedites liquid cooling adoption.”

So liquid cooling is already helping AI flourish by solving its heat problem...

And AI is boosting liquid cooling adoption in return.

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