The smart new investing strategy that crushed the average savings account by 382-FOLD in one month in 2023...

“Super Income”

“It can position you for 68 big payouts throughout the year. You just need to lock in your investments before December 13.”

– The expert who CNBC calls a “Market Maven

bill tucker

Hi, I’m Bill Tucker.

My multimillionaire special guest today is someone who CNBC called a “Market Maven.”

He’s not just a famed bestselling financial author...

He’s also a highly sought-after keynote speaker.

He’s spoken alongside the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Milton Friedman and Jim Rogers.

But today... LIVE with me... this legend is revealing the biggest, boldest bet in his 34-year career.

This is his “all-in” moment.

It’s an opportunity he believes won’t come around again for decades...

But it’s available right now – so he’s going in HUGE. 

In fact, he says he has a seven-figure stake in it. And he’s on track to invest another $1 million.

He’s never before put so much of his net worth toward a single strategy.

As you’re about to see...

He’s ultra-confident that this move will earn him $1 million (or more) within five years...

That’s right... 

He believes he’ll make at least $1 million...

And right now, he’s inviting you to follow along for every step of the way.

In a moment, you’ll discover a unique method for everyday investors to potentially collect life-changing income.

My esteemed guest calls it his “Super Income System.”

Because it can allow you to pocket outsize income... as well as capital gains that are far bigger and far safer than you’d get from investing in any index.

For example, within just a single month in 2023, his account grew $2,500 DAILY on average.

Even on certain days the market flashed bright red...

flashing red

Many of his Super Income holdings were neon green.

So... when you have the stock markets all going down... yet this play is going up... you can imagine how that impacts your wealth. 

Just look at how this “Super Income” can grow your money...

flashing green

By the end of one month, he was up $79,487.

In total, he grew his money from $1,087,720 to $1,167,207 in a mere 31 days.

karim's growth

Along the way, he received payouts of...

  • $1,718 on January 3 (on 4% interest)
  • $1,500 on January 17 (a 5.6% dividend)
  • $997 on January 27 (a 5.8% dividend).

And he’s projected to rake in dozens more big payouts... 68, in fact... throughout the year.

But here’s the thing...

Had he invested in the Dow instead, he would have made only $29,368 over that same time frame.

If he’d left his money in an average savings account – paying just 0.23% – he would have made just $208!

That’s $208...

Versus $79,487 with his Super Income System.

karim vs s&p500

Let me be clear...

If you’re one of the millions struggling to make strides toward your retirement...

If you have your money tied up in savings accounts that pay you next to nothing...

I want you to pay very close attention today.

Because if you have even $10 to spare... and an open mind...

YOU can take advantage of this.

Best of all, you can potentially grow your money at the same exact rate as the Market Maven... no matter how much or how little you’re starting with.

He’s convinced even his wife – an elementary school teacher – to put $200,000 of her own savings into it as well.

To be clear, the foundation of his Super Income System has nothing to do with cryptos, speculative tech stocks or options.

Rather, it involves a little-known class of investments.

But here’s the thing...

It’s ultra-time-sensitive.

In fact, this opportunity could be gone just a short time from now.

December 13 is the next Fed meeting.

And at that meeting, the Fed could make a move that takes this unique profit opportunity off the board for anyone who isn’t in yet.

With a snap of their fingers, your opportunity to LOCK IN the massive yields and maximum profit potential available to you right now... could be gone in a flash.

After that happens, this opportunity likely will NOT come back around for you in your lifetime.

So pay very close attention as the Market Maven joins me now.

His name is Karim Rahemtulla, and he’s the bestselling author of Where In the World Should I Invest?...

Karim, welcome.

karim rahemtulla

It’s great to be here, Bill.

Now, let me set the stage a bit.

Over the past decade, safe income opportunities have been few and far between.

With interest rates at zero, you had to take undue risk to get any sort of decent return.

But now – for a short time, at least – that has changed.

The fact is... there are mammoth yields available to us right now – much bigger than you likely realize – that we haven’t seen in 15 years.

David Lefkowitz of UBS Global Wealth Management said...

“For a number of years, U.S. growth stocks were kind of the only game in town... Now you can actually get a yield in fixed income.”

Research from Schroders confirms we’ve gone...

“from an income desert to an income oasis.”

It’s why I was able to grow my money by $79K in just one month in 2023.

That works out to about 1 1/2 times the average U.S. annual salary.

Better yet, I’m positioned for 68 payouts throughout the year.

Hands down, this is one of the easiest times to make money in decades...

If you know how to use my Super Income System.


Karim, that is quite a statement.

For most folks, this market has been brutal!

Everybody’s losing money in stocks, bonds, crypto... virtually everything is down.


Well, that’s why we’re here, Bill.

Over a single month this year, my portfolio was pumping out cash in a way I haven’t seen... perhaps ever.

So I can’t wait to open up my own portfolio publicly... for the first time ever...

And show people how to achieve similar success.


Sounds great, Karim. Through our conversation today... I need to find out a few things:

  1. How you’re able to achieve these incredible gains
  2. Why you expect this growth to continue for anyone who locks in Super Income before December 13
  3. How everyday investors can do exactly what you’re doing with your money.

So let’s dig in...

Karim... what makes this moneymaking opportunity so unique?

Buffett Has Made TENS OF BILLIONS on This Type of Unusual Income Play... It’s “Like Taking Candy From a Baby”


Well, Bill... my Super Income System involves several different income producers.

And I’d like to show you why each is so powerful in its own right.

The first makes up the foundation of my Super Income System...

It’s where I’m putting the majority of my total stake.

It does two very important things for you, the investor... simultaneously.

It positions you for both massive dividend income... and huge capital gains.

Forbes says...

“It’s the best of bonds and equity in one security.”

Bankrate says...

“Like bonds, [this investment] makes cash payouts, often at a higher yield than bonds, while offering higher dividend returns and less risk than common stock.”

And Kiplinger reports...

“If you’re an income investor and you don’t already have these investments on your radar, you’ll want to give them a look... The dividends are typically set at a fixed amount. But they’re high – sky-high.”

That’s strong praise.


It is, but there’s no higher praise than the approval of the Oracle of Omaha himself, Warren Buffett, who’s relied on this form of investment time and time again.


How so?


Throughout his career, Buffett has used it over and over to make TENS OF BILLIONS in profits for his famous holding company, Berkshire Hathaway.

For example, with this investment, he made $3.7 billion in profit in less than three years on an initial $5 billion stake.

$1.3 billion of that was in priority dividend payouts... That was approximately 12 times more than the dividend regular stockholders could have received.

Buffett then used this strategy again to make $23 billion over eight years on a $12 billion total investment...

And $3 billion came in dividend payouts.

In this case, it was a priority dividend that paid him 11 times what the average investor could have received...

The remaining $20 billion profit came in the form of capital gains.

The Motley Fool called that a “sweetheart deal.”


I’d say!


And Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is using this investment right now to rake in $800 million per year on a $10 billion investment made just a few years ago.

This one gave Buffett almost DOUBLE what the average investor could have received.

It’s projected he’ll ultimately walk away with BILLIONS in profits.

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said this investment was so good for Buffett that it...

“was like taking candy from a baby.”

But here’s the thing... you don’t have to be a billionaire to take advantage of this investment.

In fact, just look at this rare and extraordinary example we found! A gentleman named Marvin, still a passionate investor at 92 years old, made 31.5% per year on his money over nine years...

Including $200K per year in dividends...

And turned his $635K initial stake into $3.6 MILLION.


That’s incredible.


This investment method is almost exactly the type of deal I’m getting right now – and YOU can get it too.

In fact, I am putting almost HALF of my total stake in it.

And while I expect to at least double my money...

It might end up being a lot more than that.

And I want everyone watching to understand that anyone can do this.

In fact, YOU can essentially look over my shoulder as we look to build our wealth together.


Why does this unusual investment even exist, Karim? And why haven’t I heard of it?


That’s a good question. And the answer is simple.

It’s still a relatively new investment vehicle in the grand scheme of the stock market’s 200-year history.

This particular investment was available ONLY to institutional investors... until Texaco became the first company to ever introduce it to the public in the early ’90s.

Texaco quickly found it to be extremely beneficial to include retail investors in this offering... because it provided a larger investor base to raise more capital.

Several American businesses quickly piggybacked on Texaco’s idea.

Today, there are 598 companies that offer this type of investment.

So it’s a win-win for both companies and investors.

You just need to know how to find the biggest and best-paying income opportunities.

That’s why I’m here today... to help everyday investors access them.


To be clear... this is just the first of several income producers you’re going to detail today... but this first one is where you are putting a massive chunk of your own personal investment. Is that correct?


That’s exactly right, Bill.


I want to hear about the other Super Income investments you’ve got lined up, but before we get to those...

I hear you’re aiming to increase your million-dollar position by about another million, is that right?

Karim Is Putting 20-30% of His Net Worth Toward This Super Income System... the Most He’s Ever Put Toward One Strategy


Yes, I just added another $100,000 on February 6...

In fact, I can’t wait to put in another 100 grand.

It could be as soon as tomorrow!

What I’ll ultimately put into Super Income will amount to about 20-30% of my own net worth.

That’ll be the most I’ve ever invested at one time into a single strategy.

And I’m looking forward to sharing the best of those plays from my personal portfolio with you.


And that’s not all... you’ve even convinced your wife to go all-in with six figures... is that correct?


My wife is a schoolteacher. So she’s very careful with her money. She’s a conservative investor.

But I’ve got to say... it didn’t take much to convince her of the opportunity.

All I had to do was show her the yields that were available for the taking and the potential upside... and she was in.

She even contacted an investment advisor friend who she’s known for a long time.

She thought maybe he would try to poke holes in the idea.

But instead... that same investment advisor told her that HE was so convinced that HE TOO was going to invest in it!


Wow, so you’re convincing not only elementary school teachers, but financial advisor professionals as well...


By the end of this conversation, hopefully you too, Bill!


This is all very interesting. But you don’t have much time to convince me...

Because as you’ve said, Karim, once interest rates and inflation head back down, that’s it...

This moneymaking opportunity is over.

Once the Fed Makes Its Move, You Will Be Locked Out, so You Must Act Decisively


Well, for those who are already “in,” the big income will continue.

But if rates come down, then you won’t be able to get the same big-time yields after that.

It’s why time is so crucial right now.

You may not see this opportunity again in your lifetime.

And here’s why...

You’ve heard the sports expression “Let the game come to you,” right?

We’re “letting the market come to us.”

The economic and market challenges most people are scared of...

Soaring inflation...

Soaring interest rates...

And the convergence of these two factors...

They’ve created this once-in-a-generation opportunity for income seekers like me – and hopefully everyone watching today.

We’re seeing yields boosted to massive levels that have not existed in decades... and you can lock them in right now.

Right... NOW!

Now, all investing does carry risk, and we never recommend you invest more than you can afford to lose.

But even if things were to “hit the fan” in the stock market and with the companies I’ve targeted for big paydays and big upside...

And a company decided to, say, cut a dividend...

You’d still have priority payouts over regular shareholders!

In other words, you can still make out great and keep getting paid... even if a company goes through a rough patch.


Have we seen any similar opportunities like this in recent history, Karim?

There Have Been Only 3 Other Opportunities Like This in Recent History


Since I’ve been an investor, there have been only three other situations I can compare to today...

Take a look at this chart.

federal funds rate

The Fed hiked rates to a peak in 1989... after a decade of rampant inflation.

Rates peaked again in 2001... after the dot-com bubble.

Then again in 2007... after the housing crisis.

Each time... if you had moved on the investments I’ve been talking about today before the cycle shifted, you could’ve locked in massive yields as rates peaked...

Then ridden the capital gains to retirement fortunes... for years.

That’s what I’m doing right now!

As you can also see in the chart... once the Fed decides to drop rates, they do it fast...

federal funds rate

Which is exactly what can happen any day now.


That said, some might be concerned that since you’ve already grown your portfolio $79K in a month, that might mean they’ve already missed out.

What would you say to them?


I totally understand that, Bill, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because if it were true, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now.

I expect to make at least a million bucks over the next five years from the opportunities I’m targeting.

This opportunity is still on the ground floor.

And it’s ONGOING because there are big, fat dividend yields right there for the taking.

BUT... and there is a big “BUT”...

The Federal Reserve can say or do something that turns the course of interest rates with a snap of a finger.

That’s why every Fed report is now a deadline for everybody who’s paying attention.

December 13 is the next one.

Once the Fed pauses... or pivots... on rates, you will no longer be able to lock in the best income opportunities.

Look at the chart – and you can see that the trend points to a stoppage in interest rate hikes in the near future.

fed rate hikes

Hikes are grinding to a halt because there are signs that inflation is finally starting to abate.

But lucky for us, inflation isn’t coming down as fast as the Fed hoped.

So that’s why this opportunity is available to us for just a little while longer.

That’s why if you are 50 or older, this IS your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lock in big, secure, consistent income for the foreseeable future.

Super Income will not come around again in your lifetime.

Now, how much you get out depends on how much you are willing to put in...

But if you lock in these rates that I’m prepared to share today, these could generate the income that you’ve been dreaming about.

Get Your Hands on the Super Income Retirement Package Today


Karim, how exactly does your Super Income System work... and how do people access the precise investment instructions you’re making public today?


Bill, as I mentioned, the foundation of my Super Income System involves mirroring Buffett’s unique investment that has delivered Berkshire Hathaway TENS OF BILLIONS in profits.

super income system

One paid $500 million annually in dividends...

Another paid $3 billion over eight years...

And another is paying over $800 million annually... as we speak!

There are four new Buffett-style Super Income investments for you to get in on. Each is priced in the $20 range.

That’s it!

Each can give you the same priority treatment over regular shareholders, including...

  • Lower entry prices
  • Bigger dividends
  • Priority payouts
  • Less risk.

A large part of my Super Income System’s allocation is devoted to these four priority income investments.

And remember, you don’t need to be a billionaire to prosper from this.

A 92-year-old named Marvin turned a $635K stake into $3.6 million over just nine years... raking in $200K a year in dividends.

Even a fraction of that success could change the trajectory of your retirement plans.

This powerful method sets the framework of my Super Income System.

The entire breakdown... including the exact details on how you can add these four investments to your portfolio... is in this prized special report...

“The Top 4 Monster Yields With Massive Upside: How Buffett Made TENS OF BILLIONS.”

buffett report

It’s the first of several reports in a special Super Income Retirement Package that I’m introducing for the first time ever.

And I can deliver it to your email as soon as this interview is complete.

This total package contains the precise, paint-by-numbers instructions breaking down what you can do to get in alongside me.

You don’t need any fancy trading account...

Any brokerage will do.


That’s great, Karim. I can’t wait to get those instructions.

But you said there were several additional Super Income investments...


That’s right, Bill.

My Super Income System is about as close as possible to the perfect income investment allocation model, and it was created to meet this particular moment in time.

You see, while the first report will show you how to get paid quarterly...

My next report will show you how to get paid monthly...

super income system

This gives you instant diversification... unlimited upside... special tax benefits... and huge monthly yields.

I’m talking about a particular form of exchange-traded fund, also known as an ETF.

Joe Springer, who TipRanks once named the #1 stock analyst of the year... says of this unique ETF investment...

“It’s an excellent solution for an investor that wants to take advantage of the asset class (which can offer higher dividends than most ordinary stocks).”

And Kiplinger reports...

“It allows you to reduce your risk.”

That’s because you’re investing in a basket of unique stocks across financials, utilities, real estate and communication services, just to name a few.

And again, your upside is UNLIMITED.

The first of two ultra-cheap ETFs I’ve included in the Super Income Retirement Package trades for $15...

Its yield is up nearly 23% since the start of 2022.

And the second is just $11.

I’ve put all the details on how to get in on these two ultra-cheap opportunities in a report called...

“The 2 Best Bargain-Priced ETFs for Super Income AND Unlimited Upside.”

etf report

That’s 24 payouts you can count on over 12 months – thanks to these two plays.

These bargain-priced ETFs make up the next tier of my Super Income System model portfolio.


Sounds great, Karim. What’s next?


I’ve also been pouring my money into three massively undervalued dividend payers for incredible upside income potential.

The first is a Dividend Beast.

super income system

Morningstar says it is...

“clearly a cheap dividend stock, trading a whopping 30% below our fair value estimate.”

And here’s what U.S. News & World Report says about the second:

“The health of the dividend itself is virtually unrivaled. Investors can rest assured that even in the event of a catastrophic 60% plunge in earnings, the company would still be able to pay its dividend.”

These two pay some of the biggest, safest dividends in the entire stock market.

Their massive yields just keep getting bigger... as each company has been raising its dividend for decades...

The first for 16 years...

The second for 47 years.

They both recently raised their dividends again... even in this tough environment.

And the third undervalued dividend payer is from the energy sector.

It’s absolutely on fire and paying a monster 9.3% dividend.

Even the chairman of the board is pouring money hand over fist into the company’s stock.

He spent $17.4 million on shares on February 22... but that’s not all!

The next day, he bought another $21.6 million worth of shares!

That’s a great sign of things to come, because as legendary investor Peter Lynch says...

“There’s only one reason insiders buy... they believe the price will rise.”

Instructions on how to add this 9.3% dividend to your portfolio, as well as the two other big-time dividend payers, are in my special report...

“3 Massively Undervalued Perpetual Dividend Payers for Retirement Riches.”

dividends report

So that’s the third tier of your Super Income System. What’s the next layer?


I’ve already shared several income investment opportunities that provide tax benefits...

But this next one is federal tax-free... and could be state tax-free, depending on where you live.

This one is a closed-end fund, which allows you to buy at a huge discount to its holdings.

super income system

In other words, it’s like paying $0.95 and getting one full dollar’s worth of value. says...

“Closed-end funds can help magnify your portfolio growth.”

Yet the particular closed-end fund I’ve included in the Super Income Retirement Package won’t cost you even $10 to get started...

All the details on how to add this one to your portfolio are in the special report...

“How to Pocket TAX-FREE Income With This Sub-$10 Investment.”

tax report

Tax-free income sounds great to me, Karim. And I bet it does to everyone listening.

Karim, this is a lot already...

We’ve got this tax-free play...

Then two monthly dividend-paying opportunities in “The 2 Best Bargain-Priced ETFs for Super Income AND Unlimited Upside”...

Three high-income upside plays in “3 Massively Undervalued Perpetual Dividend Payers for Retirement Riches”...

And four big-time quarterly payers in “The Top 4 Monster Yields With Massive Upside: How Buffett Made TENS OF BILLIONS.”

Karim, this is almost overwhelming.


This is such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I want to give you as much as I can as quickly as I can... so you don’t miss out on anything.

While there’s a high degree of safety in everything I’ve delivered so far, there is always still risk in the market.

But I believe there’s nothing safer than two particular bonds I want to share with you.

These provide you ULTIMATE PROTECTION.

super income system

There are guaranteed yields right now on certain U.S. Treasurys that would lock you in at over 4.5%.

That’s the highest level since 2007.

These are all guaranteed returns, fully backed by the U.S. government.

Of the more than 16,000 bonds out there, I’ve personally hand-picked the TWO most impressive... and most potentially IMPACTFUL to help safely grow your portfolio.

I reveal those bonds for you – and how you can own them – in my special report titled...

“GUARANTEED INCOME for Your Short-Term Cash.”

cash report

I’m personally invested in these two bonds, and I cannot believe we’re seeing yields this juicy... AND they’re fully backed by Uncle Sam to boot.


I’ve got a feeling that’s not it, Karim... is there even more?


One more, Bill.

I’m also adding a speculative stock in the Super Income Retirement Package. This is for those of you who like to take a home run swing from time to time.

super income system

This is an up-and-coming gold stock that produced over 1 million ounces of gold last year... and trades for just over $3.

Plus, it pays a 4.5% dividend yield that it can fully support... while giving you exponential upside potential.

I could see this gaining up to 100% within the next year.

The buy-now instructions are in this bonus report...

“The $3 Gold Play.”

gold report

That’s a ton of valuable material inside the Super Income Retirement Package, Karim.

Can you speak to the viewers directly and let everyone know how they can receive it?



In order to receive everything I’ve mentioned so far...

All you need to do is join my investment research service, Trade of the Day Plus, on a 100% risk-free trial... and become the first to see the Super Income Portfolio, which I’m launching for the first time ever.

trade of the day plus

I’m Launching a Super Income Portfolio Through Trade of the Day Plus

This new portfolio is essentially the mirror image of my own...

And this is the first time in history I’ve ever opened up my own portfolio to share with anyone outside of my family.

This Super Income Portfolio will include every single investment you’ve heard me mention so far.

And it’ll include even more over the weeks ahead as I find new investment opportunities for YOU and me.

Each Super Income investment opportunity is built for this very moment.

Built to help you rake in huge paydays.

Built to position you for massive capital gains.

Built to help you set yourself up for a fantastic retirement.

In total, you’ll get my specific buy recommendations from each special report:

super income package
  • “The Top 4 Monster Yields With Massive Upside: How Buffett Made TENS OF BILLIONS”
  • “The 2 Best Bargain-Priced ETFs for Super Income AND Unlimited Upside”
  • “3 Massively Undervalued Perpetual Dividend Payers for Retirement Riches”
  • “How to Pocket TAX-FREE Income With This Sub-$10 Investment”
  • “GUARANTEED INCOME for Your Short-Term Cash”
  • An additional BONUS: “The $3 Gold Play.”

And we’ll be tracking the progress of these investments on the brand-new Super Income Portfolio page in Trade of the Day Plus.

model portfolio

Better yet, I’m offering a private Zoom call for instant analysis after every single Fed meeting this year.

zoom calls

I can tell you right now...

At one of these upcoming Fed meetings, they will announce that rates will stop going up.

When that happens, you’re going to be rejoicing because you’ve already locked in the great yields.

And that’s when I expect the capital gains to really take off like a bolt of lightning.

You might even feel a bit sorry for anyone who’s not acting with the conviction you’re showing today.

Because anyone who decides to sit on the sidelines will have lost their Super Income opportunity forever.

And all they’ll be left with is regret.

So I think everything I’m offering you today is really going to help you not just in the days, weeks and months ahead... but for years upon years.


How exactly does Trade of the Day Plus work?

Trade of the Day Plus Exists to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Dreamt Possible!


With Trade of the Day Plus...

You receive daily emails with our timely research, analysis and commentary on the markets.

email alerts

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wednesday videos

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wednesday videos

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model portfolio

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I’m sure everyone’s wondering by now... How much does Trade of the Day Plus cost?


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Outstanding, Karim. That sounds like a total steal.


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That one has been a rocket ride...

Dave said...

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Great job, Karim. I found this conversation to be really enlightening... and really encouraging at a time when everything in the markets seems to be, well, challenging.

Especially the 68 payouts within a year on the companies inside the new Super Income Portfolio in Trade of the Day Plus.


And don’t forget the extra profit potential on capital gains. Because that’s where you can really supercharge your investment money.


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March 2023



For anyone who’s still on the fence... I’ve got a special Q&A with Karim...

I’m curious now, Karim... what you would say to someone who is afraid to invest any money right now?

I mean, there are so many challenges facing everyday investors.

Plenty of people I know have already turned to cash...


If you’ve turned to cash, you’re going to suffer from something called opportunity cost.

Because this new opportunity will not only keep up with inflation... I believe it’ll blow it out of the water. And it is one of the best retirement strategies you’ll ever see.

So if you have your money under your mattress...

And you’re not putting it to work for YOU...

You might really regret missing out.


Karim, can you take us through again why this opportunity exists today?


It’s simple, Bill.

This is a moment in time when there’s a confluence of factors that may never happen again.

It started with the easy money policy after the Great Recession... when lawmakers printed money to get the economy up on its feet... quickly.

It culminated with the pandemic, when lawmakers again printed up trillions of dollars to support the economy...

And that created tremendous amounts of buying power while there was a massive supply chain crisis.

That’s what pushed up prices. And that’s why this situation is reversible.

Once supply and demand get back in sync, there’s no reason prices won’t stabilize or come back down.


But what does that have to do with sky-high interest rates and inflation?


There’s a correlation.

When inflation goes up... interest rates need to go up in order to reduce demand.

The reduced demand causes inflation to move back lower.

Because if you don’t reduce demand and you let inflation get out of control, that’s when you need wheelbarrows full of cash just to buy a loaf of bread.

That’s what happened in Germany after World War I.

When interest and inflation rates were near zero throughout the past decade, guess what... so was your dividend income from your investments!

But the opposite is true right now.

That’s why this is so urgent.

We could quickly revert to where we were just a year ago.

And that’s why you’ve got to lock it in now.

This isn’t some trick.

This is the reality of the situation.


Why has the Fed been so aggressive in raising rates?


They had no choice, Bill. We have a $31 TRILLION national debt.

Every 1% rise in interest rates means we’re paying an EXTRA $300 billion in interest.

If they had let it get out of control and been forced to raise rates to 18% like they did in 1981...

The interest... just the interest on the debt... would have been $6 TRILLION.

That’s about twice what the IRS takes in taxes each year.

The country would go belly-up.

And that’s why they have to act aggressively.

There would be no USA.

That’s the cold hard truth.


Why is this such an “all-in” situation, Karim? And why should it be for our viewers?


There are certain times you look at a situation... and let me tell you, it’s scary at the time...

And you say to yourself, “Am I the only person who’s seeing this?”

There have been only three times I’ve felt like this...

The first was in the ’90s when small caps were completely undervalued. They were practically giving away small cap stocks... and that’s when I made my first million dollars.

Then there was 2002... Most Americans were reeling from the dot-com crash.

There was a huge opportunity that developed in the vintage car market.

I was able to score my favorite car of all time... a 1965 Porsche 356.

The kind that James Dean owned.

And I bought it for just $12,000.

My insurance company wants me to insure it today for 15 times what I bought it for.

But the biggest opportunity was in 2008...

Because in 2008, I was buying real estate... including rental real estate for $45 a square foot. This is concrete block construction... It cost most people three times that amount to build it. That’s back THEN.

And back then, like today, I was thinking... Am I crazy? What’s the catch?

But there was no catch, Bill. It was an opportunity that nobody was paying attention to...

Or they were scared... just like today.

So I’m speaking from experience.

And that’s why you need to act now.


I’d like to remind everyone that the button remains at the bottom of the page if you’re ready to get started with the Super Income System.

Karim, I have one more question for you...

How has great investing impacted your life?


Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve made plenty of money in the markets, Bill...

It allowed me to travel to nearly 100 countries as I wrote my bestselling book, Where In the World Should I Invest?

It’s also allowed me to own a half-dozen Porsches... my favorite car in the world.

And I paid for both my daughters’ four-year college programs.

But I don’t say this to brag... rather, to make the point that great investing has allowed me to pursue my life’s passions and be a supportive parent... and I want the same for you and everyone else.

It allowed me to pick my daughters up from school every day and go to all of their extracurricular events.

So yes, what great investing has provided me is independence to do all the things that matter to me in life.

And that’s what I wish for everyone watching today.


That’ll do it for us. For Karim Rahemtulla, I’m Bill Tucker. Thank you for your time.

And we hope to see you as the newest member of the Super Income Portfolio inside Trade of the Day Plus.


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Because as Schroders reports, we’ve gone “from an income desert to an income oasis.”

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