Multimillionaire Ex-Chicago Exchange Pro Trader Reveals:

How to Make Up to 188%... Overnight

(and Average a 73% Win Rate!)

It Doesn’t Matter Whether a Stock Goes Up or Down. You Just Need It to Move!

Profit potential is unlimited” 

Dear Reader,

Today, you’re going to discover the single greatest trading strategy in the history of the markets...

It’s a strategy that could help you rack up 34.58% average gains... with individual gains as big as 136%... 178%... and an extraordinary 188%... overnight!

And get this... it doesn’t matter whether a stock goes up... or down.

You just need it to move!

I call it the Win-Both-Ways Trade...


My name is Bryan Bottarelli. I’m a Pro Trader who learned every trick of the trade on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Since then, I’ve gone on to trade for a living and done exceptionally well at it.

Over 12 years, I’ve made 3,765 trade recommendations, averaging a 12.7% gain over just a three-day average hold time... That’s 12.7%, not in three months... or in three weeks. In. Three. Days!


Because I don’t trade the normal way.

I don’t just buy a stock, close my eyes... and pray to the market gods for a win.

Rather, I use the tricks I learned on the Chicago trading floor to focus on only the best, most lucrative opportunities.

Case in point, the Win-Both-Ways Trade.

No matter which direction a stock moves... just as long as it moves...


While no investing strategy is perfect, a Win-Both-Ways Trade can dramatically increase your chance of winning... offering you up to a 73% win rate.

And I’ll prove it to you.

For example, on June 4, 2020, I knew Slack Technologies was set to make an earnings announcement right after the closing bell.

Now, most traders playing earnings would try to guess whether the stock was going up or down.

Not me. I didn’t care which way it would go.

So I alerted my readers before the market closed at 3:23 p.m. to place a Win-Both-Ways Trade for $4.78.


After the underwhelming announcement, Slack shares tanked...


And regular stockholders immediately lost 17%.

Good thing for my followers... they didn’t buy regular shares.

Instead, they walked away with a huge, fast winner from a unique, easy-to-make options play, the Win-Both-Ways Trade.

Grant V. said he made a “net 130% in three minutes!
And newbie Steve C. said, “$1,200 profit [31% gain] on my second day of trading.”

I pinpointed a similar play on Under Armour stock on July 29, 2019.

I told readers at 9:33 a.m... to immediately place a Win-Both-Ways Trade for just $2.35.


Then we went about our day... stress-free.

The next day’s headline read: “Under Armour Stock Gets Crushed on Weak Forward Guidance.


Regular investors lost 18.9% in a flash...

But my followers had a chance to ring the register with a 108% profit... in just 24 hours.

chart under armour

No coin toss. No guessing games. Just a special trade that can make money – when a stock moves up or down.

Pretty cool, right?

We weren’t done there.

The next day, July 31, 2019, I knew ahead of time that an announcement was coming up for Kellogg’s that could move the stock big-time.

Again, I didn’t care whether it went up or down. I just wanted to see it move! 

At 9:23 that morning I told my students that I spotted an “under-the-radar move in Kellogg’s.”

I told my readers to place an easy trade for $2.20.


Then I slept soundly that night.

Sure enough, the next day’s headline read:

“Shares of Kellogg... had risen by almost 10% as of noon.”


A 10% gain in a single day is solid... but my followers had a chance to pocket more than 13 times that!

We captured 133% gains in one day!

chart kellogg

And those are just three of the dozens of real-time examples I can show you!

We averaged 34.58% single-day gains on 59 Win-Both-Ways Trades in one year.

Look, anyone can do this. And that means YOU.

If you’re living life right now like most people, you’re dealing with one or more of the following issues...

You’re struggling to create a retirement fund...

You’re trying to get your finances in order...

You’re struggling to make any real gains in the stock market...

And you sure as hell aren’t making any money in a savings account.

But by getting trading insights from a pro...

Especially with the Win-Both-Ways Trade... 

You can take control of your life... and your money... and starting colleting profits on YOUR schedule.

There are nearly 25,000 earnings announcements year-round for companies that trade on the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

That’s thousands of opportunities for you to collect a payday with the Win-Both-Ways Trade.

So if you’re fed up with the coin-flip approach to trading stocks...

And want a better, easier way...

Rest assured, it’s there for the taking.

And you’ve come to the right place.

You CAN get out of the guessing game.

My VIP readers would agree after their overnight riches...

“Not bragging, just saying made 141%.” – Ronald Giordano
“A 220% win! – Ed Damon
“Awesome trade [188% gain]... made enough to pay for my daughter’s car.” – Mark Duvernois

Imagine buying a car for a loved one thanks to one single trade made in one day’s time!

I’m not the only one who knows about this powerful strategy.

Charles Schwab has called this type of trade “a breakout strategy.”
Noble DraKoln, author of Winning the Trading Game, says this trade “gives you a strong hold on profit.”
And Fidelity says, “This strategy may offer unlimited profit potential and limited risk of loss.”

You’re going to love all the details on this Win-Both-Ways Trade straight ahead.

I’ll show you how you could pocket up to 188% in a single day.


And if you stick with me until the end of this video, you’ll see how to receive a special bonus today worth $99. All I’ll need is your email address, and I can send it to you.

But first, let me show you how I discovered this trade back on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange 20 years ago...

I’ve Never Gone Public With the Win-Both-Ways Trade Before


As a baby-faced trader in my early 20s, I was thrown into the fire...

I worked my tail off in a sweaty, frantic pit – on my feet for eight straight hours a day...

Competing against the world’s most elite traders.

I had to learn fast... trade faster... and avoid mistakes.

And I quickly began making money hand over fist... at least for my bosses...

That was the problem for me.

The harder I worked... the richer they got.

Eventually, I got sick of it.

After all, I was a great trader.

Why waste my talents for them when I could go it alone and make money for myself?

So I quit.

I walked right out of there and never looked back.

And I started trading on my own.

I loved the freedom it gave me.

I worked on my time, not theirs.

bryan trading

And I kept all the profits.

Today, I’m a multimillionaire trader.

By the way, when I started out, I didn’t come from much.

My first job was working breakfast shifts at McDonald’s for minimum wage.

So what trading has done for me has been truly life-changing.

My time on the floor of the CBOE fully prepared me to launch my own research firm so I could help everyday Americans make loads of cash.

In total, the first 3,765 trade recommendations of my career resulted in an average gain of 12.7%, with an average hold time of three days.

Do you know how insanely good it is to average a double-digit win... every three days... on every one of a few thousand trades?

That’s achieving in every three days what Goldman Sachs hopes to achieve every three years.


Better yet, I’ve never had a down year, not even in 2008 or 2009 during the Great Recession.

And of all the dozens of powerful strategies I’ve mastered...

I can tell you with 100% certainty:

The Win-Both-Ways Trade is the absolute best...


The PERFECT Solution to Investing’s Biggest Problems

The Win-Both-Ways Trade is the ultimate solution to four of the biggest problems that plague investors.

For example...

  1. It eliminates the guesswork of trying to predict whether a stock will go up or down.
  2. You can capture infinite profit potential with limited risk.
  3. It costs very little to start profiting (I usually target trades around $3).
  4. You know the exact timing of every trade you’re going to make ahead of time.

Better yet, this trade is easy to make.

And doesn’t require much of your time at all.

Five minutes a week is all it takes.

That’s it.

This is why I believe the Win-Both-Ways Trade is an investor’s dream.

And I’ve shown thousands how to capture ONE-DAY GAINS on Win-Both-Ways Trades

Take a look at my top-performing recommendations...

  • 108% on UPS
  • 133% on Kellogg’s
  • 136% on Ambarella
  • 178% on Yum! Brands
  • And 188% on FedEx!

It may seem hard to believe, but each one of those wins came within 24 hours.

That’s why the Win-Both-Ways Trade is the closest thing to a 100% legal, unfair advantage in the markets as I’ve ever seen...

Now, there is only one way this trade won’t make you money, which I’ll show you how to avoid coming up.

But as long as you’re armed with the right knowledge... you can capture these winning trades for average single-day gains of 34.58%... and even up to 188% gains.

No More Guessing Games... All You Need to Know Is When the Stock Will Move! (and That’s the Easiest Part!)

For example...

On December 9, 2019, I targeted Conn’s, a furniture, mattress and electronics retailer.

Conn’s was set to report earnings the next morning.

Now, it’s common knowledge that stocks often move up or down after quarterly earnings announcements.

That makes it hard as a regular investor.

You’ve got to decide beforehand whether you think the stock is going to go up or down.

And if you’re wrong?

Well, too bad!

Not much fun, is it?


I structure Win-Both-Ways Trades for the chance to ring the register no matter which way the stock moves.

Before Conn’s reported earnings, I instructed my readers to place an options trade for $2.40.


That’s about 90% cheaper than the $22.05 you would have had to pay for a single share of stock!

And when the earnings came out, Conn’s got crushed... down 26% in premarket trading.

Here’s what its stock chart looked like...


Regular traders who owned the stock instantly lost more than a quarter of their investment...

But my followers were able to capture a 95% return... OVERNIGHT!

chart conn's

Imagine waking up the day after a trade to see your money... DOUBLED... even as a stock falls.

But what if Conn’s went up 26% instead of down?

Regular investors would have been pleased...

But my followers STILL would have made 95%!

That’s why we truly WIN. BOTH. WAYS.

Two months later, I spotted a similar trade on Canopy Growth.

Whether Canopy Growth made a big move up... or a big move down... I wanted my readers to be positioned to ring the register.

So I instructed them to get in on this options play for $2.79.


Regular stockholders, meanwhile, were paying $19.52 for a single share.

So what happened next?

The next day, Canopy Growth reported quarterly results that crushed expectations across the board.

The company’s shares moved up 13%!

Most regular investors consider 13% in a single day a great profit.

But my followers QUARDUPLED that... seeing the chance at a single-day profit of 51%...


But what if Canopy Growth had bombed its earnings and went down 13%?

My followers still would have made 51%!

chart canopy growth

Again, we WIN. BOTH. WAYS.

And in this case, my readers got to celebrate their Valentine’s Day with big money in their pockets!

“Thnx BB the quickest 500 bucks so far I ever made.” - Irfan M.
“Just made over $1K, sure is a great morning.” - James M.
“CGC up $2,508.00. Thank you Bryan!!” - John B.

I want to think about that last one for a minute.

This guy made $2,500 within 24 hours on one trade.

And it didn’t matter whether the trade went up or down – all that mattered was that it moved!

Consider what that would be like for you...

How would those types of returns change what you do on a regular basis?

Think about how it would feel emotionally to go into earnings season KNOWING you could make money either way.

It’s completely different from what most investors ever experience.

My readers use this secret over and over again.

The Win-Both-Ways Trade is just one of a number of unique options trades that readers from my VIP service The War Room enjoy.

Take George L., for example.

He started with $150,000 in his portfolio.

But he heard about all the people making money from my trade recommendations...

So he joined my little group in late 2019...

And went on a tear in early 2020.

He wrote to me on March 13, 2020, in the middle of the 10,000-point coronavirus sell-off, and said...

“In the last 14 trading days, my investment account has risen 704%. Yesterday, I solidly joined the 7-figure club.”

George said I helped him grow his portfolio from $150,000 to $2.35 MILLION...

Let me repeat that...

He went from $150K...

To 2 million, 350 thousand dollars.

In less than a year.

Now THAT’S the power of great investing.

Of course, these are exceptional results.

Consider, between January and March, George received 145 recommendations from me, using various trading strategies.

Of those, 122 were winners.

And the average gain was 7.7%, with an average hold time of four days.

But George’s $2 million growth in less than a year demonstrates how repeated wins can really start to add up.

And nothing... I mean NOTHING... is a smarter... or more powerful strategy than the Win-Both-Ways Trade.

When I say smarter... what I mean is this: Most regular investors play guessing games on which stocks will go up... You will not.

When I say more powerful... what I mean is this: The average investor makes just 2.5% per year... according to a 2015 Dalbar study.

Just 2.5%! When you factor in inflation, that’s pretty much just treading water!

Compare that to the Win-Both-Ways Trade, which can help you snag average single-day gains of 34.58%... and up to 188% on a single play... in a single day.

Since earnings announcements are a great catalyst for the Win-Both-Ways Trade, and publicly traded companies are required to make quarterly earnings announcements...

That means the opportunities can reach into the thousands.

Of course, all investing carries risk, so I never recommend investing more than you can afford to lose.

But let’s look at some of my past recommendations that I WISH you hadn’t missed out on...

Overnight Gains of 121%... 116%... and 188%... the Wins Keep Racking Up (Even When Stocks Lose)!

On May 28, 2019, I spotted Abercrombie and Fitch, the clothier, as a big potential mover with an upcoming earnings announcement.

I wanted my followers to be able to ring the register whether Abercrombie moved up or down...

At 9:55 a.m., I alerted them... “Here’s the play ... Total entry should be around $2.60.”

That’s way less than the $13.27 that regular investors were paying for a single share.


The next morning... boom, it imploded!

The CNBC headline says it all...



Regular investors lost $230 overnight for every $1,000 they had invested...

But not my students... they made 121%... turning every $1,000 into $2,210.

chart abercrombie

Then there was Pinterest on October 31, 2019.

It was scheduled to report earnings after the markets closed that day.

I alerted my students at 3:32 p.m. and said I was expecting a “big move.”

I told them to place the options trade at $2.70 or under.


That’s a fraction of the $25.13 that regular investors were paying for a single share.

Take a look at the CNBC headline to see what happened...



Regular investors lost $210 for every $1,000 they invested.

chart pinterest

Meanwhile, my readers made 116%... turning every $1,000 into $2,160.

And an even bigger trade for us was FedEx.

On September 17, 2019, I wrote to students at 9:10 a.m. and alerted them to the fact that FedEx would “report (earnings) after the close today.”


I let them know I was scoping out a potential play...

By 1:37 p.m., I said, “Let’s take a shot.”

Our total trade was for $7 or less... priceier than usual...


But still 90% cheaper than the $173 that regular investors had to pay for a single share of FedEx stock!

So what happened next?

Stockholders lost $80 for every $1,000 they invested...

But my readers... get this... banked extraordinary 188% gains overnight.

chart fedex

Turning every $1,000 into $2,880!

HUGE THANK YOU for the FDX trade! Just bagged $10,350!” Mark P. wrote.
Robert D. wrote, “FDX was good for me... made $11,520.”
And Mark D. wrote, Awesome trade for FDX made enough to pay for my daughter’s car!

These were, of course, on some of the best Win-Both-Ways Trades, but isn’t buying a car for a loved one thanks to a single unique play incredible?

Compare our stress-free way of profiting on FedEx with nerve-wracking stockholding... where you would have ended up disappointed, and worse... poorer!

There’s no comparison!

That’s why I put together a special training video to show you exactly how to place a Win-Both-Ways Trade in the days ahead... But before I send you it...


You must be wondering... how is this even possible?

What makes this trade so different from everything else... and so much better?

Allow me to pull back the curtain for you completely on the Win-Both-Ways Trade...

It’s Like Heading Out for the Day With Both Your Umbrella and Your Ray-Bans... In Other Words, YOU’RE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING

In order to fully understand this strategy, I’ll use an analogy.

Let’s say you’re ready to leave your house for the day...

But you have no idea what the weather is going to be like.

Instead of looking up the forecast – which often isn’t reliable anyway – you instead grab both your umbrella AND your Ray-Bans and walk out the door...

That way you’re prepared no matter whether it’s rainy or sunny.


In the stock market, the Win-Both-Ways Trade prepares you for anything... come rain or come shine.

It is a special type of options play that allows you to prepare for both an upward move in a stock...

And a downward move.

All that really matters is this: The stock needs to MOVE.

The only way you don’t make money on this trade is if the stock DOESN’T move.

But I use this strategy before an earnings announcement, so the chances of a dramatic move are far greater.

Everyone on Wall Street is watching the announcement. And they all react, whether the news is good or bad.

So it’s very likely the stock will move, either up or down.

And the bigger the move, the bigger the profits.

In the past year, I recommended 59 of these Win-Both-Ways Trades to the VIP readers in my War Room.

And 43 were winners.

So we had a win rate of 73%.

That means we have won on nearly 3 out of every 4 plays – which is unheard of on Wall Street.

And on all these plays, winners and losers included, the average gain was 34.58%.

There was a 24-hour time frame for each trade.

Today, I want to show you how to make this trade for yourself.

Here, I’ll teach you how we set this up...

The Win-Both-Ways Trade requires making both a put option bet that the stock will go down...

And a call option bet that the stock will go up.


Don’t let the terminology fool you.

These are simple trades that can be done with the click of a button.

You can master them in a few hours.

In the simplest terms, a put option allows you to profit when a stock moves down...

And a call option allows you to profit when a stock moves up.

And each options contract is for 100 shares.

So on a Win-Both-Ways Trade with a total cost of $3...

The call may be $1.50 per share for 100 shares... and the put may be $1.50 per share for 100 shares...

So your total cost would be $300 for those 200 shares.

And here’s what makes them so powerful...

These options are both incredibly cheap... and have limitless potential upside.

Which means that if you win on either one of them, the profits can be very large.

Owning a call and a put on the same stock can give you unlimited profit potential on the upside...

And a downside that is strictly limited to a set amount.

(Now, if you’re unfamiliar with options, don’t worry, I’ve got an “Options for Dummies 101” guidebook that I’d like to email you.)

If you’re a more seasoned investor... you might recognize that the Wall Street pros call this unusual trade I’ve been talking about today... an “ earnings strangle.”

But to me, calling it a Win-Both-Ways Trade is a more accurate title.

Because you can WIN. BOTH. WAYS... whether a stock goes up or down.

But the only way you could lose on this trade is if nothing happens. And even then, the most you could lose is how much you put in.

But my goal is to close out each play within 24 hours.

That’s why I can’t wait to send you a complete training video so you can learn how to make this trade on your own...

It’s a huge value...

And let me assure you... I’m not the only person on the planet who loves this type of strategy.

The few who are in the know are absolutely blown away by it.

Daily FX says it “allows you to grow your skill set as a trader, while opening up the door to a new world full of trading possibilities. [It] can greatly increase your trading returns moving forward.”
Stan Freifeld, a longtime market maker on the trading floor of the American Stock Exchange, calls it a “killer trade... (It) can be a very effective tool and can ring in some large profits.”
And Market Moves’ Matt Giannino says that as long as you target big movers, “You’re going to make money.”

Fortunately for you... targeting big movers is my specialty.

Especially right now. That’s because...

You Can Rack Up HUGE Wins Every Single Month... but Especially Right NOW!

I structure Win-Both-Ways Trades around earnings dates... 

That’s because earnings announcements are the most well-known trigger for moving stocks.

Earnings seasons come around every three months...

And I expect this to be a very busy earnings season...

And that presents a great opportunity for us!

As long as you’re armed with this trade, you’ll be ready to start transforming your portfolio...

After an overnight play, Ronald Sobala said, “Whoo Hoo! My first Options trade! WMT - quick $500 - in at 1.95, out at 2.25... Thanks Bryan!
Shed M., after his overnight trade, said, “Up with YUM (178%) 5000 dollars!”

Hubert Leclercq made huge money by the next day on the FedEx Win-Both-Ways Trade. He said...

“Wow... FDX 170 Put... 545 % profit ... still to deduct calls ... but who cares ! Thank you BB.”

These are ordinary people creating blazing-fast, extraordinary profits... 

But if you’re still not sure that you’ve got what it takes to trade options, I’m going to provide you with just the right thing to make this a slam dunk for you... 

FREE BONUS: “Options for Dummies 101”(A $99 Value, Yours FREE! No Purchase Necessary!)

I’m prepared to deliver you “Options for Dummies 101”... It’s a special report valued at $99, yours free today.


In it, I’ll get you prepared to make your first Win-Both-Ways Trade... and dispel all the MYTHS about options...

For example, you’ve likely been told things like...

  • Options are risky and difficult.
  • You’re not cut out for it.
  • You should leave options to the guys on Wall Street... and simply buy and hold instead.

Baloney. Here’s the truth...


  • Can be very easy
  • Can help you manage your risk
  • Can help you capture lightning-quick, outsized profits like the pros.

In “Options for Dummies 101,” I’ll even show you how to set up an online brokerage account so you can successfully trade options, including the Win-Both-Ways Trade.

Options for Dummies 101 a $99-value special report – is yours FREE.


But that’s not all you can walk away with today...

It’s time I reveal the video training program... to get you fully prepared to profit with the Win-Both-Ways Trade throughout earnings season...

It’s an eight-part series with incredibly huge value...

Get All of Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets... in This Eight-Part Video Series! ($899 Value!)

I’ve designed it for people of all experience levels...

Whether you’re a novice, intermediate or Pro Trader, this is going to take your profits to the next level.

This entire eight-volume set is titled Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets... UNCOVERED!


Volume One is all about the Win-Both-Ways Trade... as I’ve explained.

After you watch this video, you’ll know exactly how to make this trade for yourself.

I recommended one on UPS to my readers on the afternoon of July 23, 2019...

I said, “ Total entry price should be just above $4.”

Regular investors woke up the next day to 9% gains on their investment after UPS beat earnings.


But we walked away with 12 times that...

My followers got 108% overnight gains!

chart ups

You’ll be able to identify opportunities like this for yourself as long as you watch Volume One of my eight-part video series. Volume One is titled “How to Execute the Win-Both-Ways Trade.”


I’ll lay out everything it takes to complete the Win-Both-Ways Trade.

I’ll give you exact instructions on how to execute this play in your regular brokerage account. All it takes is a few clicks of a mouse, and that’s it.

This eight-part series doesn’t just include tips on the Win-Both-Ways Trade...

Rather, I’ve put together the BEST of the best secrets I discovered on the floor of the CBOE.

And I’ll reveal them to you one by one...

As you enjoy the learning process at your own pace... from the comfort of your den or living room...

Volume Two is where I pull back the curtain on an options strategy that can help you acquire more shares of stock with less capital...

Additionally... it can turn a 50% move in a stock into a 300% gain in your pocket.

The Balance says this little-known technique can “generate HUGE returns.”

And it can also reduce your risk.

I’m talking about... LEAPS.

Get all the details in Volume Two, titled “LEAPS: How to Turn a 50% Stock Move Into a 300% Profit.”

Volume Three features a strategy that can help you “generate income and juice returns in any market,” according to The Wall Street Journal.
HuffPost says, “This simple technique is well-known to the institutional trader, yet it remains a hidden Wall Street secret to the self-directed investor even though it is lucrative and even considered ‘easy‘ by Wall Street standards.”

This “easy” technique involves selling a call against an underlying security. I’m talking about covered calls.

The big banks and hedge funds have used it for years to get richer while everyday Americans get left in the dust.

But no more!

I’m exposing all the details on how you can use this easy, profitable strategy in Volume Three: “Covered Calls: How to Capture Guaranteed Income Each Month.”

Volume Four is “Put Selling: Warren Buffett’s Preferred Options Strategy.”

Volume Five is “Vertical Puts: How BEARS Define Their Maximum Reward and Risk.”

Volume Six is “Vertical Calls: How BULLS Define Their Maximum Reward and Risk.”

Volume Seven is “Straddles: How to Capture Unlimited Profits in Any Market.”


Straddle trades are similar to the Win-Both-Ways Trade I’ve shown you today...

But you’ll be blown away by the tiny, yet important difference between the two.

And last, but not least is Volume Eight.

It’s called “Chart Pro: How to Read the Charts.”


In it, I show you how to read the charts the pros use, like the...

  • Three-minute chart
  • The M Pattern
  • The W Pattern (and more)

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to read chart patterns like a pro...

And act on them in real time for mind-blowing profits.

This EIGHT-PART video training series, Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets... UNCOVERED! is worth $899 in real value...


But you won’t pay that.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to claim this eight-part crash course video series today as part of my special offer to you.

And that’s not all...

There is an extra special bonus video that you’re really going to enjoy...

BONUS BOMBSHELL VIDEO REPORT: How to Make Up to 3,700% With the Legged Spread ($199 Value!)

It’s called How to Make Up to 3,700% With the Legged Spread.


Funny name for a trade, I know, but extremely LUCRATIVE if you know how to harness its power.

It’s an unusual options trade that – when all goes as planned – allows you to take your initial cost and risk completely off the table very early on...

And walk away with up to extraordinary 3,700% gains in six weeks.

As with any strategy, there is risk involved, so never bet more than you can afford to lose.

But a 38-bagger “legged spread,” with risk and cost eliminated very early in the trade, is not a conceptual idea.

In fact...


My partner Karim Rahemtulla – the brilliant bestselling author of Where in the World Should I Invest? – used this proven legged spread technique to deliver the largest gain in our history – 3,700% in six weeks.


That could’ve turned a $1,000 stake into $38,000.

Or $5,000 into more than $190,000.

Karim – who’s a former brokerage firm CFO and a multimillionaire trader in his own right – achieved this 38-BAGGER recommendation on the biotech company AbbVie.


It’s exceptionally rare that any investor ever makes that much on a single trade in their lifetime.

So it’s easy to understand that some students needed calculators for their profits!

“ABBV stock finally filled... so no cost trade filled at $13.5, I don’t even know how to calculate that! 1,350% gain???” asked Michael E.

We kindly let Michael know he’d made TWICE that amount.

He wrote, “AWESOME TRADE!” in all caps.
And Gareth S. wrote, “Thanks for the ABBV Call... Overnight success! The best kind.”

Karim and I will show you exactly how this unusual trade is executed in your BONUS BOMBSHELL VIDEO REPORT:

How to Make Up to 3,700% With the Legged Spread.

This special video report is worth $199, but you won’t pay that...

Nor will you pay $899 for the eight-part video training set, as I mentioned earlier.

Plus, I’m gifting you the $99-value “ Options for Dummies 101”... completely free!


Simply put... you’re getting the chance to walk away with so much!

Yet I do have one more AWESOME bonus that I think you’re going to appreciate.

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Most of the time, we will be recommending the top stocks, but during earnings seasons... that five-minute video may very well contain instructions on a specific Win-Both-Ways Trade.

My video series will teach you how to identify prime opportunities to make Win-Both-Ways Trades on your own, but you’ll receive my top four Win-Both-Ways Trade recommendations this year as part of your Trade of the Day Plus subscription.

If a company is set to release earnings, we will give you exact instructions on how to make the trade and profit... no matter whether the stock goes up or down.

Remember, I use earnings as a catalyst because we don’t want a stock to stay still...... Our goal is to see a stock move in either direction!

When we aren’t in earnings season, we will also be handing you our favorite, most potentially lucrative trade of the week.

This might be call options on a stock set to launch a new product... or a company that’s seen a major increase in sales. Or it may be a simple “Buy” recommendation on a deeply undervalued stock...

Just like on June 22, when I sent students an email with the subject line...

“Is This $18 Stock the Next Nikola?”

article nikola

Nikola, if you’re unaware, is a competitor to Tesla. Its stock nearly doubled in a week earlier that month.

My email contained these instructions:

Buy Tortoise Acquisition.

email instructions

Within hours of my email, the stock was up 29%...

29% gain

Within the week, Tortoise was up nearly 100%.

My goal is to deliver you powerful moneymaking recommendations like this every single Wednesday.

This video will take no more than five minutes to watch.

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That’s 866.444.1497 or 443.353.4267.

If you’re calling during normal business hours, please have some patience, as we expect the phone lines to be very busy.

But do know that we strive to answer your call in 20 seconds or less.

If you’re calling after hours, please leave your name and phone number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

For now, I recommend you check out all the details on the SECURE FORM on the next page. You can view it by clicking the button below.

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October 2020


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